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Thai Basil Chicken Recipe – How to cook (step-by-step instruction)



In this video, I want to show you how to prepare Thai basil chicken It is delicious, with a deep savory flavor and hunger-inducing aroma

A favorite one-plate quick meal, Thai basil chicken, is simple to prepare, which is commonly served over a bed of steamed rice with a deep-fried egg The ingredients are mostly available in most of the kitchen pantry, perhaps with one or two ‘exotic’ ingredients Here it is: You need some oil for sautéing and deep-frying Some slices of onion Minced garlic

Some chicken meat Here are the seasoning: Bird's eye chili, Oyster sauce, Fish sauce, Sweet soy sauce, Sugar, Some water to cook the chicken, Cornflour to thicken the sauce, Basil, Ground white pepper Add some vegetable oil in the wok Add some sliced onions into it and saute until soft Do not add the garlic together with the onion because garlic tends to burn quickly

Add the garlic only after the onions turn slightly brown Add the diced chicken and continued to stir-fry until the chicken meat is cooked It may take about two to three minutes So far the cooking process is relatively standard But once you add the seasoning, you will start to smell the typical aroma of Thai street food drifting into your sitting room

Add the bird’s eye chili, Add the oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, some sugar, You can adjust the amount of chili according to your preference The amount of chili in the recipe is moderately spicy, which is still considered mild for the locals Add some water and let the chicken cook for a while so that it absorbs the sauce Add the cornflour slurry to thicken the sauce The sauce should not be runny, but to cling on to the surface of every dice, to ensure you enjoy every bite, full of the unique flavor of Thai cuisine

Add the basil leaves when the water is about to dry out The basil needs only about half a minute to cook, and will quickly wilt and change to dark green Once this happens, add some ground white pepper to season and dish out I have just shown you how to prepare the Thai basil chicken You can download the recipe and read more details on my blog: http://tasteasianfood

com/Thai-basil-chicken/ Please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the button below You will find there are many more of the similar Asian dishes out there Thanks for joining me today My name is KP Kwan I’ll see you in the next video

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