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[VEGAN] 병아리콩 디저트 레시피│High Protein Chickpeas Treat Recipes│꾸덕한 브라우니│촉촉한 칙피쿠키│부드러운 후무스│바삭한 칙피스낵│비건베이킹



High Protein Chickpeas Treat Idea Soak dried beans for overnight (Put it in the fridge if it's hot inside) The next day, you'll see chickpeas that are nearly two to three times bulked up by itself Throw away water that you used to soak the chickpeas and boil it with new water

Boil it over medium to high heat for 30 to 40 minutes Stir occasionally from time to time to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot When you boil the beans, there's a lot of foam, so remove all Pick up a bean and remove the pot from the heat if it is crushed well with your fingers Of course, it'll be hot if you touch the boiled beans with your bare hands, right? Let it cool down for a while before using

To make a really soft Hummus, peel the beans and use them Well-cooked chickpeas peel well like this Canned beans peel better, and boiled beans peel better when hot! Be careful not to peel even your mental health Oh, by the way, I peeled it for two hours Sometimes when you think too much, it's perfect to concentrate without thinking! Put all the chickpeas in the blender or food processor

And olive oil (don't replace it with other oil!) (oil squeezing sound) I didn't have Tahini, so I just put in roasted sesame seeds, but I could see the particles because it didn't grind well! Just put a little bit of garlic (I put too much and the garlic scent lasted for a while which is OMG) Oh, and I envy those who have food processors While I was making this, I smelled something burning in the blender motor and it turned off I literally want to get food processor mom

Add olive oil and Aqua faba (bean water) if it doesn't grind well! Add little by little until you get the texture you want I guess I got a little stressed while peeling chickpeas I saw on Instagram that it was so pretty like this way

Drizzle olive oil on the Hummus and store it Sprinkle the powder when you eat it! The surface looks messy if you store it with powder I used paprika, cumin, turmeric, and parsley powder When you sprinkle cumin powder, it feels like the Middle East across the ocean! Hummus, a favorite dipping sauce in the Middle East It goes well with fresh carrot and cucumber

A simple and healthy meal is complete if you put it on when you make sandwiches! It's really delicious if you put some fresh pickles on the sandwich You can also use it as a substitute for cream sauce when making pasta! Refrigerate leftover, but eat it as soon as possible! (Eating sounds like a horse) Crispy Snack Recipe which is a simple process embarrassing just to say it as recipe Spread the parchment paper on the oven pan Then coat the chickpeas with olive oil

Spread them so they don't stick together Isn't it good to have a salty snack? Sprinkle a moderate amount of salt I sprinkled paprika powder and turmeric powder, but salt is enough Bake it in preheated oven to 350℉ (180℃) for 35 to 40 mins Stir occasionally and take it out of the oven if it's as crispy as you want

Keep the snacks in the container and take them out whenever you see them! First of all, put chickpeas from a can (or boiled) in the food processor or blender In fact, the name of this cookie is Choco Tree Forest Cookie (Baskin Robbins Icecream Naming) But I was lazy to translate it into English, so I just named it BEST COOKIES Now that I've revealed name with subtitles, I have no choice but to translate it lol Is there anyone who doesn't like the combination of slightly bitter green tea and sweet chocolate? Transfer the finely ground chickpeas to a large bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients well If there is a food processor, you can grind it all at once, right? Mix it without worrying about gluten formation! I had this habit before I started vegan & gluten-free baking, so I'm mixing it carefully Why are you mixing all without care? HUM!! I'll be making 2 flavor cookies! If you only make one type of cookies, add 24 g of powder

It's hard to get vegan chocolate in Korea you know? It's not dairy-free, but I'm adding a regular chocolate chip as a topping! If you are lactose-sensitive, do not add regular ones, but if you have lactose-free chocolate chips, use them! I wanted to put white nuts in the green tea cookie, but there was cashew nuts at home! Cashew nuts are delicious, but it's better harder texture nuts like macadamia! To make a half-and-half cookie, put two flavors of dough in a bowl and scoop it up This cookie doesn't spread well in the oven, so press it with your hand as much as you want Then, add the remaining toppings to create the best visuals Bake it in a preheated oven at 350℉ (180℃) for 15 to 18 mins Cookies are recommended to be put in a refrigerator or freezer and eaten cold

Of course, you know that home-baking is amazing that makes you taste the hot dessert that's fresh out of the oven, right? It's moist and tasty, but it's also great to give it to friends I'm trying to package it up for my friends, but MY COOKIES


BIG I was just going to wrap it in a plastic bag, but I went to Daiso

I've worked at a bakery a long hahaha It was SOO happy The reason why I was able to endure the most difficult part-time job in the morning was because of the fresh smell of bread The smell of fresh bread is just like a drug to me

You all know that smell, right? Chop nuts before making brownies in earnest Walnuts and pecans goes really well with brownies! I really like pecans that taste less bitter than walnuts! Just add any kind of nuts and seeds what you have The texture of brownies with nuts is really It's beyond description I used soy milk but you can totally use any plant-based milk! Melt Chocolate+Sugar+Salt+Nut Butter (melt in microwave oven every 20 seconds) If you use a blender that doesn't perform as well as mine, In this process, move the chickpeas into a large bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients Once again, I envy those who own the food processor (Crying) PLZ don't add dry ingedients into the blender You guys're looking at SOO who likes to make things twice

Mix roughly until the powder is not visible Add the chopped nuts and chocolate chips and mix them again It would be easier to handle the dough if you put a little dough on the oven pan and stick the parchment paper to it! Suddenly, the atmosphere became a home-baking video of anger lol Press the dough with a spatula so that the dough can be filled without any space in the oven pan Spread remaining toppings to finish Bake in preheated oven for 30 to 35 mins

The oven pan is excellent for ironing out the wrinkles of linen you know? (It's hot!!!) Cool it in a pan for 10 mins, then move it to the cooling rack to cool it down Heave-ho! It's a recipe without oil or butter, so you can't see the oil at on the parchment paper, right? Ahh, that's my name lol I know no one cares about my name, but something's embarrassing I ordered a knife for a cooking club when I was a freshman, but I still use it! I didn't think about the thickness of the brownie dough and baked it for 20 minutes, so It's kinda moist inside Brownie's good to enjoy when it's warm, of course Please try it in the freezer just once

It's much better!!! I like cold brownies even if I freeze to death (Literally) People in the neighborhood!!! Listen to the crack of frozen brownies!!! I hope you can experience this chocolate-like texture If this recipe is helpful for you guys, don't forget Subscribing, hitting like button, and commenting ♥

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