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Turning A TOMATO into VEGAN EGGs



– Whoa (jazzy music) We're gonna try and make that yolk that everyone's making

Hey guys, I'm Candice the Edgy Veg And if you're new here hit that subscribe button, hello! I had been sent this article about the Crossroads Kitchen egg just constantly I was sitting on it, I saw then that Sauce Stache wonderful friend over at Sauce Stache, actually was sent the same article and made the video So, I was intrigued We are going to try and make an egg yolk that is vegan, that is sphere, that you can break open like a normal egg yolk

So this is not a new concept, this is not a new thing My friend Doug McNish here in Toronto has created an egg yolk for his restaurant, Mythology He's been doing it for years I think back in 2013, when the Vegg became a new product, they actually sent me all the stuff to do this as well, so it's not a new concept I actually haven't tried it for myself

I know how it works, I know the science behind it, I just haven't done it myself I was actually supposed to film this last week, and forgot that I had to let the gel that we're going to use sit overnight, so we couldn't do it, so we're doing it now, woo So I'm gonna follow Sauce Stache's recipe to see what he did, but I'm also going to use some of my knowhow to make like the most eggy thing that I possibly can Now if I can get the spherification to work, I am then going to try and make a fried egg Crossroads Kitchen uses orange tomatoes

Sauce Stache used a combination of yellow and red I found orange tomatoes, well, Molly did And so we're going use that today I'm a little concerned about the sweetness of the tomato, if that's really going to come through in the sauce, well, we'll see how it goes I also want the recipe to be nice and creamy, so I didn't see anyone else doing this, but I'm going to try adding a little bit of silken tofu, to kind of mellow the color of the egg yolk, and also make it, kind of like, creamy and give that mouthfeel that a yolk has

For the sulfuric egg flavor, we are going to use black salt, as usual Also known as kala namak, which is an Indian salt that has a very sulfuric smell and taste So what it will do is just add a sulfur taste to whatever you cook it with, making it the perfect ingredient for a vegan egg If I don't like the color, I'm going to try and fine-tune it with turmeric, which I do in my tofu scramble all the time I'm going to use the ingredients that I would use for a vegan hollandaise or a tofu scramble which is nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, mustard powder, and oil

For the spherification, I've gone ahead and created a jelly using sodium alginate and distilled water It broke my heart that I had to buy a water bottle, but here we are You need the distilled water because you don't want any of the chemicals or minerals in tap water You have to do this overnight because you need all the bubbles from the blender to rise to the surface and disperse and leave the gel itself or else you will not get the desired effect that you want And in the mixture that I'm going to make here, I am going to be adding calcium lactate

You can also use calcium citrate, I believe It's going to create a chemical reaction with the sodium alginate and create a membrane around the liquid We will have a yolk, so we'll see how this goes The first thing I'm going to do is rub my orange tomatoes with oil and cook them in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes And then turn them and cook them for another 15

I've gone ahead and done that, that's what I have here Let's figure this out together, I hope it works So I have my high-power blender here, I have a Vitamix, a Blendtec will work as well If you don't have a high-powered blender, you might want to remove the skins from the tomatoes So I'm just gonna go ahead and remove this little bit here it's kinda hard

So I just kind of lifted that out And then what you're left with is just this like hollow tomato My major concern with this recipe is that you are going to end up with something that's a little too sweet for a yolk, oop There we go This yolk is going to look like those yolks from like backyard hens that are like super organic and orange

(laughs) That people have, right? I wanna set this aside, and wash my hands In the video, Sauce Stache, Mark blends the tomatoes together first (blender whirring) I'm going to turn this blender back on, and while it's blending, I'm going to add some olive oil This will add a nice mouthfeel And while that's blending, I'm also going to add, actually you know what, I'm gonna see how it tastes without the tofu, according to how Mark does it in his video

And then if I still don't think the mouthfeel is there, then I'll add the tofu (blender whirring) While this is blending, I am still going to be adding more ingredients, so I am going to add my mustard powder, my nutritional yeast, and then my white pepper And then I'm going to give it a little taste, and see if I need to add the tofu (blender whirring) All right, so right off the bat, it's looking a little thick, which is what I was concerned about I'm gonna use the spoon and not my finger

Yeah, it's really acidic from the tomatoes All right, so what I'm going to do is add some silken tofu and see if I can mellow that out a little bit So I have about 1/4 cup, I guess I'll start with 1/4 cup I'm gonna go in with my black salt, and add about a tablespoon (grinder clicking) I really should get like ground black salt so I don't have to constantly do this

Okay, so I've added about 1/2 cup of silken tofu Let's see if this helps (blender whirring) All right, the texture's definitely better Pretty close, it definitely needs more black salt We're at two teaspoons of black salt now

I would have definitely muted the mustard powder to like 1/2 teaspoon I'm going to add one tablespoon of the calcium lactate And this is what's going to cause the chemical reaction to happen with algae that we're going to use in a sec (blender whirring) So, okay, we're definitely getting somewhere There's something acidic, I don't remember egg yolks to be acidic

In terms of consistency, I definitely think that I would I'm gonna add a little bit of soy milk Just because I find that it's definitely not runny enough Maybe I'll start with two tablespoons (blender whirring) So Mark used calcium chloride in his, and I'm using, what did I just say, calcium lactite, lactate So calcium chloride does have a bit of a salty flavor

Oh my god, it's way better So I going to add a little bit of normal salt as well The one that I'm using, calcium lactate, has no flavor, at all And then that should be good to go (blender whirring) What you end up with, I mean it could be a little bit darker and a little bit runnier, I just think I'm getting like really uber-specific now

I could keep going at this all day But I think that's pretty good So I'm gonna run this through a mesh sieve, like Mark does I guess maybe this is a great step if you don't have a high-speed blender I think maybe that was just a unnecessary step for us

So he puts this in the fridge to cool down a little bit, and to kind of let the bubbles come to the surface And you can definitely do that (bowl banging) by dropping it on your counter to kind of let the bubbles release and come to the surface Obviously no one wants a cold yolk, so we don't want it to cool down a lot, just a little bit so that we can manipulate it (bowl banging) and you know, move it around So because I do wanna try and make a fried egg, with a runny yolk, I'm going to use a couple of things that I've learned over the years in making a vegan egg, and just kinda wing it So for the kind of white part, the egg white, of the egg, I'm going to use silken tofu

Kind of mix everything together in a blender Now I'm going to need something to firm this up a little bit I think, I've used like medium tofu and cut it into round shapes and then fried it so I know that the tofu at the end, like at the edges, will get that like fried egg look To give it some structural integrity, I think I'm going to use, well start with some rice flour I think rice flour will help If we really need it to firm up, like if I do a tester, then we'll use some cornstarch as well

If we need it to be more liquidy, or even like a little bit more gelatinous, I'm going to add some soy milk Okay so we're just gonna start with this and see how it goes (blender whirring) All right, I'm not adding any sort of spices to this because the white part of an egg doesn't really have any flavor to it I think the texture actually is pretty good I'm going to do a little tester, I'm going to add a little bit of just normal like pink sea salt

(blender whirring) All right, I'm going to heat up some coconut oil Right, let's do a little tester and see That should be enough What I'm worried about is can I flip it All right, so it's not really staying together when I try and flip it, it definitely has the taste that I want

It has like a really creamy taste like a normal egg white would have, I don't know where I put my lid, but I'm going to add one more tablespoon of the rice flour, maybe I'll add two, actually, give that a blend and try it again (mixture sizzling) All right, so I'm swirling some oil around it, and it definitely like the bottom looks (pan clatters) like it's going to get there All right, let's see I mean, that's pretty damn close Like look at the bottom, I was kind of expecting it to almost be like nothingness, but it's actually really creamy

Okay, we have our egg whites here, I put some on like an English muffin to get like a, a nice like open faced sandwich vibe So now what I'm going to do is, I have is like a coffee scoop, coffee and tea scoop, I'm going to use that Move the egg yolk into our alginate, which doesn't have any bubbles in it because I let it sit for many days And then use our spoons to like quickly move everything on top of it, form a barrier, and then put it into ice cold water Will stop the chemical reaction from happening

So what's going to happen is, the calcium lactate is going to react with the alginate to create a barrier So let's see if we can make this happen So I'm going to put it in the middle of my bath, here And then very quickly, move this over top to create a sphere I feel like this is gonna take some practice

I mean, that's pretty good I'm going to let that sit for about 30 seconds It's been 30 seconds, oh my god Okay, all right, I see you Okay, and then put it into, (gasps) oh my gosh, look at that

Not the shape of a yolk, but that's okay I mean now I know that we can do it Oh, this is so exciting, I love when things work Whoa All right, my last idea is to use, I have this syringe, I'm gonna fill the syringe

I wanna see if I can get it, like into the gel really quickly I'm gonna push it down, oh Okay, guys we're learning together This is fun Science is cool

Okay, so let's push I mean I definitely feel like I got a better shape doing it like this You definitely need some patience, that's for sure I mean it's definitely a novelty thing (jazzy music) Woo, oh my gosh

We made eggs Okay guys, we've done it This is freaking crazy I'm so excited, I mean, obviously, I have a couple changes Next time I would use way less pepper

I just found it was like a little too spicy I would also probably use a bit less mustard powder I would use more oil, I think, to make it a little bit runnier But like, the combination of the yolk with this white egg part is just like it's wild It's so good

What I am curious to find out, if I was to add the egg white to a pan and then immediately put the egg yolk on top, and maybe put a little bit more of the white, and then put it on a breakfast sandwich so that when you like cut it, or like a breakfast burger and cut it in half like that oozing out I wonder if that would work This was an experiment today But the full recipe to this, as always will in the description box down below Yeah, if you like this video, guys, give it a huge thumbs up I'm blown away

This is crazy Let me know in the comments section below what videos you guys wanna see next, what recipes you want me to veganize And if you're new here, hit that subscribe button, 'cause I make new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm All right

This is wild And I'll see you next time, bye

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