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– Are you following me? If I go close, are you going to focus? No I've done this before, I swear

Hey, guys, it's Candice, the Edgy Veg and today I am going to show you how you can top your hotdogs in 10 different creative ways Alright, guys, summer is slowly rolling on to a close I know, it's very pessimistic of me but I wore a jean jacket today So you kind of just have to embrace fact Just because summer's coming to a close doesn't mean that we're not going to stop barbecuing any time soon so I wanted to share with you some fun ways to top your hotdogs

I mean, ketchup and mustard are great I'm a ketchup girl myself but there are so many fun and interesting ways that you can top a hotdog almost like bringing it up to a higher level I mean, yes, we've got our sauerkraut and we have our onions but there are so many other exciting ways and I'm gonna show you how to do it right now Alright, hotdog number one I like to call this guy street corn because of the influence that I got from street corn to create this one

So we are going to add some lime mayo, some fire roasted corn, cilantro and then you can add your choice of chili flakes or chili powder Hotdog number two is French onion That was really lame And it's called French onion because I use my French onion dip If you want the recipe for that, I will post it somewhere up here as well as the link in the description box below along with the recipes for today's video and then some diced red onions

Some crushed potato chips Potatoes chips Chips that belong to the potato And that's it Hotdog number three is called the Italian Stallion but if I'm honest with myself, it's about as Italian as an Olive Garden so do with that information what you will

Delicious nonetheless On this guy, we are going to add some vegan parm of your choice, some delicious marinara, some sauteed mushrooms and I'm gonna put that under the broiler just until the cheese melts Careful not to burn the bun It's like an eggplant parm except with a vegan hot dog in the middle Wiener number four is the jalapeno popper

I took inspiration from yes, a jalapeno popper So on this guy, we are going to slather some vegan cream cheese I like Tofutti You can use whatever brand you want If you make your own, even better

Then we are going to top that with some pickled jalapenos as well as some toasted panko breadcrumbs and that's it Hi, I'm still here I just moved to a different part of my kitchen because the sun came out and I don't have any curtains yet Yay, new house I keep calling it my house, it's a condo

It's a condo Alright, hotdog number five is called nachos So on this big guy, we are going to put some nacho cheese sauce The recipe for that I'll leave a link in the description box below It's also in my cookbook if you want the updated version

We're gonna top that with some sliced jalapenos, cilantro and some crushed tortilla chips Hotdog number six is pad thai We are going to toss that with some Asian slaw Toss it with Asian slaw We're not tossing this hotdog with any slaw

The slaw will already be tossed and we're gonna put it on the hotdog as well as peanut sauce and of course crushed peanuts Hotdog number seven I call the Hawaiian It is topped with some barbecue sauce then we're gonna top that with some grilled pineapple You can do this right on your barbecue You can also do it in the oven if you do not have a barbecue and some onions

Eating this guy is gonna taste like a vacation if your vacation consists of barbecue sauce and pineapple with a touch of onion Hotdog number eight I call the buffalo dog This guy's gonna be topped with a vegan ranch I have a recipe that I will leave in the description box below or if you have your own recipe or store-bought works too, you can do that As well as Frank's RedHot then we are going to top that with some celery and call it a day

This one's a messy one We're getting super close We're at number nine I can count I watched Sesame Street as a kid

Okay Hotdog number nine I like to call the bahn mi because it has some of my favorite bahn mi toppings Some of them, not all of them You can only build these things so high, guys So this guy is casually topped casually

Yes, no long term relationship for this hotdog Let's try that again This guy is topped with some delicious kimchi You can add as little or as much as you'd like I like a lot

I love my fermented foods We're going to top that with a vegan mayo and then of course some green onion and last but not least we have hotdog number 10 This guy I named after a Reuben I called it the Reuben and that's because of the use of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut then caramelized onions Delicious

It's a classic flavor combination (calm music) Alright, there you have it, guys My 10 exciting, creative hotdog toppings Let me know in the comment section below which one you are looking forward to eating the most If you guys have any wacky hotdog topping, flavor combinations, I'd love to know what they are

You can also leave those in the comment section below If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up Hit that bell notification two times just to make sure that you get notificated, notified when I have a new video coming out As of this week, I'm starting to release weekly videos again now that I'm settled and organized, ready to go So I'm super, super pumped to see more of your smiling faces

If you guys want to keep up with what I'm doing online, you can follow me on Instagram I'll leave the handles in the description box below and on the screen here I have a personal account and the business account They've got their own weird thing going on between the two accounts but yeah, I'd love to see more of you guys and I will talk to you next week Bye

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