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Tia’s Grilled Shrimp Salad | Genius Kitchen



I love making this salad It's going to go perfectly with my dad's short ribs

This is my surf-and-turf OK You know what, Dad? Why don't you go fire up the grill? And I'm going to marinate the shrimp for my grilled shrimp salad OK I'll see you out back

Don't burn anything I have peeled and de-veined shrimp, salt, pepper, garlic powder I like to use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic, because it's such a quick marinade, and I want it to dissolve with the lemon juice I only want to marinate this for about five minutes, because the acidity from the lemon juice is going to start cooking the shrimp if I leave it on for too long And then it'll turn into a ceviche

I am going to put my shrimp on some skewers, because I don't want to lose them in the grill [music playing] Hey, again, Dad Hey, T I see you've made it to the grill, Dad Oh, yeah

It's all ready for you Your happy place I could stay here all day You know that I know you can, Dad

Oh, wow, smells good You remember all that barbecuing we used to do in Hawaii? Do I? I have great memories of us barbecuing on the beach Dad, that looks perfect We ain't got no butter or nothing to put [inaudible] [laughs] All right, Dad Have you ever made homemade dressing? I'm a ranch dressing kind of guy All right I'm ready Easy as 1, 2, 3

You ready? Yeah Minced garlic, lemon juice What is this? It's very easy, Dad Add salt, pepper, olive oil As I'm pouring it in, whisk so that it emulsifies

Add lettuce in the dressing Now did this take a long time, Dad? Not really Presentation, remember Dad, it's all about presentation You taught me that

Yeah Then to finish your salad, add grilled shrimp, avocado, some tomatoes, olives, and finally, goat cheese Do you want to help me with this, Dad? Just kind of– just sprinkle it all over And goat cheese, as you can feel it, it's really nice and creamy Still having a problem sprinkling

[laughs] It's a little sticky Look at how pretty and amazing this looks, right? No, it's a colorful salad I'll tell you that Dad, are you ready to dig in? Oh, my gosh Let's kind of make it like a little bit of a burrito

Tia, this looks so good Thanks Mmm You killed it So good

[music playing]

Source: Youtube

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