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The Best Queso Fundido (Mexican Cheese Dip) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K



Today we are making one of my favorite foods for a party – queso fundido con chorizo queso fundido means melty cheese con chorizo means with Teresa the whole thing means one of my favorite things to serve a party a group late-night watching a game whatever and this is so easy to make you're gonna love me when this is over let's go so we start with a little chub as they call it of Trees oh this is pork trees oh I like to make a little cut and then squeeze it into a pan and the pan needs to be able to go into the oven and I'm using cast iron I've done this before we're just gonna cook this now like you're cooking Oh ground beef and it's gonna take a minute the only problem is ground beef changes color when it's cooked and TRISO mostly stays the same but for ish minutes medium heat moving it around it'll be done so if you haven't had it TRISO is a mexican pork sausage clearly it's raw not like spanish TRISO which is cured and it's filled with really delicious spices it adds just a beautiful little spicy stab of nice heat to almost everything in ridiculous flavor and if you haven't used it you should start and this is a great way to learn the smell right here is unbelievable pink chili powder chipotle garlic that kind of stuff you'll be really happy with this okay at about the halfway point this is a couple minutes in we're gonna add some diced yellow onion and mix that in as the trio finishes cooking the onion will soften everything will be great next we add a can of diced green chilies they mix those in and I'm changing to a spoon because that wooden thing was getting difficult and now I'm concerned I've used too small of a pan and by the way I've used the hatch green chilies that come from New Mexico let me give you a hint you ever talked to anybody from New Mexico and they mention their chilies just say this hatch chilies best chilies in the world leader that because if you start to argue with the New Mexican about their chilies it's gonna get ugly real quick they are good but well just trust me on okay last thing we do you ready this is old gorgeous now will kill the heat we're gonna add two types of cheese one just some straight ahead Monterey Jack beautiful and the other one is half cheddar and half pepper jack look if you had regular cheddar and Monterey Jack use it if you only have cheddar use it look just use what you've got so spread that out I like to make a couple incisions so a little bit of the mess comes up and then we whisk the whole thing away and in 400 degree oven 10-15 minutes it gets bubbly it gets crazy freakin delicious oh you're gonna be so glad you know about this so bad and there's no real reason to check half way other than to see how beautiful it is and look at that bubbling popping delicious melting boozing I can't wait and here we go and look at this oh boy and I know we've done this before but max-q the porn music America Hermosa burble gente e soar pendant and when the bubbling stopped because you don't want to kill yourself you get some fresh warm amazing tortillas and you come in for a bite and look see this look the heat oh the gooey the cheesiness look you probably be well advised to give it a couple minutes or you could just be dumb like me and put some on a tortilla and have a bite and that I I just sell evade it a little bit onion diced green chilies chorizo and there's ton of cheese okay it's crazy hot is one of the most delicious things I have ever ever eaten this is the way to learn about trees Oh ladies and gentlemen oh my God look boarding event late night Sunday morning brunch this tortillas chips let pieces of baguette whatever you've got this is insane and you better make it then I'm gonna jump through the screen and have my way with you which frankly is a term for like having sex and that's not what I meant whatsoever let me tell you we're gonna go away not we but Max and I to shoot in a cool place so if you could choose one place for us to go shoot where would it be would it be Tokyo would it be Hong Kong would it be Bangkok would it be Switzerland some place would have been London what do you want to see so we'll check the list we'll put up a poll once we've compiled of the top three and you guys will choose where we go what say you good subscribe tell your friends it's all about the subscriptions tell your friends if they're not watching us we can help improve their food life and like and comment right that is wildly insanely good you better make and by the way if it's not obvious I can't speak Spanish but my little friend here

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