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These best friends make ‘banging’ vegan recipe videos!



Hey guys! I'm Henry and Ian And we are Bosh! We make bangin', vegan recipes and we stick them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Our channel is the biggest plant-based video channel in the whole world This is our cookbook, which is currently number one in the United Kingdom Should we give you a little tour of the cookbook? Sounds like good idea! This is the ultimate chocolate cake This chocolate cake has had about 20 million views and so many people have cooked it We think it might be the most popular vegan birthday cake ever! And these are Shirley's Sheffield scones, which are basically my mum's thing that she makes me every time I go back to Sheffield, which is our hometown in the North of England

They're really, really nice with raspberry jam and our vegan clotted cream, which is made of cashews Where we want to take vegan food and where we want the industry to go and the market to go and the movement to go is that this vegan food everywhere It becomes the norm to have vegan food, vegan options, and a large percentage of the population are becoming vegan Almost every recipe in this cookbook came about because it was a dish that Ian and I love, so we wanted to make it vegan So the obvious one is a roast dinner

So this is our big boss roast, 100% vegan 100% delicious And, of course, sometimes we go a little bit crazy with recipes such as the mezze cake, which is every ingredient from a Middle East mezze platter, combined into one giant cake, which is the sort of thing you wouldn't make every day, but when you do make it for special occasions, its bangin' Vegan helps us become healthy, but what's more important is the mental benefits You become more altruistic, more caring, more compassionate, more thoughtful about everything you do It's the single most important decision I ever made-ever, ever, like ever

I don't think I can say that word enough to illustrate how important that moment was and now I have a clear mission, which is just to help more people enjoy more plants That's such a, that's such a rewarding way to live We firmly believe that plant-based food is definitely going to be the future because it's a movement that's based on love and care and compassion and passion for everything that's good So there you have it! We're Bosh! We're absolutely delighted that you're here We would love it if you get our cookbook, but even if not, go check out our videos and cook some of our food


Source: Youtube

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