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Using someone's DNA test results to cook their 'perfect' dish!



(upbeat music) – [Baz] We are sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way (laughter) We've got chefs, we've got normals

(beep) And a whole world of stuff for you to explore but everything we do starts with you (upbeat music) Hello everyone, he's Ben, I'm Mike And last year I did something really interesting, so I thought in true geek fashion I'd bring it to the studio today (quizzical music) Why am I nervous? I feels weird Oh, sh– nearly touched everything with this

(laughter) Put it back in there – [Ben] Four weeks ago, Baz, James, Jamie and Mike took a DNA test to better understand their genes and how their bodies are programed to handle the food they consume Jay, we have your genetic results back and we have created you the most personal dish that will metaphorically allow us to talk about those said results I feel really nervous because somehow at the moment you three know more about me than I do – [Ben] Lift the cloth James

Are you excited? Yeah – [Baz] Within every cell of our bodies is DNA, and DNA is made up of various genes, a bunch of predetermined instructions that our body uses to function Everything from development, reproduction, growth and countless bodily processes All humans share over 99 percent of the same genes, and yet it's the tiny different variants and the order or sequence of the one percent that makes each of us unique Nutrigenics is the study of how our individual genetic variations, which we can't change, affect our personal response to diet and nutrient intake

It is only one element of the many complex interactions between our genes and our environment, but understanding more about the rules and codes that are predetermined by your genes can help better inform you in your dietary choices Think of it like a car It will leave the production line with a predetermined specification and level of engineering The nuts, bolts, wheels and engine are set How you choice to drive it, where, for how long, how frequently and which fuel and or oil will determine it's performance and the condition of the car in a year, five years, and fifty years from now

Personalized nutrition can be similar Okay so results number one, we're gonna focus on detoxification Now, Jamie is a man who loves his beef and he also Spain However his genotype suggests that he should reduce or limit the amount of char grilling and roasting and smoking in his diet, but he can kind of compensate that with more cruciferous (rock music) I've got a funny feeling this is gonna shock Jamie slightly because before beef and Spain are top of the list, I'd of said barbecue

So avoiding direct cooking methods like frying and grilling and smoking and roasting, we're gonna stew off gorgeous shin of beef with the vegetables, some tomato, and a half sherry, half water (cork pops) Ooh, that was a bit wet (quiet cork pop) It's getting quieter It's getting worse (cork pop) There we go

Thyme, rosemary, bay, allium is also impor– (ding) tant, so onions, leeks, garlic, loads of that, Jamie loves garlic, so we'll add some of those Now, like with all these results, it's not good, bad, yes, no, it is not about cutting out completely, it's just about maybe reducing the amount of char grilled or smoked meats in his diet How comfortable are you about knowing this information about us? Mwahahaha No, I just think it's interesting because you can't change your genetics, so, you just try and understand and work with it maybe Ben's known your time for a long time, he's just expanding his repertoire

(Baz laughs) I could now– No, just stop talking, no Result number two, response to carbohydrate intake None of these things are diagnostic, they're purely saying what your genetic make up is, and all things equal, Jamie has a higher response to carbohydrates, so it is advised that he reduces his refined carbs and instead uses complex carbs Which is very easy to do Brown rice, whole grains, legumes, pulses, less of the white rice, white pasta, white bread and sugar

So our more complex carb, brown rice boiled off in beef stock to add more flavor You could just crumble in beef stock but this leads us on to result number three Jamie's results show that he has an above average sensitivity to salt, so we have to limit that a little bit We're gonna cook the brown rice in beef stock We could use the beef stock cube which is a little high in salt, we're gonna make our own beef stock instead which means we can choose how much salt goes into it ourselves

We've taken the bones from our beef short rib, put them into water, broiled it up the boil, rinsed it, put new water in and then a load of herbs, veg, peppercorns, all the flavors I've stolen some parsley from Ben, I'm just stealing all of Ben's ingredients, putting them in my dish, but it's the same dish Yeah, collective We're working together here, James We're working together

This isn't a competition You've turned me into something horrible (laughs) (upbeat music) I'm straining the stock into another pot and then we're gonna cook the rice in there Result number four, he has a positive response to alcohol, so he metabolizes alcohol more slowly, so it has a positive affect on his good cholesterol, which means a glass of red wine for him is a good thing Yes

Like all of us in moderation, he's a slow metabolizer so it has a tendency to catch up with him We know that because if we ever take him out for a drinking occasion, he's normally asleep by nine o'clock (Baz laughs) (upbeat music) A couple of other things we're not really focusing on but are worth throwing into the mix anyway, he has one of the T variants of the gene that allows us to digest lactose, it's good lactose, and also he's bang in the middle when it comes to saturated fats in his ability to metabolize that So, we've gone for quite a fatty cut of beef, but we're also gonna serve a hunk of manchego cheese on the side, so when he's finished his dish he can finish his wine with cheese, 'cause, Spain innit – [Baz] That'll do, won't it? I'm touched that you trusted me with your DNA results

It is weird that I know more about the pair of you than you do Well Well, your insides anyway

– [James] Well (Baz sighs loudly) Release the pressure I'm scared, can I do it like this? (steam gushes) Ah! Whoa! Oh wow, it's

Yeah, you've decorated It's over there I don't think I've seen it go that far before (laughter) (rock music) – [Ben] We're gonna drain off our brown rice, season it with fresh parsley, lemon juice and a little bit of salt, but we're in control of that We're gonna reduce down the sauce for the beef and then serve it all together with some wilted cruciferous also seasoned with garlic and lemon He means Kale

He loves this, doesn't he? (rock music) We are finishing off our beef stew with raisins and pine nuts (rock music) Are you excited? Yep (tense music) Ooh Ooh You're still excited? Yeah, 'cause that looks like red meat, which I'm very happy about

We have lovingly made you a Spanish beef rib stew with some delicious, lemony, herby brown rice and of course some Kale because we know you so well I'm encouraged actually because there's wine, which I enjoy red wine, there is cheese, which is enjoy cheese, there is beef rib, and as we know I enjoy beef – [Baz] Lay in, start (upbeat music) That's some good beef, innit? Are you a fan of smoked beef? I am a fan of slow cooked beef That's good then

How do you cook your beef in an ideal world? Low and slow in a smoker You may want to cut down on the amount that you smoke some of your meat Bacon? (sad music) One of the things that came was raised risk for detoxification, so it is advised that you reduce the amount of char grilled and smoked foods Oh That doesn't mean that you can't poach, boil, stew and slow cook incredible joints of beef

It's fine, you can poach your steak (laughs) Poached steak I had an inkling that I might not be carb friendly because I enjoy the carbs and I feel like they have done negative effect on me (laughter) Particularly around this area here (laughter) So, advised to have more complex carbs, brown rice, whole grains, legumes as opposed to refined carbs, sugar, white rice, white pasta, white bread

Which is what you were expecting Yeah, 'cause I definitely noticed improvements in the last few months where I've been eating less carbs, and to now know that there could be potentially a reason in my make up as to why that is, I think that's pretty cool It's not gonna stop me from buying bacon, for instance, or eating bacon, but will it make a difference in terms of do I go for the red packet of bacon that's been smoked or the blue packet that hasn't been smoked How much of diet, though, and the experience of eating down to pleasure? I've learnt a lot of stuff about my body that I didn't know ten minutes ago, which I think is really interesting, and if there are little tweaks that I could make moving forward, then maybe it'll make me feel better, maybe I'll lose weight, maybe, I don't know Maybe I'll live a better life because of it

Isn't it interesting, like, as a species we have lived for millennia, and this option of understanding this nutrigenics has only come about in the last handful of years? It is changing, it's fascinating I guess our question is do you guys care? Would you be interested in knowing you do know yours? Would you care if you did know yours? Would you change your life because of it? Comment down below, talk to us Do you have the same DNA as me and what changes have you made that you suggest that I make that means I still get to eat steak? You sound so desperate (laughter) We're really fascinated to hear what you think Have you ever done a DNA test? Would you ever do a DNA test? Have you done one? Would it affect how you eat? Let us know, we're very intrigued about this subject, aren't we? So intrigued that we have made it one of our podcast chat topics because there's just so much to talk about, and if you are a club member, then you can get access to that, and it is an episode coming to you very, very soon

We have no dads, but we both have dad bods, and has Ebbrell a joke (energetic music) I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon the other day, I'll let you know (laughter) – [Mike] Like that I do like that – [Baz] As we've mentioned, we don't just make top quality YouTube videos

– [Jamie] Lol – [Baz] We've built the sorted club, where we use the best things we've learnt to create stuff that's hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers Check it out if you're interested, thank you for watching, and we'll see you in a few days (beep) I made some fish tacos yesterday, but they just ignored them and swam off

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