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TUMIS TAHU PUTIH DAN DAUN KUCAI || How to cook White Tofu and Chives TAIWAN FOOD



Greetings Hey everyone meet again on My Channel, in this video I will share tips for all my friends Namely how to cook Sauteed White Tofu And Chives Ala Taiwan Here I have Provides 1 Fruit White tofu like this, then I cut Into sections You cut it a bit small Once again I remind you all, don't forget, press Subscribe button and turn on the bell So you always get the latest update notifications My video Next provide Frying Pan and Water, then Enter White Tofu and Light the Stove Don't Forget to Also Add Little Salt We wait until it boils After boiling like this We turn off the fire and we drain Here I have prepared Chives Like this, I've washed it clean Then I will cut it Rather long We set it aside between Rod section And the top part I also provide 1 Red Chili Then I discard the contents And I cut it a little bit like this Like a match, huh? Then we set it aside Next I provide Ginger Here I use Young Ginger Then I cut a little lengthwise Now this I know already drained and it's cold Then I add 2 Egg Points Then we stir it like this huh Let it evenly and let stand a few moments After that, prepare a skillet and oil Then We enter I just knew it We Fried until the color turns brown Don't stir it often, guys Because of this White Tofu The texture is very soft So if you stir it often It will break later Then I add ginger and we'll cook for a while After that we add it earlier Chives Leaves And Then chilli will cook for a while Add a little Oyster Sauce too And a little soy sauce Rock Sugar White pepper A little flavoring Then we stir briefly Don't forget to add a little water If it's not Salty, you can add it too Little Salt We Stir it evenly Next I add Chives then we cook for a while Now it's cooked Finally I add a little Onion Oil If you exist, if you are not there you will not be loved It's okay, then we drain And ready to serve Now that was my friends My cooking recipe this time Sauteed Tofu and Ciu Chai Or Taiwan Chives Leaves If you like my video, you can also try it at home Do not Forget to Also update the latest My Videos next Thank you for watching Give Me Excitement By pressing Like, Share and Subscribe And finally Wassalammualaikum Warrohmatullahi Wabarikatuh BYE BYE

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