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The Best Way to Cook Sauerkraut : Food Variety


[UltraVid id=302 ]hi my name is Joseph Yuba and I am the corporate executive chef of the American Plaza Hotel I’m going to show you today how to make some real sauerkraut what I bought here is a sauerkraut which has not been cooked it’s just cured no he has lots of choices out there on sauerkraut one of them would be the keen one which just opened up and you basically are ready for use has been cured and cooked this one has been just cured but not cooked yet so with the ham hock here I put in 3 bay leaves and put some peppercorns in there and I put a little bit caraway seeds in there but it’s going to be my flavoring agent I’m a flavoring broth for this sauerkraut yeah very important to get this right very simple to do there’s no method to it just bring it to a boil then turn it down we’ll just let it simmer there till the ham hock actually going to fall apart on you going to make you some good choose secondly we’re gonna be gonna have to sell crowd right here there’s a lot of choose in here so I’ll just choose here I don’t want is choosing my sauerkraut which is screeches choose out kay up so here’s a try sauerkraut next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to heat up a casserole like this add a little bit of vegetable oil in there then saute off some onions with a little bit garlic so our onions getting nice and translucent I’ll be adding a sauerkraut into here I’m going to add someone to stock into here now we have all the flavor they’re ready from the from the ham the bay leaf salt pepper corn and caraway seeds it’s just a little bit more a depends on the sauerkraut it may gonna take as long as 20 minutes to cook this crowd but no longer than a half an hour so here is the sauerkraut is cooked for about a half an hour and it’s ready to use enjoy

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