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hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with the best beef tri-tip that's right i received a food wish recently for some good old-fashioned roast beef which i'm using as an excuse to show you this incredibly easy and effective method for roasting beef tri-tip which by the way is my favorite cut to use for roast beef and if you're already a fan of tri-tip i really think you're gonna love this method and if for whatever reason you're not familiar with this tremendously delicious triangle of meat it is definitely time you get on that tri-tip tip and to get started the first thing we're gonna need to do is make a dry rub which only contains one mandatory ingredient which would be some kosher salt and then as far as optional seasonings go I'm also going to include some freshly ground black pepper a whole bunch of smoked paprika some garlic powder a little touch of cayenne some dried rosemary and some freshly chopped rosemary leaves and even though those are both rosemary they both bring a little different flavor to this rub and that's it once that's all together we'll give this a thorough spooning at which point we are now ready to rub our meat and the meat we're gonna rub today is about a two and a half pound beef tri-tip which almost always come fully trimmed and besides placing it in some kind of roasting pan what we're gonna want to do is cover it very generously with our spice rub but before we do that let me go ahead and freeze the action here so I can point out one thing before this gets spiced all right one thing about the tri-tip the meat fibers on the top third kind of run in this direction whereas the fibers on that longer tail piece actually run this direction and since we always want to slice across the grain later after this is cooked you're gonna see me cut this in two pieces dividing it basically where those grains change directions so just a quick little visualization because once we have this seasoned and cooked it's gonna be a lot harder to see but anyway like I said we'll go ahead and coat this with our spice rub extremely generously on both sides and then besides that any excess that falls in the pan we'll use that to press into all the other sides and edges oh and just a quick reminder that this is actually a roast beef technique and not necessarily a recipe so other than the salt you really get to use anything you want here I mean you are after all the scottie pippen of your try Tippin so not only can you change these ingredients but you probably should to fit your tastes and that is noble but anyway we'll go ahead and make sure our tri-tip is covered completely with our rub and once that said it is now ready to transfer into the center of a very low 225 degree oven for about an hour and a half or until it reaches an internal temp in the thickest part of 130 if that is you want a nice rosy pink medium-rare and because the oven temp so low we're really not gonna get a crust on this nor do we need one okay if you want to sear this beforehand go ahead but tri-tip is so beefy and flavorful I really don't think you need to although if you can remember halfway through your cooking time give it a flip because the meat coming in contact with the pan is always gonna cook a little quicker and you will achieve a little more doneness a uniform this which I'm hoping is a word but regardless as soon as this comes out of the oven what we want to do is cover it and let it sit for about 20 minutes before we try to slice it all right just let it rest get your side dishes together like for example a chilled Roma bean salad and then after 20 minutes or so we can go ahead and unwrap it and we will slice it up for service and by the way you're gonna have some beautiful but intensely flavored pan drippings at the bottom and it would not be a bad idea to splash in about 1/2 a cup of beef broth or chicken broth and then use that to drizzle over your slices but anyway we'll transfer that to a cutting board and go ahead and slice this up right in that spot I showed you earlier where the grain kind of changes directions and like I said earlier it's kind of hard to see here but in person with this right in front of you it's gonna be pretty easy to recognize where you should cut and as you can see from that big piece those long fibers are running across the whole width so when we go to cut that piece we will turn it and cut across but first I'm gonna start slicing up this smaller tail piece which we can do going straight across like this and it's always a great sign when the most cooked smallest end pieces are still moist and tender which these really were not to mention the flavor was magnificent all right even if you seasoned this with nothing but salt you're talking about a tremendously flavorful beefy piece of meat and above and beyond the great taste and texture a tri-tip is such a good cut of meat for a party because even if you only cook it to 130 like I did you're still going to get some slice is that our medium well and medium and as you continue to slice in you get to the medium rare and then the thickest parts you might even get a few rare slices and I don't always get these camera angles right but this time as I slice you can really see how incredibly juicy this is which is mostly thanks to that very low roasting temperature which sort of mimics what would happen if we were smoking this and I totally could ate most of this right off the cutting board but I decided to plate up some of my larger and Pinker pieces next to a very tasty and refreshing roma bean salad and of course we're gonna spoon over a little bit of those diluted pan drippings and that my friends is my favorite way to do what people simply call roast beef and while tri-tip is not a super cheap cut of beef it's also not that expensive either it's kind of in the middle and there's really no fat or connective tissue you have to worry about and as enjoyable as this is just off a plate like this it may even be better served as a sandwich on a nice crusty roll maybe slathered with some horseradish mayonnaise or aioli if you're fancy but anyway that's it what I'm calling the best beef tri-tip of course I can't prove it's the best but more importantly no one can prove it's not and I think I'd really just rather have you decide which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you you

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