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V PICK! HOW TO in V 문빈의 미역국🍲 HOW TO COOK MOONBIN’s Seaweed soup



[V PICK HOW TO IN V] So today [Today's How to] [Moon Bin's Seaweed Soup] I'm going to make some seaweed soup Since I don't have any soy sauce [STEP 1 Sautee seaweed with sesame seed oil] Take some sesame seed oil over here Because I don't have a pot My mom told me to add seasoning and radish, but I think it'll be better to boil the soup

I'm going to add some water now [STEP 2 Pour water into the one pot you have] [The pot is shaking] How much water should I put in? What's wrong with this? [STEP 2 TIP – Calm the one and only pot so that it doesn't have a shaking fit] Does it have a vibration mode? Hang on What's wrong with this? Wait We're going to wait until the water boils What I'm worried about is [He has too many ingredients for seaweed soup] whether to put all these ingredients in the soup I'm not sure Should I add the udon noodles and beansprouts into the soup? [Udon noodles in seaweed soup is a no-no] Udon noodles is a no-no [STEP 4 Add meat when the water boils] I should add the meat now? Okay

It's starting to take on the color of seaweed soup! It really is! Once you've added some meat My mom told me to let it boil for a while, so I'm going to boil it for five minutes [STEP 6 Add the seaweed] I'm going to add the seaweed

It looks like the seaweed soup is almost finished The color of the soup is Hang on, take a look at this

[Complete?] It looks like the color of seaweed soup Wait, it feels like this is going really well This is amazing I'm even good at cooking I can't be good at this too

[STEP 7 Add some sesame seed oil] It said I can add some sesame seed oil I really like sesame seed oil It tastes like seaweed, but it's still bland because I haven't added anything to it [Wow He's a genius] Now, it's time to add some magic

[STEP 8 Add the magic salt] A pinch of salt [Sprinkle some salt!] Why does it taste bland? It's time to put you in Some beef seasoning Should I add some of these ingredients? [What are black beans doing there?] These are black beans These are red beans What do you think would happen if you let this sit in water? Aren't you curious? I'm going add just one bean [STEP 10 Add one black and one red bean into the soup] It wouldn't be right to let these ingredients go to waste It kind of looks like seaweed soup

[Wow What a genius] That's because it's full of seaweed [STEP 11 Add some more salt and seasoning] It just needs a little more of this We'll have to make do with this since we don't have any soy sauce I should add garlic? [This disbeliever in garlic is pondering what to do] Should I put in some garlic? How would this soup benefit from adding garlic? "It tastes better when you add garlic

" "It'll taste better and more clean" The soup will taste better? I'll find out once I add some Okay Then, I'm going to add some minced garlic This guy is powerful! [STEP 12 Add some powerful minced garlic] I'm just going to add a tiny amount

I don't know if this is going to taste good It's not bad But the scent of garlic is quite strong This is delicious Seriously

Unless there's something wrong with my taste buds, this is a good-tasting soup Lastly [STEP 13 Let it boil one last time] I'm going to boil it one last time and finish Didn't I do a good job? [Complete!] It's undeniably seaweed soup!

Source: Youtube

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