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These mouth watering MASALA recipes will change the way you cook | Garam Masala & Biryani Masala



Spices are the backbone of our food culture And where masalas are concerned the fresher the better

Here are some essential masalas every pantry needs Start with byadgi chillies, you can mix in Kashmiri if you like this to be less spicy Cumin seeds Coriander seeds Fresh Fennel seeds A smattering of cloves Cloves Gorgeous Green Cardamom Aromatic Star Anise Fiery Peppercorns sweet Cinnamon And a tiny bit of mace Roast these mildly on a low flame because you don’t want anything to burn You should also keep the spices moving so they roast evenly Watch out for the changing aroma which will tell you when your spices are ready Grind this coarse

Homemade masalas should not be too powdery since their flavour tends to weaken faster This will remain good for months to come A good garam masala is indispensable in our food culture We start with the 5 usual suspects: Cumin, Cloves, Cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon We’ll amplify this earthy cumin flavor by using some Boldly pungent cloves Fresh green cardamom Strong Heaty black pepper And crisp fragrant cinnamon Robust Citrusy Coriander seeds Shahi jeera or black cumin which is smaller and darker than regular cumin Chunky heady black cardamom or badi elaichi Aromatic star anise – popular in so many asian cuisines Mace, the flower portion of nutmeg rock flower which gives a rich black colour & flavor, Bay leaves for their subtle intensity Roast everything together in a pan for 3 to 5 minutes or till everything smells great

Then grind it all up in the mixer If you make enough this can last you for a year But make a limited quantity to maximise the freshness Remember to store these in an airtight container Our next video will feature spicy chai and tangy chaat masalas So watch out for this Thanks for watching!

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New Cookery Recipes
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