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Vegan Beet Burgers – Veggie Burger Recipe



– Hi friends! It's Sam, and today is a burger day I'm gonna make my vegan, beet burgers

Yes! One of the many things I love about being vegan are vegan burgers There are so many possible flavor combinations, textures, styles, colors The options are endless Not only do the beets in these burgers make the patties, this kinda crazy, cool, meaty, red color, but the beets adds this amazing level of depth of flavor They're really rich and earthy and full of delicious yum

Technical words, yum Ooh! They're so good I mix that with some oats, lentils for a little heartiness, and my secret ingredient, shhh, peanut butter Don't tell Shh, shh, shh

(laughing) Adding peanut butter to a veggie burger not only helps it stick together, but it adds this nice, little, secret touch in the background, that you're just like, oh what makes this so good? It's peanut butter Yeah, it's true Let's get into it, let's make vegan beet burgers Why can't I say beet, beet, let's make vegan beet burgers So first things first, beets, I know shocker

(laughing) When I peel beets, I always wear rubber gloves because these things stain like crazy You're fingers will be stained for like two days if you're not careful So first, I'm just gonna peel off the skin of the beets, like so One beet down, one to go Just love the color of beets

They have this amazing, jewel tone color Aha! Lovee! So I have my large grater attachment in my food processor So to make it very easy, I'm just using my large side of the grater attachment, right in the food processor And I'm just gonna have the food processor grate the beets for me Easy peasy

Here we go (machine grating) Great beets! Look at that amazing bloodiness (laughing) Perfect, alright! Get out of there Beautiful, my beets are grated, and now I'm just gonna get the other ingredients and start adding them in there with the beets Welcome to my laboratory

(rubber snaps) I've collected, what is this grand gesture? (laughs) I've collected my other ingredients, so now I'm gonna add everything to the food processor So I've got large, flaked, rolled oats These are gonna add a little bit of texture, a little bit of chew and kind of help stick things together Cooked lentils I just use canned lentils, but if you wanna cook your own, you can of course do it that way

All purpose flour This is really gonna really help the burgers stick together, and cook up and tighten up a little bit, so they're not all mushy and gross Anti-mushy burger club, right here You're welcome to join if you like Half a yellow onion, finely chopped

Now large chunks of onion in the veggie burger are the enemy of veggie burgers They will make veggie burger fall apart, and not stick together So make sure you chop it nice and finely, and then also same goes with the garlic Two cloves of finely minced garlic My secret ingredient, natural peanut butter

This adds a little bit of richness, a little bit of fat, and a depth of flavor, that is just, yeah! Get in there Peanut butter For spice, dried thyme leaves That'll complement the beets nicely and make it taste ooh, lah, lah And then lastly, salt and black pepper

Ah! Look at that red mark on my counter! (laughs) okay, now just pulse everything together (machine pulses) Stopping to scrape down the sides as needed, until everything comes together Okay, my mixture is looking perfect You can kinda see everything is mixed up There's still a little bit of texture in there

We don't want to kill all the texture, but yeah kinda looks like ground meat now Kinda weird I'm gonna clean this up to make some room to make the patties Of course the link to the full recipe with the all the instructions for the ingredients, measurements, cooking, all of that is listed in the description down below I'll pop one up here as well

So this recipe makes four burgers We'll just divide this mixture into four Just gonna grab it straight from the food processor here But the dough, the batter, the patty mixture, whatever you wanna call it, it's very, very sticky, so the key I to wet your hands in between forming each patties, so you can form the patties without them sticking Alright, wet hand

Grab about a quarter of the patty mixture, like so And then just lightly form a patty There's one Isn't that crazy, meat looking? Alright, another rinse in between Make sure they don't stick

Trust me, it's really annoying, if you have it all stuck to your hands Forming my beautiful patty Great! Patty number three (slapping) Uh, that sounded so squishy (laughs) Let's get this thing out of here

Don't wann cut my little fingers And the last patty This one mighty patty right there There are my four patties, and my bloody beet hands Let's hop over to the stove and fry up these burgers

I've put a thin coating of oil in the bottom of my skillet It's heatin' up, gettin' nice and hot These burgers are also fantastic, baked in the oven I have instructions for that on my blog I'll put a link down below in the description, as well as one up here

(laughs) But these burgers are not strong enough to hold up on the barbecue If you want a barbecue friendly veggie burger, I have a fantastic recipe in my cook book I designed it specifically so it would be strong enough to hold up on a barbecue But today, we're just gonna fry these beet burgers The oil is nice and hot

So here we go, burger one (sizzling) A nice little sizzle The key when you cook these, is to cook them low and slow So don't have the heat too high You wanna cook them about three to five minutes per side

That'll get the outside, nice and crispy It will cook them all the way through, and they'll get nice and firm and won't be mushy and gross Ooh, wee, they look gorgeous! Love it! The burgers have cooked They are nice and darkened and brown on both sides They're quite firm now

They've firmed up, they're not mushy anymore They're not sticky, so we know they're good to go I'm gonna hop over there, make myself a burger and give it a try Burger time! (cheering) Burgers! Walking across the kitchen with a burger, probably a dangerous idea Yes! And now that is a veggie burger

No sad, little flimsy, thin thing Hearty, amazing So excited! Of course you can put on whatever toppings you like Boom! There you go How epic of a burger is that? That is a real amazing thing

Mmm, uh-hmm So delicious (Incomprehensible name) Coming in for a burger taste, so I can see her Mmm, hmm I got it all over my face

Now that is a satisfying, hearty burger Delicious! Its got a huge amount of that beet flavor in there Earthy, rich, slightly sweet, delicious! Love it! You don't even need a lot of toppings on this burger, cause' it is divine the way it is Yes! Do it! Beet burgers, so satisfying! I hope you like this recipe, and if you do let me know by giving a like If you make this recipe, don't forget to take a photo

Post it on Instagram, and tag me at it doesn't taste like chicken, so that I can find your photo, and give a little double tap love Yeah! Be sure to subscribe for another fuss free vegan video every single Wednesday, and I'll see you next week Bon Appetegan! (chicken clucks) (pop music) Does anyone eat their burgers upside down? Mmmm, I don't know why I always do Welcome to my laboratory (rubber snaps) Nanana-tatata


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