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Thai Steamed Fish with Lime & Chilli Recipe | Thai Food Emporium



Hi guys and welcome to Thai food Emporium Today we're cooking up pla neung manao which is steamed fish with lime and chillies And today we're using fish which is the Asian sea bass or barramundi fish and To get this it's gonna be steamed with an infusion here of lime juice Galangal Garlic, lots of garlic to make sure we get the flavors coming out Chillies for that extra spiciness, we've got coriander root and fresh limes to give it the flavor then we've got fish sauce and We've got syrup, which is just sugar with water and then we've got the coconut sugar Here we have the rest of the coriander plant We've got the leads in the roots Okay, and first of all, we want to get the water steaming up so that we're ready for the next step So let's just turn this on Get it of reasonably low temperature and get that water going there Okay

So first up we're going to chop up the garlic and next up we're gonna put the garlic into the mortar here If you don't have a mortar, you can use a blender instead next goes the galangal into the mortar and Start pounding Get a nice rhythm going with your pestle, chop them up so you get a nice mush in there Okay, now we're gonna chop in the coriander root, chop it up nice and fine And pop this also in too Okay, grab your Chili's here and you don't need to cut them up too much Just cut them into smaller bits They're quite small in a way and then pop those straight into our mortar Start crushing those, just watch out your eyes here any bits might flip up Okay, and we're going to add the lime juice at this point so that we get the nice colors in there Plenty of juice in there And next we're gonna get the coconut sugar in there get all your solids in there Nice good, rhythm Just one spoonful of the Syrup and two spoonfuls of fish sauce It's about right now and watch out, it's going to fly everywhere So you just need to let that mix in and then in with the most important ingredient four spoonfuls of lime juice This is gonna have a nice sharp taste, let's have a little taste of this Whoa, yeah That's sharp That's how you want it to be you want it to be really strong because this is gonna steam with the fish And if we look at the fish here, it's been gutted already

I've taken a nice big slice down the length of the fish So those sauces are gonna really infuse and we're gonna grab some of this coriander and Put that in the belly of the fish and this just helps to take the fishy flavor It helps to get a really nice fragrance inside the fish And when we go with the fish, it's nice and steamy in there And leave that the statement 15 minutes And now we're trying to put it onto the plate and we're just going to put some final touches just to garnish the fish or some extra slices of lime just in case it's not sharp enough It's actually very simple to do as you can see It looks impressive But it's not too difficult to make That's a great combination for a dish that you want to try at home Vince I get him mix a little bit of rice Hmm oh Yeah, it's got a perfect balance of sharpness spiciness sweetness And I wish you could taste it here, but you're gonna have to try it yourselves at home You

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