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Turkish Puff Pogaca Pastry with Feta Cheese Recipe


[UltraVid id=458 ]This recipe is a classic from Turkish cuisine! Pogaca pastry with feta cheese filling! It is so delicious and so fluffy! Make sure your feta cheese is low on fat otherwıse the cheese might melt and leak out to the tray. You will be surprised to learn how easy is it to make Turkish Pogaca pastry! If you like this recipe, go to our web site you will find so many similar recipes to that one. Also adding baking powder and yeast makes this pastry incredibly puffy! A great choice for a quick breakfast! If you don’t prefer feta cheese in those kind of pastries, you can bake them plain or with sausages or spinach, or whatever you feel like! Let us know what you think about this recipe, if you have any questions let us know by leaving a comment!
Melt your sugar in warm milk In a large bowl, mix eggs and Greek yogurt Add vegetable oil, salt and vinegar and start whisking Add water Add flour Add baking powder add the yeast you melted in water and start kneading gently Cover it up and let it rise for around an hour We’ll roll the dough in 4 pieces, and between we’ll brush a mixture now we’ll prepare Our mixture is room temperature butter with vegetable oil Fill each one with a mixture of feta cheese and chopped parsley Transfer all on a baking tray and bursh some egg yolk on tops. Let the dough rise for another 15 mins On 200C (390F) pre-heated oven, bake for 25 to 30 mins
Ingredients for Turkish Puff Pastry in Cake Tray Recipe
1/2 cup milk (warm)
1/2 cup water (warm)
1/2 tbs yeast
1/2 tbs baking powder
1 tbs vinegar
2 tbs yogurt
1/2 tbs sugar
1/2 tbs salt
1 egg
3 tbs vegetable oil
6 cups flour
For the mixture to brush between layers:
1/2 stick butter
1/4 vegetable oil
For filling:
Feta Cheese
Finely chopped parsley
For top:
1 egg yolk

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