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N: Mix it well then let it marinate for 10 minutes J: No let's do 1 hour N: 1 HOUR??!! J: I don't know How long should we let it marinate for? N: let's do 15 minutes J: In the comments they'll say you're the luckiest girl in the whole world (for having a bf that cooks for me LOL sorry guys he's delusional hahaha) J: Wait I forgot to put the garlic! N: Oh yeah you forgot to put the garlic N: How do you call that(the garlic) in english?! I can't remember OMG (sorry guys I had it at the tip of my tongue but I couldn't remember it haha) N: HOY! How do you call that in english???? N: Cipolla(means onion in italian) is Onion and that is?!! (damn I don't know why I couldn't remember "garlic" hahaha) N: there's still garlic skin! N: Can you cut it in smaller pieces?? N: PLEASE? N: The viewers are going to be so confused because we're speaking filipino, italian and english all at the same time hahaha J: I'm drooling (HAHAHAHA) N: EWW (be careful) you're cookinnggg! N: That's enough!! Stop Mixing! N: ENOUGH! N: Stop playing with food!! N: you're rude! (LOL HIS FACE) (TBH I don't even know why I'm laughing so hard! it wasn't even that funny! haha I guess that's what happens when you're in love, you laugh even at the corny jokes hahahah) N: Garlic again?? Isn't it too much?! (I totally forgot that he was just following the recipe and he was trying to explain it to me

when I realized he wasn't doing anything wrong he started mean mugging me hahahah) (now you guys know that I nag at him a lot HAHA) N: be careful! Don't cut yourself! N: you're not done yet! lol N: you're doing unnecessary movements to make it look like you're doing something professional hahaha N: CAREFUL! N: cut it in smaller pieces like I usually do! J: no need! that will do! N: Wow N: Really? N: Babe it's ready! the garlic is burning!! N: AAHH It's burnt! N: MIX IT! (Kuya means older brother in filipino, it's like Oppa in korean) N: let them see how broken our pan is! (LOL) J: AH you know what?! we should cover it! J: I think it's burning we should add water N: Nah there's no need just stir N: the recipe says the chicken should be brownishthat's what kuya from Panlasang Pinoy said N: You need to add bay leaf! N: I think filipino viewers are going to say "what the hell are these 2 doing?!" N: Enough! you put too much! (he's basically removing spiderwebs hahaha) (AGIW means spiderweb) N: TASTE IT! N: Let's taste it!

Source: Youtube

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