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VAN LIFE // What Vegans Eat on a Road Trip



Tiny toes we need to make a movie today you're gonna make a movie with me? yeah food video! starting right now with cereal shift swap time at the Moroney fitzgerald household I've got my best buddy all snuggled up he's gonna take a shift probably just like 1 hours how do you think it's all just kidding yesterday we split it up very evenly so I'm sure we'll do the same today and today as we head home to Toronto for the fall and winter season for our tea business (Chaiwala Chai) we thought hey let's show you what we eat in a road trip day because you guys know we love food and we get creative and yadda yadda but some mornings we just have corn flake cereal knockoff with blueberries and coconut almond milk I'm gonna smash this and I'm gonna get behind the driver's seat and we're gonna go to Ontario the worst part about what's been happening right now is we have no water which means no morning tea which means a little bit of the caffeine shakes you know what I mean should I that is the road trip hack you didn't know you needed I didn't know I needed it was awesome I just walked in they have a full-on hot water tank and she said yeah go right ahead so I'm now going to just put one dark chai all right buddy enough chitchat I'll see you log some hours hello friends I thought you're gonna be just woke up from a nap to give back some peaches we cut these up fresh from a farmers market so then she's just gonna take that on our lap right there you don't want any no thank you yeah peaches are so good and these were from the Okanagan and when we were in BC I got our laughs in my chest yeah there's not much going on in here it's a little bit of hummus and carrots and and olives that doesn't sound amazing to me but you're like checking this chocolate milk what there's only a little bit left I'm wasted what I did we're a team everything that is mine is yours my treat you today you beneath drinking all of it I saw you the other day this silk almond milk dark – oh yeah dark chocolate it's phenomenal everyone's past mr DeWitt looking class I'm passing everyone's past yeah rabbit carrots and hummus there's only like six carrots left Wow limited resources out in these parts huh did we specify where we were going from last night we were in Winnipeg Manitoba yeah and today we're trying to make it to su st

Marie Ontario we will put a little map here we're driving across the country back to Toronto Ontario so we're out in the middle of not so much okay I've never been so sure of anything in my life these people have never seen a blogger let's see what they got no no no support corporate America is a Pepsi product this company is from the East Coast and funny story tell them about the storms on detail here talk about those chips they're storm tips yeah man all you did thanks dude yeah people are gonna be like what vegans eat they just see garbage all the time people think we don't eat garbage and we just eat kale and lettuce all the time are you what's your plan for the next two are all right if I can do anything Wow I think it's like picking out products based on packaging yeah and reading the ingredients I'm really gonna duck I've never seen this flavor before it's kind of sweet but pretty good there man yeah let's make it at eBay and then onwards so the other day we're at this really cute farmers market and revelstoke bc believer in BC a couple days ago hello and I picked up this really cute hand woven basket from Africa and even has like the name of the Weaver and the village therefrom and everything so this is my new obnoxiously large pink basket for our grocery shopping let's go have a got if you ever want to find Emma and I at a grocery store come in the natural health food section we get lost in this section these are a so really good for like on the road if this is like an on the road what vegans eat on the road on the road on da ER been super into this lately it's not sponsored by so fresh so gonna make a chai latte with that but it's frickin delish grab me like three of these dude okay so it is 5:30 we think we can have a couple more hours in us so we're gonna make a Greek salad now and then make the chili in a couple of hours when we've landed where we're gonna sleep tonight you want to make it reeks Allen with me the other day we got this amazing vegan cheese from the local market called black sheep some olive red onion cucumber and cherry tomatoes three – boom look at that I'm having a public buddy rate my Greek salad really good the only thing I would make it better is real cherry tomatoes I like fresh now we're gonna swirl but cats unreal the credits even that little bit of feta cheese makes it so good that's like my number one priority now I'm getting home yeah probably the first thing I'm gonna do is figure out how to make that tofu better oh the things we do for a thumbnail that better be a good thumbnail I hope you guys like that we are on the hunt for water we need water if we're gonna make a real proper dinner we need to do the dishes that are currently in the sink and we need to be able to clean up after our nice nice Canadian bloke we willing to help out you know and I told them we're just gonna grab five pounds he said no problem I won't charge you we're we're Jiminy Cricket over here question we just good for those of you who have questions or function without hot water Sean buddy don't we boil a pot put the dishes on the floor get a little ball yeah scoop just a little bit of hot water you're too hot for me to my local soap in there and we do up the deep this is just like just like you do at home I papi you know how to make a Chilean carne looks delicious papi don't mind that no it looks bland oh so a man grew up eating everything ice-cold it's just the way of the Fitzgerald so he's gonna eat this in like what three hours no you're gonna go for it no I want to see how you like it papi this is weak anybody else love not lukewarm but just above lukewarm it's grass taste all the flavors you can actually eat it nobody likes it this is very exciting oh that's the stuff my teeth you guys it's time unreal vegan Reese's peanut butter cups one for you seeing as it's only ten degrees where we are in your Thunder Bay Ontario I thought I would wrap up the evening with a little chai latte so I'm gonna be making it with our rooibos chai blend which is one that comes in the green package which is naturally caffeine free rooibos is also packed with antioxidants and it has a really nice light flavor so you get all the spice of the child without the caffeine and boost that I had this morning for those of you who might not know a man died hand make all of these chai binds we work with our farmers in India for our black tea and in South Africa for our rooibos tea we've actually been to South Africa to meet them anyways I'm going to whip it up with some almond coconut milk from silk so I'll show you guys quickly how I make that I'm gonna grab a scoop of the chai blend put that right into the pot top this up with the almond coconut milk now this milk has no sugar added sometimes I like my child he's a little sweet so I might add a bit of maple syrup we'll see how we go and basically I simmer this for five minutes or so and I'll strain it out and show you that so the first indicator that it's going to start tasting good is when the milk goes from bright white to a little bit brown from the steeping of the tea and the spices I'm gonna give that mmm two or three more minutes turn that off I've got my fine mesh strainer put that over the mug you guys are at all interested in supporting our chai company or checking it out I will link it below in the description box it's just chai wallah chai calm and we now have better shipping rates to the states as well as international so go ahead and check it out I sign off the blog with me but we hope you guys enjoyed a long travel day we almost drove for what did we say twelve hours yeah that's crazy twelve hours are feeding sound like animals but our feeding schedules been a little bit off so I hope you guys enjoyed just coming along for the ride with us seeing what we eat if you guys are interested in more food related videos we post a recipe every Friday thank you freakin Freaky Friday and the next time we see you guys we're gonna be back home in Toronto Ontario get excited because we're gonna share a lot more behind the scenes with our company our business how we make the tea all of the secrets we're just gonna give to you and we've got some exciting babysitting we're gonna be doing that might involve a really cute dog for a week so maybe van-like for the dog it's gonna be great I'm so excited to be going home and yeah if you guys haven't already make sure you like this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to our channel to join the tourney alright until Toronto yes peace guys

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