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Teej ko Dar | Nepali Thali Set | Teej Special Food Recipe



Hello and welcome to Rita`s Kitchen We are back with the Teej Ko Dar Menu We are making 11 recipes in today`s menu You can use this menu on the occasions of several festivals and when you recive guests at home If you want to see the videos in detail Click on the description, we have added the links to all the videos You can use this menu as Nepali Khana or a Thali set If you are first time on our channel Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel and press the bell icon so that you don`t miss any update To get the menu quickly done, I used 4 gas stoves Let`s get started We will boil some potatoes We will also boil some red kidney beans Add a tea spoon salt in the water, cover the lid and cook it until 3-4 whistles Let`s grill some tomatoes We will make chutney out of it Let`s start by making Suji ko Halwa Add 1

5 table spoon Ghiu/butter Heat it on medium high flame Add 300gm Suji and stir fry it until golden brown It has to to be golden brown, otherwise it does not taste that good Look at the color in the video It is golden brown Now add 450 ml of milk or water You can substitute milk with water Keep stirring continuously It may start burning at the bottom I have used 4 table spoon sugar You can also make it with less sugar You can see the mixture is getting thick When it comes to this stage, turn off the gas You can serve it the way you like We have served it in a bowl If you have kids at home Fill the halwa in the cake form or in a tray or a plate Spread it and press it Top it with your favorite nuts Press the nuts down in the Halwa Cut it in the shape you like and serve Now Let`s make the Pulao Add 15 table spoon ghiu/butter in a pan Add your favorite nuts in the pan Fry it until it is golden brown Take it out on the plate You can also add Raisins Add some whole spices Fry them for about a minute Add about 100 gm carrots in dice and green peas You fry everything for about 1-2 minutes Add the soaked Basmati rice in the pan Use the best quality Basmati rice available Fry Everything for another 1-2 minutes Now add the water Use about 1

5 times water in proportion to rice Add 05 tea spoon of salt and 05 tea spoon of sugar Transfer it to the rice cooker Let`s start on the red kidney beans curry Add about 1 table spoon oil in the pan and 1 tea spoon cumin seeds Add bay leaves and dry chili fry them for about a minute Add onion Fry the onions for 2-3 minutes or until they are golden brown Add garlic ginger paste Fry it for another 1 minute Add the tomatoes Fry the tomatoes until they are soft Add 05 tea spoon turmeric powder Add 05 tea spoon coriander and 0

5 tea spoon cumin powder Add 05 tea spoon chili and 05 tea spoon garam masala powder Fry all the spices for about 1 minute so that they release the smell Add 15 teas spoon salt Salt helps to cook the onion and tomato Add the boiled kidney beans in the pan Stir fry the kidney beans along with onion and tomato for about 2 minutes We don`t need to cook it for that long Add water so that it covers the beans Mix it once let it shimmer for 8-10 minutes While it is boiling, let`s start on the Aloo cauli Add a table spoon oil on a pan Heat the oil on high flame Add all the cauliflower in the oil fry it until it get golden brown color When you fry it like this, it enhances the color and taste Now it is golden brown take it out on a plate Add a little bit oil on the pan Add fenugreek seeds, bay leaves and green chili Add chopped onions and fry them together When the onion is half cooked, add garlic ginger paste Fry it for another 2 minutes Add the boiled potatoes add 0

5 tea spoon turmeric powder and 1 tea spoon salt Add tomatoes Add 05 tea spoon chili, 05 tea spoon coriander and 05 tea spoon cumin powder Add the fried cauliflower Fry everything together for about 2 minutes It is already looking great Add water so that it covers the potatoes and cauliflower Cover it and let it shimmer for 10 minutes Let`s fry the bitter guard Take a pan and add some oil Add green chili And sliced onions First fry the onion and green chili for about 2 minutes Add the sliced bitter guard You need to fry it until they are crispy or else it tastes really bitter It is important that you don`t over crowd the pan Add 05 tea spoon turmeric powder Add 1 tea spoon salt we fry it for 8- 10 minutes on a low flame While the bitter guard is frying, let`s make the chicken curry Add 1

5 table spoon oil on the pan Add all the whole spices Add onion and green chili fry them for 3-4 minutes until they are golden brown Now add the chicken fry the chicken together with onion and chili for about 5-7 minutes When the meat starts to release water Add turmeric, salt Cumin and coriander powder If you want to watch the detailed chicken curry recipe Click on the link above Add garlic ginger paste and tomatoes Fry until the tomatoes are soft Tomatoes are now mixed well in the gravy Cover and let it cook we will roast the dry chili Don`t burn them We will use it in the chutney Add some dry fish on the same pan Fry them for 2-3 minutes When they get some color, take them out on the plate Let`s start on puri Take 500ml of oil in a deep pan and heat it on high flame we use the same oil for frying papad Add the papad in the oil The most important thing is that the oil needs to be really hot Or else the papads will not be good We are using mini sized moong dal papad You can use the one you have at hand Let`s fry Puri Add the Puri one by one in the oil If you are frying it in hot oil, it takes about 30 sec on each side You can see it is rising a lot in the oil If you want to see the video in detail Click on the link above to see the video Keep frying all your puris Let`s make potato salad Add potato, green chili cucumber, carrot onion salt sesame powder Coriander leaves lemon Juice mix it well and serve Now let`s make tomato and dry fish chutney Add salt garlic and Sichuan pepper roasted dry chili blend all dry ingredients Add the dry fish blend it again now add the tomato and coriander leaves blend it for the final time We are done with all of the recipes Serve it the way you like We have served it in the way as shown in the video What do you think about today`s video? If you like it, Share this video with your family and friends SUBSCRIBE to our channel to support us we will be back with the new recipe Thanks for watching

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