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good morning good afternoon and welcome to the show works words welcome back to another freestyle Friday every single week you know we cook it my way recipes are free you know we keep it hot so grab that pen and paper let me show you what I got what I got in my pot a little bit of chili and some beans on the spot the kid is on a flow put down the M I C just let him go whoo what's up everybody welcome back to another episode of freestyle Friday this week we're doing a chili sin carne basically like a kitchen sink kind of chili whatever you got is gonna go in there it's gonna be spicy and hearty and meaty and holy smokes that's gonna fill you up let's get into it chili chili chili chili not sure where it truly came from but I think everybody knows what chili is it's freaking delicious you don't need to put me in it if you need that meatiness I would recommend putting like a ground round or like a soy product if you want I don't think you need it because we're gonna go crazy heavy with the beans sweet potato it's gonna be super super hearty delicious this is kind of like a spur-of-the-moment kind of freestyle bob so it's like we were planning on cooking chili tonight so we're like yeah let's film freestyle Friday so you could throw anything you want in it this is kind of what we're dealing with for the day let's get started with a little bit of mushroom celery chop that up sweat it down and we'll go from there first thing we want to start with the onion actually there was a red onion that we need to use up also want to quickly talk about this non-vegan product this is a bee's wax paper wrap incredible okay I know it's like not vegan so if you're like super super vegan you might not want to be into this interested in this if you're cool and you realize that this is an amazing product it is just using the beeswax from the bees not good gonna get into the old topic about honey but this thing is amazing instead of using like saran wrap I think this is a way better product and honestly everything is keeping so fresh you got an apple got an onion we just wrap it in there it's awesome for been like so shut out to whoever makes these don't do it like this babe this scares me you have to do it like that no no heavy hand olive wolf Elvin olive oil makes things taste tasty you don't have to but if you like some extra flavor in your chili go healthy I also find that the no-name olive oil taste the exact same so save a little money I'm just gonna let that heat up before I have the ends remember this going so culprit oh gosh just no limits here guys up here baby I apologize if the audio isn't crispy crispy clean we're out here in the mountains in BC we found a decently quiet spot but there are some motorcycles ripping paths you guys notice I do this a lot I don't know why the Vermonter system I go get those onions sweating down and out of this celery and then BOOM right away the building flavor we're gonna hit that spice section garlic or sure cumin for sure onion for sure Cayenne for sure a little time and a little paprika depending on how hot you want it you could go a little chilly yep recognize right here Beth so we're gonna start with oregano really a tablespoon of oregano garlic I'm gonna also add fresh garlic but I'm also gonna go dried tablespoon cumin give it some Cayenne oh fuck I am three quarters of the tablespoon onion salt already got onions but just a little bit of them time just a zip top salesman and for free flavor town choo-choo a little bit of chili cuz I like my heart we're gonna heat those up let those flavors develop of course always S&P 1/2 tbsp heavy on the pea you know I'm down to see how clear the cream I'm gonna turn these into into these freestyle Friday you know I forgot about that sweet potato that's all good I'm gonna dice that really really tiny and then quickly get it in there starting to cook but once again we're gonna really let that simmer for a while so sweet potato should cook no problem it's a good way to break down your sweet potato you got a good knife you can kind of dig it in a little bit and then just hit it against the counter I don't know how like professional that is but freaking love doing this and I'm just cutting them into little kind of pieces like little canoes and then and absolutely rip them real small also just quickly chopped up a carrot a little extra flavor I'm gonna add some of this bra this is basically vegetable Bluff broth you could use this brand or you could use a leg piece of a cube or some actual a bra and I find this one just give it a little extra flavor no just like a little bit it's freestyle Friday I guess that stuff's optional yellow pops love peppers you know in Australia they call them katsu comes boy Sheila nice cap succumbs so we're gonna chop those up and I actually like to keep them a little bit bigger than you've chopped everything else because they cook a lot faster and I don't like it when it's like super mushy I like a little bit of crunch there so it's just a pro tip and I've shown you guys how to properly cut cops to come honestly makes your life so easy now when it comes to Tomatoes I'm a bit of a fanatic with Italian Tomatoes you're probably thinking like well hey man that doesn't look like an Italian tomato you're right about that this is a unique Oh tomato and they didn't have Italian tomatoes so if you're super super on a budget this will work or if the grocery store doesn't have it this will work if you're medium on a budget I would grab at least one can of Italian Tomatoes and if you're an absolute G all Italian it really does make a big difference with the flavor profile of the tomato this will have to work for today I'm gonna drain a little bit of this water do they know these diced tomato are watering does anybody know what a heart cot is you don't welcome to Canada bud I've never even thought about that it's glorified water but are you sure you can't I thought it was good to like have some water in there no we got pure bliss pure tomato bliss we're gonna try and thicken up a little bit of the mat paste so if you're watching the video all this sounds like a great dinner plan for tonight I'm gonna go out and grab those one thing I would recommend is letting chilli sit I'm gonna finish up the recipe I just wanted to get that in for you're too late and you've already texted your husband he's out the grocery store getting the cans this will be way more delicious if you give it like even overnight you can make it tonight and enjoy it tomorrow just thought I'd let you in on that something I wanted to know I'm sure you'll tell them is how good the cashew cream is with this cool the head back we are not going there today but I would love to we don't have cashews yeah I would love to that would be the best thing you could do for your life right now it's so good jalapeno cashew cream if you don't have that you could add like a little bit we're not there yet we're not there right now I know yeah yeah Breezer praise the chef taught me this one cuz I used to do it all the time is that would rip up fresh garlic and then add it in while it's sauteing and if you do that for too long you will burn the garlic and you will get a really unpleasant flavor a really quick tip when it comes to garlic is you're gonna see it's cut your little layer of skin super easy you're gonna put that under your knife crush it down and the skin should just slide right off look ya gon be skin that's one way to dice up garlic I would recommend getting a garlic mincer make your life a lot easier but we forgot ours at the office now we're gonna add that to the chili that's all I'm gonna throw in my chili today if you were gonna add things like broccoli or cauliflower I would hold off I would let those flavors develop for at least like an hour or two and then add some of those softer veggies I'm gonna let that sit for a bit you can go read a book but I don't read it so I'm gonna go figure out something else to do for a bit help you know was hot hey guys not sure if you can tell but this is day two we actually let the chili chill all night and now I want to show you what it looks like it's super hearty super thick gonna bring it over here so that can get a good look and now I've just reheated it and we're gonna play as far as taught me it goes like I talked about cashew cream would be insane you don't know what cashew cream is thing right here I got an amazing cashew cream recipe and you could just drizzle that on top we're not doing cashew cream today we're gonna do a little bit of diced cilantro fresh a Bhagat and a little bit of jalapeno just too so there you have it our chili Cyn carne looks delicious looks thick hearty sweet potato kidney beans six bean mix there's beans that I even know exists that are in there I'm gonna have a little taste on the side here when you let it rest overnight that's when all the flavors just absolutely hang out get married get build on their relationship I really hope you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to smash that thumbs up subscribe to our channel we'll be at you every single Friday with another recipe video hagas and your photos I want to see what your chilli con carne looks like one thing we didn't have that a lot of chilies add is corn you can do frozen corn or a fresh corn from a can fresh corn from account doesn't really make sense you don't I'm saying take us in your photos be sure to LIKE subscribe of above a Bop we'll see you in the next one and stay hungry

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