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The Best Way to Cook a Thick, Juicy, Hamburger: REVERSE SEAR!



Jacob Burton here from StellaCulinarycom, and in a previous video we made these big Mama Jamas, the 8 ounce hamburger patty

So in this video, I'm going to show you how to reverse sear them, which allows you to cook the hamburger patties nice and evenly This is also great for a large party or barbecue if you're going to have a lot of friends over and you want to wow them with a really amazing hamburger First you grind your own and then you form your own patties That way it's nice and fresh, and you can use some short rib meat or whatever meat you want for your big 8 ounce patties And again, we show you how to form these in another video

You're going to place a probe thermometer in it, and here I'm using a ChefAlarm thermometer, and this is going to a beep at us when we get it to the right temperature internally So here you look at the temperature on my oven, and it's 200 degrees Fahrenheit Once my oven is set, I'm going to set this to beep at me right at a hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit What we are doing is we are using a very low oven to allow these hamburgers to slowly come up to temperature, or to our mid-rare temperature Now, what this does is it allows the proteins to slowly coagulate without a ton of moisture loss, so just a little bit of juices as you can see there on the parchment paper but nothing major

Now at this point I'm going to set my ChefAlarm again down and allow them to cool to about a hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit Now you can let them cool a little bit lower, you know down to room temperature really, so you have some time here with it Now here I'm using a cast iron pan that I'm getting super, super hot, because again, these burgers are already cooked all the way through They're nice and warm in the center so now I just have to sear You can do the exact same thing on a smoking hot grill, the only rule here is, however you cook these burgers, however you're finishing them the heating element needs to be super hot

So here I'm using a super hot cast-iron skillet If you were having a backyard barbecue you can place these onto a very hot grill And we're just looking for a nice hard sear, so we want to sear these as quickly as possible, browning them on both sides Now at this point, we haven't seasoned these patties We didn't season during the forming process, so we're going to season them now with some salt

You can use pepper, but pepper has a tendency to scorch Now look at that beautiful hard, charred crust on there! Now this is partly because we did you see how I'm using the pepper on the other side that way it's not totally burning?

but that hard crust is coming from the fact that we place this in an oven for a long period of time, so the slow oven cook allows the surface of the meat to dry out, giving you a much better sear, because there's not a ton of moisture there right? So now we're going to place it on our home baked brioche bun, I always like to put mayonnaise on the bottom just a simple LTO but in this case I'm using arugula for my lettuce, and then when we go to cut this bad boy in half I mean look at how juicy that is! How juicy and tender, oh my goodness look at that that is a beautiful edge to edge mid-rare and I know what you're thinking: "oh my god Jacob it looks raw!" Well first of all, I like mine a true mid-rare okay?! Second of all, the evenness of the cook is keeping it rare or mid-rare edge to edge If you want to cook it more, just set your ChefAlarm a little bit higher, and GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT HOW I LIKE MY HAMBURGERS ALRIGHT! For more hamburger cooking fun, head on over to StellaCulinary

com/hambuger There you will find our amazing hamburger resource page that shows you how to make our large hamburger brioche buns, and also the little cute slider buns, how to make sliders, how to make Jojo potatoes, how to make traditional potatoes wedges, how to make a double-double, and much more and by much more I mean a few more videos

but anyways, StellaCulinarycom/hamburger, and get your hamburger game on!

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