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– [Hudson] This is gonna be hilarious – [Sasha] Why? Why did you smell the spatula? – Just cause, all the smells

I'm lovin' it (upbeat music) – [Sasha] Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips Welcome to 'Sasha in Good Taste' (multiple people laughing) – Hey there, welcome to 'Sasha in Good Taste' Today we are going to be working on our brunch go-to's

This is the first time that you're going to see Hudson cook – Can't wait It's a pancake breakfast burger – [Sasha] Yeah, I'm super excited for it – [Hudson] I'm doing the patties

– I'm doing the bacon and the pancakes We're gonna start first, with a champagne mimosa twist We are gonna drink our mimosas while we cook – [Hudson] Let's do it – Great

Let's give it a try We have poured some champagne in our glasses with a cute little ice cube, and we are gonna take two ounces of passionfruit juice to each cup Pomegranates, you can add any fruit that you like We're gonna take tequila, mezcal specifically, because smoky is yummy No, you weirdo

Okay, pour it on top Stir it up (laughs) – That's my jig Cheers That's

– It's awesome – I think the only way to brunch – There we go

(energetic music) – The setup – I'm so ready – I'm so hungry – What are you gonna do first? – Turn on my stove Or is that a griddle – Oh that, that is a good idea

I'm going to start with bacon – Well, I'm going to form some burger patties and I think I'm gonna get myself set up with two patties 'cause go big or go home, right? Oh it smells– – [Sasha] So good? – [Hudson] So good – While I am letting the bacon sizzle, I'm gonna start working on the pancakes So, we need a cup and a quarter of our flour, tablespoon of sugar, three teaspoons of baking powder, a teaspoon of sea-salt A cup and three quarters of milk

One egg Half cup of butter We are just gonna combine all of these ingredients until they become sweet pancake batter – This is 85% ground beef, it's really great and juicy to have a little bit of fat in there to cook off I'm gonna season them just before I put them on the grill

Generous sea-salt, generous pepper Little coconut oil for the griddle, don't want it to stick Here we go So you do little thumb print and this keeps it from bubbling up like a golf ball and not cooking all the way through And now we wait

– Ah! – I had some extra salt, sorry I'm actually gonna go all out, why not All the pepper They're cookin', I see the grease falling off, so that's good – Yes, look at that

– Those are looking awesome – Yes, multi-tasking That's enough This is lookin' good Now that I think– – That looks awesome, that's perfect

Our pancakes are finally at the right consistency – Okay bacon, let's talk bacon I like them with a little movement, you know, not everything cooked off I think we can actually pull these Don't those look

– Fantastic? – Delicious (upbeat music) I think we're Yes! Oh! – [Sasha] Look at those char marks – Oh daddy! – One pancake – you don't wanna be overbearing with your patties, just leave them alone, let them do their thing They're very like– – [Sasha] They're very sensitive – Particular, yeah, very sensitive – In the grease? – Yeah, all the grease

Yeah Okay, I'm gonna direct your attention to these patties Notice how they're not arching over, creating a bubble, that thumb print working, we're doin' good These are almost there That looks perfect

– Brunch is so fun because it doesn't have to be perfect, nothing has to be perfect, it's just more so spending time with the people that you love – Yeah – And relaxing and hanging out – And you can do it at home you don't have to go out – Yeah, you don't have to go out, you don't have to spend a lot of money – You can bring everything to you – You know, bottomless mimosas are expensive You can do it at home – Yeah

– I like that – I like spending time with you – Thanks, anytime – In a space that isn't just bumping with music And thousands of conversations are going (beep) cheese

– Cheese – Let's add some cheese to them Pepper Jack, Pepper Jack cheese – [Sasha] Yeah – Got some Pepper Jack cheese for you, ready

Cheese melted – Oh you're double pattying, oh okay (upbeat music) Delicious – How much bacon would you like? – Two – Want some hot sauce? – Fresh off – [Hudson] The griddle

– [Sasha] The old griddle (hums tune) – Oh yeah! – Mmm, I'm actually really excited to eat this Oh okay, fine, be fancy – [Sasha] Strategy (upbeat music) This is delicious

(laughs with mouth full) – Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I'm enjoying this burger – Thank you so much for watching this episode of 'Sasha in Good Taste' Yeah, we're enjoying it – You wanna see more Hudson and Sasha in the kitchen, comment below – Please, subscribe, like, comment, we love hearing from you

See ya next week – Cue that slow mo eating montage – Oh yeah (slow jazz music)

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