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Traditional Bengali Sweet Recipe- Kalojaam



Traditional Bengali Sweet Recipe- Kalojaam 500g chhena/ cheese curds (made by 2 litre full cream milk, and strained out water completely) 200g grated mawa/khoya 100g refined white flour/maida (use as per your need) 2 tbsp powder sugar 6 green cardamom powders ¼ tsp baking powder First mix chhena/ cheese curds and mawa well together (Without any lump formation)

Knead very well Add little amount refined white flour for binding as per your need (3 tbsp or more) In this way mix powder sugar, green cardamom powder, ¼ tsp saffron for inner colouration one by one; and at the end baking powder Mix all well Now make equal and smooth kalojaam fruit shaped portions On the other side, heat little more white oil and 2 tbsp ghee in a pan Golden fry on simmer flame Sugar syrup = 1 kg sugar+ 35 cup water (not too thick or thin) Then add 2 tbsp milk into sugar syrup for cleaning impurities

And then add green cardamom powder Now flame to high for dark colouration – outer shell of Kalojaam To avoid burning, keep stirring continuously with perforated spatula/jhanjhri hataa flame to simmer Now dip the fried kalojaam sweets into sugar syrup Garnish with grated mawa/khoya please like/share/comment & subscribe my channel

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