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The Best Grilled Brussel Sprouts recipe | SAM THE COOKING GUY


[UltraVid id=355 ]hey I have a simple request when you’re done watching this not now when you’re done call a friend tell them you just watch this you liked it they should watch turn people on to us that way we can do more better bigger things for you promise more people watch you get more better at you get more better stuff at home promise see everyone welcome to assemble I’ve cast it’s Wednesday it’s grilling vegetables week and these little mini cabbages should be some indication of Brussels sprouts is that what brussel sprout it is a mini cabbage yes the same family really take a look oh yes you when you cut one open especially when you cut one open so there’s perfect cabbage shape right there right with the leaves that you would pull away individually but inside yeah it’s just like a baby one it’s like a nice to Chihuahua sized cabbage it’s a chihuahua size cabbage that Lewis would would love all right so check this out these are gonna go on the grill but we’re gonna pre cook them first this is gonna take what do you what little bit of water anyway you doubted my pizza from the other day now you’re questioning this because it conflict who have you become no it causes a good story conflict is when Max and I fight before the crow should take three three minutes so I guess you’re salting a little bit talking like I am NOT trying to cook them cook them they’ll finish outside but but in the interim I can do this I can get this which is gonna be Olive Oyl I want to use one of these guys have you used these now this is a little crush garlic they’re made in Israel they make parsley and cilantro ones to pop your omelet boom look it there’s basically they call this it’ll a pill a garlic oh okay just sit it’ll start to melt it’s like a teaspoon but hey one cube equals one clove it’s a really good garlic by the way Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s has it so it will starts to break down a little bit look you can see it starts to well let’s give it a second and no but think we’re really fast okay so here’s what this is gonna get its gonna get that it’s gonna get salt it’s gonna get some pepper a little red chili flake oh oh that might have been too much a little spice and and and some Dijon nice dressing she was just there you go just split in half so now see that no that’s all squishable so how long did that take this I mean if you drop that little cube 30 seconds into a stir-fry I mean it’s gonna melt and dissolve instantly there we go look I got 12 seconds left 12 seconds okay perfect okay but what I want is I want this water out cuz water won’t really be useful to this so just a slit in this oh hey one quick second see what I’m doing children nothing for you here lucky yeah it’s go away now nothing to see here folks everybody go away okay that’s enough I just wanted to get the the major water off now we give a little love right here save it a little bit after remember the the asparagus smell right what happens especially because it’s warm when it drew in a little dressing like this hit something warm it just the flavor just don’t remember my struggle the other day with the asparagus yes and burning my arms yes yeah let’s go so let’s take it which we take a quick break yeah okay we take a quick break then you’ll join me outside and we’ll throw these things on and I’ll use my grill walk to cook those things in a second what could possess a man to live a perfectly good steak go up in smoke how’s yours coming it’s no means more time my two right too all right so what a I got this guy on here we couldn’t get this thing hot earlier walk wow this oil that’s just happen let me get I just grab a little plate cuz these things what good’s bowls in place no I got trouble now I can’t find no I can’t find the bowl that I want excuse me could you see the beauty the beautiful part of this oh yeah this thing would be great like a campfire also grill walk I want that bowl bowl is I’ve gotten a perfect bowl that I want to put these in this is not it it’s a good looking for it so they make these things you know like flat versions that still have the holes in it that you could put fish got ones some place the fish on it or anything that lets the flame come through but doesn’t make it difficult to alright so I’m like done oh yeah there’s that color on the and that the leaves fall off no problemo just let him go okay this thing now has found its voice again I couldn’t get it going you started to say we couldn’t get that thing going earlier to save our lives yeah and now it’s like way hot let’s see it’s so good I’d give him a little bit more salt if we were going back inside but I’m not going back inside oh my god mm-hmm make them these would be so good service like some chicken or a steak or fish God don’t make the same stuff please make something different all right one more to go on grilled vegetable week might do green onions only kidding I want to get here and have linville disappointed that I’m not doing something else gonna stir fry all right thanks for hanging out with us tell your friends subscribe for the cooking guide calm for all things cooking guy related thanks for being here yeah

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