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hey it's Jason with dads that cook we're gonna make deviled eggs I got a recipe here that I'm gonna try two things because we got one that we're gonna do with olive oil so there's no mayonnaise and then we're gonna do another one with the mayonnaise because that's what the kid wants and we're gonna see which one's better all right so I'm gonna do 6 hard-boiled eggs hopefully you know how to hard boil some eggs so what we've got we've got some olive oil we've got some salt we got some Dijon we got some keepers there you go on top a little smoked paprika and some cumin a little chives so let's cut these guys up I've already peeled them obviously they're already boiled and ready to roll so we're gonna cut them in half and then we're gonna scoop them out we're gonna put all of our stuff or olive oil or salt we're gonna put our Dijon we're gonna put our cumin in there and we're gonna mix it all up get it nice and smooth and get our little pastry guy and we stuff it we're gonna take our little pastry guy we're gonna see how this works let's see how it works around a circle there well stuffs coming up the top I told you it wasn't an expert at this it's clogged okay well that was fun I'm going to take this tip off and we're just going to use the plastic tip alright so we got that done these guys actually turned out pretty good I'm excited about him snip snaps here he's hungry starving I'm still cooking and I made these and so I'm gonna offer one up right now because you know we were gonna save it thank for later but monkeys hungry so I'm gonna let you try one this is what the olive oil anyone you want take your pick okay I'm gonna go at this big guy ever all right use two hands guys see it's fallen on the floor here in a second we can handle it there you guys you might need some water that's really good no I get do you want the other one so still with the mayonnaise yes please you want the mayonnaise once but these tastes good though tastes good yeah all right well he got his little snack now he needs to get the hell out of my kitchen so I can finish up right so I'm gonna make another batch and we're gonna do it with the mayonnaise the mayonnaise is something he wants so we're gonna do the same exact process we're gonna slice these guys up now all the guys do is add some mayonnaise probably about that much it's probably a couple tablespoons maybe salt a little pepper and a little bit of cumin all right it will Fork I am going to just take the little bag and I'm going to find I want about right about there so I can fill her up okay okay I'm just gonna shove it in the bag here yeah see that where it's perfect how easy was that but you get for trying to be fancy okay wallah done so now we just got to put it all together and get people to sit down and eat what do you think that looks amazing so I'm gonna have the one set or without the Mayo because I like these and they're a little bit lighter oh and I made some Mayo ones from your last test that you had earlier today they made you your special once you made two kinds of deviled eggs Cheers all right Cheers and we'll see you next time on dads that cook hey thanks for watching you want to see even more cool videos like this one on dads that cook make sure you subscribe you want to win some really cool stuff subscribe you want to get notified make sure you know what's going on subscribe

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