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Top Chef Junior Contestant Starts Cooking School for Kids | All Good




KATE DANIEL: I really started cooking when I was around four years old And then, from then on, it just grew I really, really started cooking when I was nine [MUSIC PLAYING] My grandma really inspired me to cook, and my mom My family's just been really good at cooking, so they kind of led me into it

Between seven and nine, she was really cooking and cooking all of those meals all by herself, really I really like making my citrus annatto pork tacos It's so good They're like my favorite thing to eat Cooking has always been a big passion of mine

I always would ask my mom, what can I do in the kitchen? What can I do to help? BROOKE DANIEL: Kate came home one day from school– she was in fifth grade– and said, Mom, I really want to compete on Food Network's Chopped Junior I was like, OK KATE DANIEL: I applied to Chopped Junior And I went through a lot of interviews, sent a lot of photos of my food in, and then basically they called me and said, hey, you're coming to New York And I was like, oh, fun

[MUSIC PLAYING] Kate has always been interested in cooking Between seven and nine, she was really cooking KATE DANIEL: Cooking has always been a big passion of mine Basically how I got into the kitchen was trying different things BROOKE DANIEL: When the meal subscription services started coming out, we subscribed to one of those

And they would arrive every week And she would get the box and just cook all the meals, all week long, by herself KATE DANIEL: I always had been trained to cook without a recipe I've just never really liked it So it just kind of was easy to me, I guess

[MUSIC PLAYING] BROOKE DANIEL: Kate came home one day and said, I want to try out for Top Chef Junior Someone at school told me that they're holding casting auditions I am a very proud Texan BROOKE DANIEL: She went and cooked for them at a local kitchen And then we did several Skype interviews

KATE DANIEL: They called me one day and said, you're going to LA for boot camp And I was so excited We were all so intensely competitive on the show It was so much fun to be with each other BROOKE DANIEL: I am always extremely impressed with Kate– how cool she is under pressure

KATE DANIEL: Even though I got eliminated, it was still so much fun, 'cause I met so many friends on the show and I had such a great experience BROOKE DANIEL: I'm gonna have y'all help me here KATE DANIEL: Basically in Houston, there weren't a lot of kids cooking schools around So me and my mom just say, hey, why don't we open one? BROOKE DANIEL: It's all about the confidence and the independence the kids get when they learn to cook on their own I would say 90% of the kids that come through Figlia have never cooked before

We teach all kinds of classes here We sometimes have all boys classes We have Girl Scout troops Well, Kate and I thought, hey, let's hold classes where the kids can cook meals and we go give these meals to families who are displaced We served a couple hundred families

And we've worked with FamilyPoint Resources here locally We do everything from having them help their kids, help with our cooking classes, to teaching their kids cooking classes, in order to donate those meals KATE DANIEL: For the future, I would love to be a food critic I love writing, I love food, and I love traveling BROOKE DANIEL: She's just with it, and she knows what she's doing

And I'm just really, really proud of her [MUSIC PLAYING]

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New Cookery Recipes
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