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– Welcome to Cook Food Good, the show where I teach you how to cook food good and do other things good too, but mostly just the cooking I could teach you how to skateboard

I can ollie Like, well, I've ollied once Today we're making steak We're focusing on three different cuts Now we got like our big old special occasion ribeye, we got our slightly less special occasion top sirloin that's for like Arbor Day and four-month anniversaries, and we got our like typical weeknight flap meat, which is one of my personal favorites

I'm gonna teach you guys how to take this, from seasoning to preparation to eating it, put the meat in your mouth, and you mash it with your teeth until it slides down your throat hole There's a common misconception that when prepping steak to cook it you need to bring it up to room temperature That does literally nothing It takes hours for your steak to actually come up to room temperature on the inside, and by that time you've already let a bunch of nasty bacteria grow on it The oven and the pan are plenty hot to make your steak become hot

Even though all three of these steaks are very very different, for me, the same seasoning method gets applied to all three, which is just salt it right before you cook it, and I'll get into that when I start cooking up this flap meat Who decided on flap meat? What, fire that PR person He was just like, "This meat kinda looks like a flap" (upbeat music) But the steak, you really want to cook it on high That is creating what's called a Maillard reaction, which is a sciency word for brown crusty food equals good flavor

The problem with thin pans, when you cook a big piece of meat in it, the meat is very cold no matter how hot the pan is, it's gonna drop temperature, which is why I love simple thin steaks like this because you can hit it for like two minutes on each side and it's perfect on the inside Now, if you look at the flap meat, it's really thin It's about a half inch thick, and there's a lot of meat hardos out there that think like for a steak to be really good it has to be this like two inch thick, massive ribeye that you babysit in a sous-vide machine and all that For me, it's not true You can take like a cheap cut of meat that's typically like 3

99 a pound and you can cook it deliciously in a pan in about four minutes As far as seasoning goes, I like to only do salt on all my steaks for a very specific reason Marinades are like a bit of a, they're a pyramid scheme So many people are like you let the marinade sit and it gets all throughout the meet and blah blah blah, and it's just not true Salt and sugar are the only two things that will actually penetrate meat, which is why a lot of people brine things

Steak doesn't do well with brines because a brined steak is essentially called corned beef or pastrami It has that like nice snap to it, but that's not what you want for a steak What I do is I take the salt and I put it on the steak very heavily right before it goes into the pan, and that is it Flap meat is also a cut that gets used a lot for carne asada at like taquerias, which for me was like a big, big part of my childhood And then you're just gonna drop the steak into the pan

You're gonna press it down with your fingers to make sure that all the surface area is touching the pan, because this is only going to be cooked with direct heat I'm immediately looking around to see where my fire alarm is because it's gonna go off There's also a lot of people who think that medium rare is the only way to cook a steak, but with flap meat, there's so much like great intramuscular fat that runs throughout there and it's generally pretty thin that you can afford to take it to a medium and it'll be a lot more forgiving Just gonna flip it once Gorgeous, we got a beautiful crust on that

(fire alarm beeping) Oh, there it goes! Okay, calm down! All right, we're not hurting anybody We're just trying to do our job, all right? Chill Anyway, so we're gonna let our, ah (bleep) (intermission music) (Josh yelling) (fire alarm beeping) (intermission music) I'm offering $1 million cash to any scientist who can create a smoke alarm for a house that can tell the difference between an actual fire and someone cooking a (bleep) steak It started saying, "Fire, fire

" What if the alarm was like, "Nice job cooking the steak, Josh "I detected this is a steak" (intermission music) Okay, so our steak's been resting for three minutes, and we did not have to evacuate the building, which, wow, that's always a win So the key to slicing steak Oh, wait, first, grab a knife

This is Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker It's my prized knife You want to slice your steak against the grain of the meat What that means, you look at the way that the fat is going and the muscular tissue, and you want to cut perpendicular to it Your knife blade goes, do you guys remember geometry? Cut against the grain of your meat

Yeah, look at that See, it's such a thin steak, but when you cook it in the pan you can get it to like a perfect medium rare or medium I honestly think citrus and steak is such an underrated combination Because steak has so much fat in it, that citrus just cuts through beautifully Also, this is a common cut that's used in carne asada

So I just take a little bit of lime juice and squeeze it right on top The hot beef fat and the cold lime juice, to me, is just like, (kissing noise) That's perfect It literally takes six minutes to do This is the single best weeknight steak

It's so cheap, it's affordable You really almost can't screw it up Flap meat's making a comeback in 2020 We're riding the flap meat train all the way to Flavortown (upbeat music) We're gonna take this top sirloin, it's about an inch thick and it's about 12 ounces, and we're gonna broil it

So broiling, we've talked about this before, it's literally just that big old thing on top of your oven that gets super, super hot, and so it's great for like crisping things up, melting cheese on top of some midnight nachos, and especially good for cooking steak I'm going to season up my 12 ounce, one inch thick steak with a teaspoon of salt, and you want to get some good quality salt like Morton's All we're gonna be doing is broiling this on high, and you want to make sure your oven rack is at the top setting so it's closest to the heat source This is almost going to mimic what a grill does to a steak It's going to get a ton of very, very hot heat that is not coming from the flesh of a metal pan

That's a weird way to say it It's just got a bunch of like jets of flames hitting the meat, and it's not sitting on something like a skillet where you're actually getting all that surface area contact So go right under the broiler, gonna broil it for about eight minutes on one side, flip it, and we should get a perfect medium rare All right, so our sirloin's been in there for about eight minutes under high on the broiler So we're just gonna take it out

You can hear it sizzling, you can see some smoke, which is good Give her a turn Yeah, you see the underside, still got the raw on it Just gonna pop that in for about four minutes, and then we're gonna take it out All right, so we got a steak coming out of the broiler, and what we need to do is let it rest

So we're just gonna pop it right on the cutting board right there All right, so let's go ahead and slice into this Look at that, we hit more of a medium than a medium rare, but that's totally fine That, dip it in some juices For my money, sirloin has the beefiest flavor of any steak

Ribeye, you're getting like a ton of fat in there, flap meat can't handle a super long cook, but top sirloin is just got like such a pure, beefy flavor This is the easiest way to go We're gonna move on to the special occasion steak, take the mack daddy of them all, the ribeye (upbeat music) I feel like back in the day during the Patrick Bateman swinging American Psycho 80's, everyone was so hyped up on the filet mignon, and then people gradually realized that filet mignon, though it's super tender and very expensive, it doesn't come with the most flavor Ribeye will get you the most flavor

There's multiple parts to it, yet they cap right there That's called the deckle that has just like the most marvelous, ribelling, ribelling? What is, that's not a word It has the most marvelous marbling, the Marvelous Mrs Marvel, and there's a ton of fat running through it What that means is you need to bring all that fat up to temperature very slowly

So we're going to do a technique called the reverse sear All it means you're going to throw it in like a pretty low temperature oven for a while to bring everything inside up to the appropriate temperature, and then you're gonna sear it really hot on a pan The technique used to be sear it in a pan, then throw in the oven, but turns out, it's actually a lot easier to control It makes a better steak, and it's easier for you to get it in the oven and then sear it later This is about a 24 ounce, two inch thick ribeye

I always go for about a teaspoon of salt per 12 ounces of steak, and if you really want to do it right, you're gonna rub some salt on the actual fat as well When you have a steak this thick, you essentially want to sear every side of it later So it'll be nice that that is all nice and salty Oh, it's a big boy! Pop it in the oven at 275 Wait exactly 22 minutes and 30 seconds, flip it, keep it in there for another 22 minutes and 30 seconds, and then we're gonna sear it later

All right, so our steak's been in there for exactly 22 minutes and 30 seconds Simply, simply, simply going to flip it Still completely raw in the middle Another 20 minutes So you can already see like that ribeye fat has started to break down, which is a really awesome sign

The fat, you can actually see it start to break down It has almost completely changed color It's not this like bright white anymore, it's almost gelatinous, which is really awesome We wanna get this to a perfect medium rare, which is 135 degrees I am going to be using a thermometer for this

There's other ways to temperature check it You can use the old finger method, but that is not accurate at all Like not to brag, I got really jacked hand meat So my hand meat always feels well done, baby I'm gonna pull mine at 127, and then it's going to rise about an additional eight degrees when you let her rest for five minutes

There we go, nice and seared So you want it screaming hot, and you just want to sear it for about four minutes on each side, and then when I flip it, I'm going to add just this hefty amount of butter in there and some smashed garlic and just give it a nice little garlicky aroma All right, let's just flip this, see how we're looking Oh yeah, look at that That is an absolutely gorgeous crust right there

Boom, butter right in there It's gonna start melting, and then you're just gonna add your crushed garlic right in there That is lovely The garlic is gonna start to brown That's just flavor happening

I'm just gonna pull it and let it rest, and then we got all that butter We can just dump it over later No, I'm gonna dump it over now! Might as well, right? Like we got some beautiful brown butter There we go Now this is really important

If you have a very thick steak, you need to rest it I think a lot of people frankly overstate the need to rest You'll have a lot of people who cook like a very thin steak, like a flap meat They're like, "You gotta rest it for five minutes," and then you're just eating cold steak, which, to me, is very dumb However, you got a giant steak like this, it's retaining so much heat in there, and if you cut into it, all the juices are just going to completely bleed out and by the time you're eating the end of your steak, it's going to be dry

So we're gonna let this rest for five minutes but not enough for it to get cold, and then we're gonna slice into it Oh, that is cooked beautifully, perfect medium rare to medium all the way through Look at that, that is lovely There's only one more thing to do, and that is to just pick this thing up and eat it I'm gonna dip it back in the buttery juices, because why not? We're here

It's hard to host a cooking show when you have a bunch of delicious steak in your mouth This is unbelievable The reverse sear method gets you just like such a beautiful medium rare, but all that fat is broken down so you're not chewing through fat even with a steak that's not, you know, cooked all the way through That's about all I have to say That's about all I have to say about that

Thank you so much for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen We got new videos coming out on Tuesday and Thursdays, and A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich every Wednesday Drop a line in the comments Tell me what Mythical dishes you want to learn how to cook next Tag us on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with #dreamsbecomefood

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