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The BEST PAN GRILLED COD: with Spanish Almond Picada Sauce



today we are making a pan grilled Spanish cod with an almond picada sauce ladies and gentlemen this is truly such an incredible cod dish loaded with flavors easy to make and done in under 30 minutes it's simple enough for a busy weeknight yet elegant enough for a special occasion guys this is one of my favorite ways to serve cod now really quick two things to make the almond picada sauce I'm gonna be using a mortar and pestle as they do in Spain if you don't have one of these no big deal you can use a food processor and for the second thing what gives this dish that magical flavor the saffron make sure you use real saffron don´t use the fake or imitation stuff as always I'm using saffron threads from golden saffron you guys know that I use a lot of saffron in my cooking and this is one my favorite go-to brands truly some grade 1 high quality premium saffron link in the description box below where you guys can get this alright folk´s lets get started we're gonna begin by making our almond picada sauce I've got a small fry pan I'm gonna heat this with a medium heat and I'm gonna add in 12 blanched marcona almonds and toast these between 4 to 5 minutes like all other nuts the secret to dry roasting almonds is you want to mix them continuously that way they all toast evenly and none of them burn after dry roasting our almonds for about four minutes and they have that beautiful light toast to them let's go ahead and remove this from the heat and transfer them into a mortar next up we're gonna grab two cloves of garlic finely mince them and add them into the mortar with the almonds now we're gonna grab a handful of some fresh parsley and finely chop it we'll add the chopped parsley into the mortar it equals about 1 tablespoon add in 1 slice of baguette this one's nice and hard I left it out overnight that way it would harden up pinch in half a teaspoon of saffron threads and a quarter teaspoon of fine sea salt now using a pestle we're gonna pound down on this mixture until we form a paste and once everything's well mashed together look at that no big chunks of anything in there let's go ahead and add in two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and mix it together until everything is well combined okay guys we're moving on to the cod I've got this beautiful filet here of cod this is 390 grams which is about 14 ounces I bought this frozen and fully thawed it out just because it makes things a lot cheaper I'm gonna pat it down completely dry with some paper towels and cut it into two fillets and the reason why you want to completely dry frozen fish that's been thawed out is so it removes any of that extra moisture in there to give the fish a beautiful texture now we're gonna drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on each fillet rub it in there and we'll season the cod with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper okay guys let's start cooking our cod now the method we're gonna cook this in is called the A LA PLANCHA very popular here in Spain basically it translates to pan grilled what it is is a hot surface with no fat in the pan so it's very important to use a nonstick frying pan let's go ahead and heat this with a medium heat after heating our pan for two minutes on a medium heat let's add our cod fillets in their seasoned side down after cooking our cod fillets for exactly three minutes let´s flip them the thickness of these fillets are about half an inch after cooking our cod fillets for exactly six minutes that is three minutes per side let's go ahead and remove them from the pan and transfer them into a dish now using the same pan with the same heat I'm going to add the picada sauce in there and you want to mix it around and we're gonna cook this for about 30 seconds you don't want to go any longer after mixing this for 30 seconds this is done let's remove this from the heat we'll divide our picada sauce on top of each fillet and garnish the dish with a slice of lemon okay guys our cod dish is done how beautiful does this look I'm gonna cut it open that way you guys can see what it looks like inside and give it a try seriously guys this looks so good here we go simply beautiful what an extraordinary flavor to this dish and that cod is perfectly cooked three minutes per side about half an inch thick on the fillets you don't wanna overcook it nothing worse than overcooked fish beautiful texture to that cod and then that picada sauce with the almonds the saffron the garlic it's an explosion of flavors you know typically the sauce comes from Catalunya in the north of Spain and they use it to thicken up other sauces but it's so good on its own with all these amazing ingredients you guys saw this so easy to make done in under 30 minutes a beautiful cod dish really quick before I go I'd like to thank one of my new patreons David Blom thank you so much for joining Spain on a Fork on patreon I truly appreciate you if you guys would like to support Spain on a Fork on patreon link in the description box below if you enjoyed today's video hit that like button leave me a comment below and if you´re not subscribed smash that subscribe button until the next timeHasta Luego!!

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