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VEGAN BOSTON CREAM DOUGHNUTS | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen



Hello my friends and not-yet-friends, The time has come to make vegan Boston Cream donuts It's been years since I last had one from Timmy's but I still remember those soft puffy donuts, covered with chocolatey glaze and filled with smooth vanilla pastry cream

It was one of my favourites The most donut-y of donuts are deep-fried, but I'll also show you the baked option AND show you how they do in an air fryer too Make the pastry cream with a quarter cup of flour, the same volume of sugar, a couple tablespoons of a neutral oil like canola, a little vanilla extract, lemon juice, and a cup of your favourite plain or vanilla plant milk I like using soy milk as it's the thickest and makes the creamiest pastry cream, In my opinion, but other milks work too Whisk everything together until no lumps remain, then heat it up over medium or medium high heat until it starts to bubble and get thick

You can actually do this in the microwave too Just zap it for about 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds so it cooks evenly and doesn't bubble over Get a little on a spoon or chopstick and taste it when it's cool enough You want to make sure you've cooked the flour through so it's not grainy but smooth Plus, you can adjust the cream to your taste by adding a bit of spice or more sweetner or anything you like

This is your vegan pastry cream and there are no rules! And when you have this rich, creamy pudding like consistency, set it aside and let it cool This can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for up to 3 days Start your dough by measuring out your flour properly I showed you in my jackfruit Bao recipe how to do the fluff, scoop, and level method But many bakers swear by the spoon and level method

You still need to fluff your flour first Then scoop it spoon by spoon into your measuring cup, while taking care not to pack it in Then level off with a straight edge For me, the two methods are equally good if you know what you're doing The spooning, though, is rather annoying and I'm lazy

So I'd rather use my trusty ol' kitchen scale for accuracy and less effort On the less effort note, I'm using my blender's food processor with dough attachment for this recipe I'm also adding extra gluten flour, AKA vital wheat gluten, to give the dough more bounce and strength It's not 100% essential but I think it improves the quality of your final product Plus a tablespoon of ground flax

It also improves the texture of the final product but if you don't have it, just leave it out and replace with a tablespoon of regular flour Next in, instant yeast Give that a quick mix Now you can dump in the rest of the dough ingredients: sugar, refined coconut oil or other neutral oils but coconut seems to turn out best, warm water, vanilla extract, and, optionally, a dash of nutmeg to give that donut shop aroma Then you can let it go in your food processor or mixer or give your arms a work out with a wooden spoon until a nice dough ball forms

Time for the first rise Really, you can leave it in the food processor or your mixer, just cover it with a damp towel or something but I decided to take the sticky dough out first instead of doing it later It might be a bit difficult to handle but you can flour your hands lightly and just do your best You don't have to be graceful, just get the job done Let it rise for about an hour in a warm place or until it doubles in size

Put your pastry cream in the fridge in the meantime When your dough has risen, you can take it out of the bowl and on to a lightly floured work surface Knead it a few times to break down the big air bubbles that have formed in there The dough will get elastic and bouncy again so we'll give it a rest for 15 minutes It's not entirely necessary but I like to make things easier on my hands so I wait for the gluten to relax a bit before rolling the dough out

I'll use my handy dandy beer bottle rolling pin, you use whatever you like The dough should be fairly soft and easy to roll out Roll it to about half an inch or a little thinner; I use the width of my fingers as a guide Then cut out your donut shapes You could use a proper dough cutter, I'm using a cup

For my last donut recipe, I used a large mason jar ring but since these are filled donuts without holes, I figure these don't need to be as large Put your cut donuts on to a well floured baking sheet, or one that's lined with parchment paper and just a little dusting of flour Make sure to space them out so they have room to expand When you've cut out as many donuts as you can, squish the scraps together and roll out again to cut more donuts Then cover your donuts up with something that won't stick and let them rise again

About 45 minutes to an hour When the donuts have doubled in size, it's time to cook them If you're deep frying, heat up an inch or two of canola or other neutral high smoke point oil in a deep heavy bottomed pan for even heat distribution If you're baking or air frying, check the description for time stamps to skip ahead You want your oil at 350 Farenheit or 176 Celsius

The digital thermometer I usually use stopped working so today I'm relying on visual cues I use a chopstick and stick it in If bubbles form around it, it's hot enough for frying But if the stream of bubbles is so intense that it seems to mist up, it's a bit too hot It's not precise and it's not the best method but we use what we have! When you lower the donut in, the oil will bubble up around it

Be super careful If you're new to deep frying on the stove, please do only one at a time In about 45 seconds, the bottom should be golden brown and you can flip it After about 30 to 45 seconds on that side, you can remove it, let the excess oil drip off, then place it on a paper towel lined rack Maybe use more than what I have there

That was my last piece of paper towel Sometimes, the oil will get too hot and you'll need to lower the temperature If your donut puffs up like crazy right away, chances are the oil is a bit too hot It's not a big problem but you'll have some wonky looking donuts with a huge air bubble in the middle that will make for a messy cream donut later but to me, homemade doesn't need to be perfect When all the donuts are done, let them cool down to room temperature before filling and glazing

Let the oil cool down too and when it's at room temperature, you can strain it and save the oil for another deep frying session Just keep it in a cool dark place to prevent it from going rancid prematurely Deep fried donuts are the standard but baking or airfrying is easier, quicker, probably safer, and way lower in fat They come out pretty darn delicious too so even though they aren't the same as the deep fried version, they are still worth it To bake, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Farenheit or 175 degrees Celsius and when the oven has reached temperature, bake for 10 minutes and not a second more

You just want to cook the donuts but not brown them If you're using an air fryer, preheat it a few minutes or according to the manufacturer's instructions I set mine to 375 this time but 360 or a little lower could do it too While that's going on, lightly oil the pan and set your dough in Then pop them in, set a timer for 4 or 5 minutes and let it cook

They come out a little golden on top and really look more like buns than donuts But they will get donut-iter later Just wait and see! When the cooked donuts have cooled to room temperature, we can fill them First, prep the donuts by poking them with a chopstick Move the stick around a little to create a pocket for the pastry cream

Your pastry cream is probably quite stiff from being in the fridge so loosen it up with a whisk or use an immersion blender like me Also, as it sat in the fridge, it may have gotten some dried up bits so blending helps to eliminate that Otherwise, you might push the cream through a mesh sieve to make it really smooth You'll need a piping bag for this next part I've tried using plastic bags with a corner snipped off but that's way messier so I really recommend a piping bag of some kind

Fill the bag up as best you can Twist the end and tie it off if you like Then insert the tip into the hole you already made, squeeze, applying even pressure and fill 'em up! Bakeries weigh their donuts to make sure they get filled evenly I'm just going by feel And sure, you may get some donuts spilling their guts, but it's kind of half the fun

Now we have a whole bunch of cream filled donuts, let's get the chocolate glaze on I'm simply using a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips that happen to be vegan-friendly and microwaving at 30 second intervals until they are melted They will still hold their shape so they might not look completely melted but they're ready Add a teaspoon of refined coconut oil and stir See, I told you they were melted

Carefully dip a donut in, let the excess chocolate drip off, then back on to a wire rack Repeat with the rest Beautiful shiny chocolatey perfection But they're taunting you Unless you want a super messy situation, let them sit until they are set

Takes about a half an hour to an hour, depending on the room temperature I'm sure some of you live in super hot places where this would take forever and it would be better to refridgerate Lucky for me, I filmed this on a very reasonable 26 degree Celsius day and it only took about half and hour Homemade Boston Cream donuts require patience And they are so worth it

These deep fried donuts are so legit Plus, you're in charge of the pastry cream so you don't get those donuts where there's one bite of cream and the rest is basically bread Speaking of basically bread, the baked version is also pretty darn good The texture is not as donut-y as the fried version, but with that perfect coat of dark chocolate and smooth vanilla cream filling, they really hit the spot But the air-fried one is probably the one I'll make most of the time

The texture is somewhere between the deep-fried version and the baked version and the method is much less work and safer for an accident prone person such as myself All versions are best eaten the same day Remember, you can make the pastry cream and dough ahead of time so there's really no reason not to serve them fresh But it's your donut-making reputation on the line You do what YOU want! Thanks so much for watching, my friends

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