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The Best Vegan Nacho Cheese EVER Recipe | OIL FREE | by UpcycLucie



Please stay, don't go and think; this is another nacho cheese recipe made from carrots and potatoes because this one is awesome Hey sexy bunnies what is up, its me Lucie and the Khoek and we are back in the kitchen today All I can say about today's recipe is that is a top secret recipe that is not going to be secret anymore because I'm going to be sharing it with you but I was like, yeah, this is just way too delicious to keep it for myself, and I'm not selfish today the Khoek and me (the Khoek; wait, wait I want to say hi to my friend Diego) Okay, give your shoutout (the Khoek; shoutout to Diego Saul Reyna) Follow him up here, he's a cool dude Today we're going to make nacho cheese from Don't get scared carrots and potatoes It is not a joke I know that there are thousands of recipes out there from plant-based nacho cheese made from potatoes and carrots but mine is the best and why is that; I have been trying to make the perfect combination of all the ingredients that everybody says that you have to use and I nailed it Actually, we're not going to make nacho cheese today We're going to have the Khoek and a nice Chianti No, I'm just kidding the kook is not edible nor are any other animals So let me show you which ingredients you're going to be needing but first Get your hair did BAM So let me show you what you need sexy bunnies, in the meantime boil like 1/5 a liter of water Grab a saucepan or whatever you have available that can go over fire And hold water Obviously first things first, you're going to need 2 average sized carrots or one fatty a couple of potatoes, most of the time I use like 3 fat ones But since we didn't have them, I just grabbed a couple of small ones You're going to peel all this stuff and slice them in very small pieces also boil a small onion with the carrot and the potatoes So before you start make sure you have lemon juice in the house this is not fresh lemon juice, but I didn't have anything else You're going to be needing soy sauce or tamari white tahini paprika powder onion powder, garlic powder white pepper also quite an amount of nutritional yeast sometimes I use 2 cups, depending on what I fancy that day Mustards, it doesn't really matter what kind of mustard, but this is French mustard, and the most important part you're going to be needing pickled jalapeños and you're also going to need a high speed blender just got everything in really small pieces

It doesn't have to look fancy this is approximately the amount let it boil for about five minutes, do not over-boil it else it's going to ruin your sauce Do not throw away to water because we're going to be needing it so just grab a big spoon and put everything in the blender add pproximately 1/2 a cup of the liquid to the blender, you can use more if you want your sauce to be more juicy Ok, let's go I cannot make any recipe videos I always forget half of the ingredients add 1 tsp of Keltic sea salt as well 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice (fresh is better) 1 tsp tamari or soy sauce 1 tbsp white tahini Approximately 2-3 heaping tsp of paprika powder About 3 tsp, or maybe 1 tbsp of onion powder 1 tsp of white pepper 2 heaping tsp of garlic powder 2 tsp of mustard This completely depends on how spicy you want it, but I put 3-4 jalapeño slices in it + 1 tbsp of the vinegar important Now last but not least about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of nutritional yeast This is going to give you the cheesy cheesy taste You can always add more if you like Now we're going to blend it until it's super silky smooth If you did it well, this is what's going to happen Look at this full bucket of ambiance it just smells like nacho cheese sauce I'm going to eat it all by myself This is nacho cheese I'm so funny Let's try it Yeah, Khoek you can get some later on Omg, I'm going to take it with me Bye this sauce is so incredibly tasty You are not going to believe that this is made out of carrots and out of potatoes It is even better than any kind of nacho cheese that you have ever tasted in your life I am going to eat this tonight with my family, I'm gonna pour it over some nachos with some cilantro some jalapeños, I'm gonna make some pico de gallo and I'm definitely going to make some guacamole Or maybe some salsa mexicana with fresh tomatoes from our garden what should I make? Fast forward in time What did I make? Also one of my favorite things to use this sauce on is steamed cauliflower or broccoli and then with some nice roasted potatoes I'm going to let this cool off in the fridge

So it becomes a real nacho cheesy sauce that I'm going to be demolishing tonight Okay, sexy bunnies, I hope to liked this potato and carrot nacho cheese recipe if you tried it out, let me know in the comment section below what you think subscribe to my channel if you want right down there and hit the notification bell to be notified of my shitty videos give it a thumbs up, could also be cool share it with your friends share it with the world Because we are all the universe And we need love in our lives Okay, sexy bunnies see you soon in my next video, okay later, bye!

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