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Two Layer Chocolate Burfi | Mawa Chocolate Barfi Recipe | Easy Rakhi Special Recipe | बर्फी

hello friends welcome to easyfoodmakingcom today we are going to make chocolate mawa burfi very easy way and very tasty if you are bored by eating khoya burfi then give some twist, make it with chocolate mix lets see what ingredients we need [music] to make chocolate khoya we have taken dark chocolate 100 Gram we have cut very thin the dark chocolate you can use cocoa powder in place of chocolate we have taken mawa (Khoya) 100 Gram same quantity for both the items two big spoon sugar crushed it one big spoon condensed milk one fourth teaspoon Desi Ghee lets start making put the Ghee Ghee is melted we will put khoya this khoya is sugar less, there is no added sugar we will fry it little put the flame medium Khoya is releasing Ghee, you can see we will add sugar also if you are eating sugar more in that case take this much sugar otherwise taken less because chocolate also has sugar and we have taken one spoon condensed milk that also has sugar sweet dish should be sweet then only its good but if you eat less sweet then take less sugar we have taken 2 spoon you can use one spoon put the flame little high sauté for some time around 1 min 1 min is passed you can see its ready now sugar also melted well we will takeout the pan put the flame off we have taken small tray in that we have put foiled paper this is optional apply ghee in the bottom of the tray instead foiled paper its only for the safety purpose by chance burfi is not coming out we can take full foiled paper, burfi will come out

because of that we have used this we will place khoya directly in this we have put the pan on flame no need to make this more heated, put the flame very low because we are melting chocolate normally we are melting the chocolate in steam but we will mix this with condensed milk fast already we have cut the chocolate very thin so no need to melt this in steam remember flame should be very low otherwise chocolate will get burn and taste will be very bad you can see just by adding itself it get melted because we have cut this very thin that it switch off the flame mix it well so that there should be no lumps of chocolate see its very smooth now take out the pot we have set the khoya in one tray on top of that we will set the chocolate we have spread the chocolate very well we will apply some Ghee which is left out in small bowl we will use that so it will become smooth on top its already smooth even after that its perfect now, we will keep it for resting we have kept for 5 min in fridge to get set well because if this becomes hard, it will be very difficult to cut, because we have taken pure chocolate we will mark in it, to cut it in later point of time we have marked it very well, now we will keep it in fridge to get proper set once set we will take out the pieces chocolate burfi is ready now we will cut it from the same place where we have marked chocolate burfi is ready but if you are not satisfied by the shape if you don't like the shape we have already cut it from the corner you can see the extra chocolate we have removed it from the side put the knife in side and cut, give the proper shape as you like so for seeing the shape should good to garnish this we will use some Pistachios its optional Do Like share and subscribe

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