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Tuna Rosti Pancake : Korean Food Easy Recipes : 하루 한끼는 한식 : 간단한 요리 참치전



A can of tuna 2 eggs One small onion Red chili Parsley 1 tbsp starch 1 tbsp flour Two pinch of salt Pepper pepper pepper pepper So let's get started Remove the oil in the can of tuna Chop the onion finely Cut several length-wise slits, but do not slice through Chop it It's so easy I cut it with a small knife for the small onion It's better than I thought Cut the other half in the same way Slice the red chili Now all you have to do is mix Starch flour pepper salt Put one egg first Mix well If it's stiff, drop another egg Just good Now let's fry it Put enough oil in the pan Heat it up on high heat If the oil starts to smoke Set it on a medium low heat Add more oil to lower the temperature Now we can fry without worrying about sticking to the pan A spoonful Spread it well Sizzling is art If you bake it all, you will get about 9 pieces Maybe For 1 serving

? Decorate with red chili and parsley It was fried crispy Two spoons make flipping easier BrownyBrowny The other side was well cooked Voilà! Then let me try it ~ It's always delicious whether it's hot or cold Would it be delicious? It's spicy and deliciou I'm going to eat with soy sauce Yummmmm It's delicious as well Thank you for watching ~ ♡ See you again in the next video ~ ♡

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