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The Grinch Cake Preview l How to Cook Craft & Kids



Hi everybody, we are just finished with our younger Grinch cake check that out right here The whole thing is edible and I put together a video tutorial for this which I will post next There'll be the video right after this and then I'll also put a link in the description below But we are gonna have that giveaway along with How to make our Grinch cake we're gonna give away this book right here Which is actually really super cool it's also a board game How cute is this it's a board game with some pieces inside some figures figurine that is print figurines so I just love this cake and again I just now need to go and Edit it and post it after this but keep an eye out for our giveaway which is going to include this book as Well as a whole bunch of grinch the movie plushies So make sure you subscribe give us a thumbs up we'd love you to share this video and let us Know what you want us to make next time bye guys

Source: Youtube

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