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Ultimate Dough Recipe



Welcome to Bayt Bushra I'm Bushra and this is my home

Today we are making my ULTIMATE DOUGH RECIPE If you are new to the channel remember to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel so you never miss a recipe What makes my dough so very ultimate is that it works every single time, it's almost impossible to mess it up and you can use it for pizza, cheese pastry The other day I made cinnamon rolls with some extra dough You can also make this dough the night before, let it rise and then stick it in the fridge and then use it the next day, of course bring it to room temperature before you work with it

There is no need to proof or bloom your yeast You're really just going to put all your dry ingredients into a bowl That includes the flour, the yeast, the sugar, and the dry powdered milk Remember to put your yeast and your salt on different sides of the bowl when you're putting them into your flour because the salt will kill the yeast if you just pour it right on top of each other And that's not what we want to do, we want this dough to rise

NOW the only thing you might not have readily available in your pantry is the dry powdered milk BUT if you still want to make my recipe, don't worry, instead of using water, later on, just substitute the water for warm milk And it should yield the same results however I do prefer using water and the dry powdere milk separately, I think it's fluffier and more delicious that way Put them on separate sides of the bowl and then whisk together all of your dry ingredients Make a little hole in your flour mixture and pour in you oil and then beat your egg before you pour it over the oil

That's going to make it easier for it to evenly incorporate And lastly add your water NOW I need to tell you add your water slowly Depending on your flour and how you measured it, you may need more or less water So pour your water slowly, you might not need all of it

I used all of it Usually I use all of it You're going to knead your dough for 8 minutes If you have a stand mixer, let your stand mixer do all the work It's going to really make this process a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier on you

But that's not to say you can't knead this by hand When you're mixing your dough you might see it be really sticky Now there' a difference between sticky and wet The dough is naturally sticky That is totally normal, don't worry too much about it

As long as you're kneading it, continue to knead it and you'll see it come together nicely Trust the recipe Trust the method Trust time: that the 1 hour (resting time) and the 7-8 minutes of kneading will help you form the most perfect dough I have also tried this recipe with 1 cup whole wheat flour and the rest just regular all purpose flour

It works very nicely and it has a delicious nutty flavor It makes you feel like you're having healthier dough anyway cover your dough with plastic wrap and let it sit for an hour If you wanted to make pizza out of this dough, this dough makes 2 medium size pizzas and what you want to do is roll it out, put your pizza dough on your pizza baking sheet and take fork and then poke holes in it and bake the pizza dough before you put any toppings or sauce Bake your pizza dough at 350F for 10 minutes and then take it out and put your sauce and your toppings and your cheese and then you're going to bake a second time until your cheese is all melted

That's going to make sure that your dough completely cooks through Your pizza is going to be so good WOWEE You have to just look at this beauty It doubled, tripled? I don't know

It's so gorgeous And if you just poke it LOOK oh my god I love it so much It's so perfect Let me show you here Just punch out all the air

It's so elastic-y and that olive oil that you put at the end really helps it get a nice flavor it's so perfect and smooth Thank you so much for liking, watching, subscribing, COMMENTING! I really appreciate all of your nice comments, either here on YouTube or my Instagram They make my day The link to the ingredients and measurements is in the description box below remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram

And I will see you next time inshAllah

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