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Hello, my Cocos & Nuts! here @RawCoconutGirl! In this video, I will share with you one of my secret recipes on TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE CANDLES! NOW WE'LL BEGIN! I AM MEGA SUBSIDIED! Recipe for my Truffle is very easy! You can do it yourself or your family, friends! I will use this to comply with this recipe blender / Hamilton Beach kitchen robot This is my first time with this brand and this is not a sponsored video

I only like to share my experience with this brand with you, is this blender worthy of your attention or not GETTING STARTED! TO WORK 🙂 NEED: 1/2 CRIMPING CRUDE MIGDALS 1/2 GLASS SUGAR PACK 1/2 THE NECKLACES OF A NERKOW 1 CITRINE LEAF REMEMBER TO PAY LEMON BEFORE IT IS USED 🙂 OPTIONAL SLIPPERS PADS 1 BURN FROM VANILLA (NON-ALCOHOLIC) EXTRACT AROUND 1 – 5 MACEA'S ROOTS IN POWDER 2/3 CABINETS OF RAW CAKAE! NOT THIS ORDINARY SLOW COASTON ONLY RAW COCKTAIL !! MORE INFORMATION IN THE DESCRIPTION 1 GLASS OF DRIED DAKTYLI WITHOUT PESTEK! 1 WATER GLASS AND COCONUT WATER REMEMBER TO USE FILTERED WATER! NOW TIME FOR CHANGING ALL THE COMPONENTS 🙂 I SAY THAT THIS BLENDER HAS A LOT OF PRODUCTS! ALSO WE WILL ACHIEVE ABOUT! MYSLE, THAT YOU WILL MAKE A MONEY BLENDER TO RECEIVE A KITCHEN BLENDER PERSON, I'M PLEASED WITH ITS RESULTS 🙂 So, I've added too much water 1 1/2 cup, so it is certainly too much, if your cake comes out slightly too wet, add more nuts or dates Forgive me, but a little confused with my recipe: o do not blend your cocoa with all the ingredients Use cocoa only to revive the balls in it! 🙂 Well, unless you prefer my "zakalcowa" versions: D Now it's time for making round beads

Each of them should be wrapped in raw cocoa, Mac's root in powder and coconut chips! If any of your "balls are too wet", use more cocoa, maca root in powder or coconut sticks 🙂 so that the mass will stick to each other And here is the first ball ready! Now it's time for the roots to pop in powder! If you love coffee and you can not live without it, MACA root in POWDER is a great, healthier replacement for ordinary coffee and the cereal! So I think my TRUFFLE are perfect for people who need a lot of energy! GIVE ME LAPKE IN GORE IF YOU BELIEVE MY REGISTRATION RAW, VEGAN TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATES! SUBSCRIBE MY KANAL TO BE WITH MY MY NEWS! YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ?? REMEMBER THIS COMMENT 🙂 MY LOVED, I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU FOR MY NEW EBOOKA SCREEN – SWEETBOOK IN THE POLISH VERSION WITHOUT DISTINGUISHING, vegan ON MAXA RAW SHARE YOU FROM ME IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE FOLLOWING WHO IS THE RECIPE IS THE FAVORITE? MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SCIAGNAC MY SWEETBOOK IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS! **** TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE SHOES **** THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL FOR ANYTHING 🙂 DOWNLOAD ME FOR INSTAGRAM & FB! @RawCoconutGirl

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