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The BEST Vegan Nacho Cheese Recipe (it’s super easy too!)

– Hi, friends! It's Sam, and today I'm gonna show you how to make my melty, stretchy, gooey, vegan nacho cheese! Oh-wee! Nacho cheese! I just love it! What am I even talking about? Yes, this is my favorite homemade vegan cheese But don't be intimidated! This is a very easy recipe to make, taking only about 15 minutes from start to finish

And you've made yourself a homemade vegan cheese How cool is that? And bonus points! It's cheaper than store bought, it tastes better than store bought, and most of the ingredients, you can keep in your pantry at all times Meaning you can have vegan nacho cheese on demand Yes! So let's get to making vegan nacho cheese Are you ready? I'm ready

The first ingredient we'll need is soaked cashews, and if you have made some vegan recipes before, you might've seen soaked cashews And you're supposed to cover the cashews in water and soak 'em overnight Well, if you know me, I am not a person who's patient And I'm also not the greatest at planning ahead, so I have an excellent hack for that Are you ready? It's a secret

Just boil them for 10 minutes That's it! All you have to do is add the cashews to a small pot, cover them with water, boil for about 10 minutes until they are nice and tender, drain and rinse with water, and then there you have it Soaked cashews It's such a quick and easy hack, and you don't have to be prepared ahead of time So there's the first 10 minutes of the recipe spent and now for the remaining five minutes to make the recipe

Here we go So once your cashews are softened, you're going to need a blender Boom! Add the soaked cashews to the blender like so A little bit's left Get in there! Now to the cashews, add water

Tapioca starch, or it's also called tapioca flour Now tapioca starch is key for this recipe Using it makes the cheese stretchy, and if you substitute another starch like corn starch, potato starch, arrowroot powder, any of those, they will make a thickened sauce But they will never get that stretch Tapioca starch is key for the stretchy part of the cheese

Nutritional yeast Squeeze, lemon! Cooking sounds with Sam Lemon juice Salt White miso paste

So miso paste is the same stuff that is used to make miso soup, but it's basically just fermented soybean paste And so in this recipe, it helps provide a fermented, aged cheese kind of taste It's one of my many hacks that I like to do Paprika I'm just using a regular sweet paprika, but if you want a smoky paprika flavor, you can do that

Maple syrup or agave Today I'm gonna use agave Onion powder Garlic powder And tumeric

So we'll now just pop on the lid and blend this until 100% smooth and creamy (blender whirring) Yeah! Ooh! It's done That smells cheesy delicious already Oh man, that does smell good So let's hop over to the stove and finish making this cheese

Grab yourself a pot, pour in our nacho cheese mixture You can see that it's very watery It's kind of like a milky texture, and that's just what you would want Don't worry It'll get cheesy and stretchy and melty and gooey in this step

So turn this on Now keep stirring it while you're heating it up and very quickly, you'll start to notice little clumps form And before you know it, more clumps will form And more clumps will form, and then it'll just turn into one, gooey, stretchy, melty mass It only takes about three to five minutes of cooking, and then you have your gooey, melty, stretchy cheese

Look how cool that is It is so melty, stretchy, gooey, cheesy Isn't that amazing? Look at the cheese strings And at this point, you can use it however you want You can put it on a baked potato, you can put it on some cooked broccoli

But I'm gonna make it a different way! Making some nachos! Yeah! A mountain of tortilla chips Are you ready for it? Let's do it Oh yeah, baby! Look at that cheese! I am generous with the cheese! Now for my nachos to make 'em epic, some black beans Cherry tomatoes, sliced jalapenos I like spice

Beautiful Some chunks of avocado I mean, look how epic this is getting! Epic! Some black, sliced olives Of course, you can do whatever your favorite nacho toppings are You don't have to follow my rules

This is what I'm feeling right now, and this is also what I have in the fridge And chopped cilantro Okay Do you see this gorgeous platter? Oh my God, it looks so good! And now the best part is the taste test Let me get a good, cheesy chip in there

Ooh! (upbeat music) Mmm! Mm! Mmm, mmm That is good Wait, I need to do that again Oh yeah Cheesy

Mmm! Mmm, mm-hmm That is so good The cheese is melty, it's stretchy, gooey, but it's also creamy and full of flavor It's got that kind of sharp tang of a good cheddar Oh, it's so yummy

Makes for a great plate of nachos, but you can use this anywhere you want a melty, stretchy, gooey cheese As always, I'll pop the link to the full recipe down below in the description and one up here as well I actually have two versions of this recipe One on my blog and one in my cookbook, and they are slightly different from each other In the book, it's kind of my new improved kind of different idea

And this one I'm making today is from my blog They're both delicious You'll enjoy both of them, so make whichever one you prefer They have a slight bit of taste difference, so you can maybe make both And see which one you prefer

I hope you liked this recipe and video If you do, let me know by leaving a like Leave a comment if you give this recipe a try, and let me know how it turns out for you I hope you love it as much as I do Don't forget to subscribe for a brand, shiny new, plus free, vegan video every single Wednesday

And I'll see you next week Bon appetegan! (upbeat music) It's a bad thing that I have this whole plate of nachos to myself because I'm gonna eat the whole thing

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