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VEGAN Boozy Milkshake for Fall | Thrive Market



First things first, marshmallows These are vegan marshmallows

no, no, no! Take 2 Hey I'm Megan, and I'm here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen and I'm making a boozy toasted marshmallow milkshake Which is so good, and it's dairy-free and it's vegan! Yeah, yeah – buckle in, it's gonna be a good one

I got inspired because it reminds me of a s'more Which I grew up eating and I love, but I am using vegan marshmallows Did you know there are vegan marshmallows? Now you do, and they're, they're a real Jim Dandy Ew please cut that – don't use that one

If you like this video please subscribe, comment, tell me your favorite boozy desserts; and you can find all the products that I used at thrivemarketcom/prepschool First I need to spray my sheet tray that I have lined with foil, because these guys are sticky They are made of sugar so they will stick to this pan A little coconut oil spray and my mallows

Spread them out because you want them to evenly get charred, and I have my oven on to broil, I'm gonna pop them under the broiler for like two to three minutes – but stay real close, because they go quick Okay, those are some toasted mallows They went real quick, but they're obviously hot because they were just boiled so I want them to cool down before I add them to my milkshake All right so while my mallows cool, I'm gonna build the base of the milkshake – minus the ice cream I'm gonna wait on that Vanilla extract

I'm also adding vanilla bean Paring knife, you just want to cut it lengthwise to remove and expose all of the seeds inside Then you take the back of your knife and you just scrape out the seeds This is optional, I just like the way it looks in the milkshake and I also like the flavor gives But if you don't want to spend money on vanilla beans – they can be kind of pricey, you can just use vanilla extract

But we are going big A great thing to do with leftover vanilla beans, I put them in just granulated sugar and stick them in, let them sit for a couple weeks, and you have vanilla sugar Great way to use these up Or I've also put them in rum and then I make some vanilla extract; but then every time I use it I'm like "woo" Mama's getting tipsy on this vanilla extract

Alright half a cup of coconut milk; and then it is a boozy dessert I'm adding some bourbon You can add with any sort of whiskey, bourbon; I like a dark liquor in this but you could probably add vodka too Wouldn't recommend tequila, but maybe that's your thing You can do that I would say 1/4 of a cup, but I'm not gonna measure it

Alright let's see these marshmallows, yep! Super cooled down Originally when I made this, I did it with the entire bag of marshmallows and it was just way way too sweet So I knocked it down to half a bag and it's just the right amount of sweetness and toasted-ness; and don't be afraid to really kind of char your mallows because that's where you get that really delicious or sugar flavor, but not burnt in a bad way – like toasty I'm gonna blend this before I add my ice cream because I want this to become nice and smooth and I don't want to overwork it, so I'm gonna blend this till it's smooth and then I'm gonna add my ice cream so my ice cream doesn't melt I want to show you what it looks like before I add the ice cream

Woo, smells super boozy You can see it's a caramel color, it's smooth, it's incorporated, you can see all the vanilla beans – the vanilla seeds Ok, alright I am using coconut milk ice cream, so it's dairy-free, it's vegan Get all of this out, and this is just a vanilla flavor I was just thinking if I did it with chocolate, then it really would have been like a s'more

Oh man Mitchell You think vanilla is delicious? Man it smells like bourbon! Alright blend this up This makes, depending on the size of your glass, two to three, two to three – or one ginormous milkshake Oh, oh there's a little guy but that's okay So because I want this to be extra special

hey sweet cheeks, I want my friend to come in and do this with me Because I want it to be extra special Take a mallow, take a torch; be careful if you don't have a butane torch you can use a gas flame, but I'm gonna get crazy

Just lightly toast it Then we're gonna put it on top oh oh oh Then to be super extra, a straw Oh my gosh, so good – put a little bourbon in that, maybe put a little too much Whoo! It's creamy, it's vegan, it's a little sweet It's the perfect boozy dessert

Please make this one, and let me know if you do because this is a good one So vanilla extractdid you guys glue this on? Do we really need this to open it up? You know what I don't think, I don't think it needs vanilla

Thank you Wow!

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