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it's been a while guys I missed last week I apologize but I'm back pretty excited like this one let me just hit you with the intro first welcome back to another freestyle Friday every single week we're gonna cook it my way recipe's free you know I keep it hot so grab that pen and paper let me show you what I got whoa please talk about this one freestyle Friday's we're hitting it with another breakfast recipe this is something we cook in the van all the time it's so simple you set it up the night before you wake up you got breakfast I love it overnight oats there's thousands of different ways to do it my son's still playing in the background but that's okay that's not my name is Eamon I'm your host of the freestyle Friday episode my fiance and I live full time in our little van and we like to cook food and people like to ask us questions about our food so we entered the series of freestyle Fridays and it's been going really really well super positive feedbacks from everyone I posted on my Instagram linked right here if you guys don't check me out about freestyle Fridays whether it deserves to live on our channel our channel is usually about van life and creating lifestyle content vlogs stuff like that so I'm just looking to find out where you guys think it should live there's this new IG TV vibes going on so let me know in the comments section should I stay here should I move it around should I play around I'm open to suggestions anyway back to the recipe oats love it this recipe you're gonna freak out no sugar we're gonna use some dried fruit we're gonna also use a little thing I like to call the Apple pink lady best apple they make and I'm gonna show you how we make this into an incredible healthy superfood breakfast that you will be excited to wake up and eat the end of the day why else do you wake up right right back if you go to Syria you will be overwhelmed guaranteed I can't believe how many up there options are when it comes to granola muesli oats it's incredible and most of the stuff on the market has Tobias Tobias a cornucopia amount of sugar in these cereals it's incredible it's like a Froot Loops almost if you compare the labels so what we're gonna do we're gonna use no added sugar but I went ahead and went to a bulk store and bought a bunch of these ingredients because it's a lot cheaper to do it that way if you want to save extra time you don't want to make the granola yourself or the muesli yourself you could just buy a premade muesli but I would still recommend buying an unsweetened one shout out to Bob's Red Mill he's incredible this videos not sponsored by Bob but maybe one day we're still kicking at og with chai wallah is our sponsor did you have a question the ingredients I'm choosing to throw until I muesli which I'm so excited about let me show you what I got I've got raisins they're like literally like $1 29 400 grams nice and cheap pumpkin seeds Oh also forgot to mention this one is totally nut free pumpkin seeds we had a lot of people asking about that in last episode and these are quinoa puffs so I wanted to get a lot of protein in there well that's the end of this freestyle Friday and I hope to see you next week oh my gosh okay so if you're sitting there watching this going wow Eamonn that was probably like twenty seven dollars worth of dried fruit and oats and seeds yeah it was but luckily I thought of this I'm Brianna said trusty how trusty Bob was no you're not insert muesli by Bob's Red Mill what I would have recommended is what I was talking about there I had dried blueberries goji berries pumpkin seeds and quinoa puffs you're not gonna pick it up put that into a container and now I like to use yogurt so there's a lot of different types of vegan or plant-based yogurts this one is amazing it's made from coconuts silk and you could try whatever you'd like but I find this one actually does have like a thickness and a creaminess to it this is fully unsweetened no sugar so I'm gonna actually mix that around so you can make this in a large batch if you want to feed a couple different a number of people I usually do the entire container I'm and that will lash back and I to breakfast and then I would just mix it around and kind of look at where your consistency is because you want that yogurt to coat the muesli nice and balanced so that's looking pretty good now I'm gonna leave that and switch over the apples so the apples we're just gonna shred real quick in our Vitamix because this is such an easy recipe and be out of here in two minutes gonna throw three apples in and literally core and everything this is your organic apples so I don't even wash them when I'm right up here and bust them down so we're just looking for those to be nice and shredded once again I'm not even gonna worry about the seeds this is gonna be add a little extra fiber into your diet no worries and now that that's all mixed in I'm thinking that consistency is pretty gold two goals I do have a few more of those blues so I'm gonna add those in I take this guy now cover it up throw it into the fridge so it's about eight o'clock here you can leave that from anywhere from you know ten to sixteen hours and you just gonna let that chill in the fridge overnight and we will see you in the morning hey guys good morning we're in the kitchen again I just pulled out my beautiful overnight oats and looking incredible so you can see the yogurt has mixed around nicely helps settle and what that really does overnight is helps soften up all of those seeds and oats and you can go ahead and try a little bit if you want last night we built it in the large Tupperware another option is if you have mason jars you could individually separate all of that and then layer it with fruit just going to dice up some strawberries I'd maybe like some apple on the top and then we're ready to go if you don't have any fresh fruit you can just eat it straight like that portion it out into a jar it looks incredibly beautiful you imagine you know having a breakfast party if people do that you know waking up and serving everyone individual you could do this overnight as well fact that the apple shreds in and spreads sweetness across the yogurt you don't need to use sweetened yogurt so you're not getting any refined sugar right when you wake up you're getting natural sweetness I could eat this every single day of the week what kind of are we kind of do super excited to dive into this breakfast but I hope you enjoyed this one I know it was a little insane yesterday was like kind of like my heart fell out of my body when I dropped all those beautiful seeds on the ground but if you did enjoy it smash the thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our Channel we're coming at you every single week and we'll catch you in the next one stay hungry yeah take us near pics I'd love to see your version of that

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