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VEGAN CARBONARA | RECIPE?! EP #19 (hot for food)



Perfect do not rinse Oh my God! And all my pasta's in the sink! Hey y'all it's Lauren from hot for food duh, okay? Guess what we're doing today Recipe??? It's been a while, but I'm feeling inspired This is the segment where I Have no clue what I'm doing I literally just turn on the camera and then I'm going to go through my fridge and my pantry and pull out some stuff get inspired to make something and Something I've never made from scratch Don't know what I'm doing and this is the whole recipe development process from start to finish and Hopefully and more often than not we get a pretty tasty dish on our hands, so I'm real excited I've been wanting to just cook on the fly for a while and Let's just go to the fridge Now for me, this pretty slim pickins usually the fridge is bursting with stuff I feel like I always pull this out, but I always have spinach I have these from when we were doing the zucchini corn Fritters corn zucchini Fritters, so I should probably use up the zucchini yes, a piece of a sweet potato I have

have a — I Have a little bit of coconut milk Left over from something I made I do have to use these because look at this one It's getting awfully wrinkly Mmm

I don't know nothing else in here Speaking to me I have this is like oh that's– Hmm Okay, so the inspo is zucchini zucchini zucchini zucchini um well actually You guys saw that I just went to italy and in italy I saw these long motherfucking zucchinis That were like real long

They were like, I am not even exaggerating, they were like from the fridge to the end of this counter they were like the longest thinnest zucchini I've ever seen and I've never seen them before except in italy and everywhere they use them to make sauces and stuff and a couple of times John And I actually ate pastas that were vegan and the sauce base was a cream zucchini sauce sauwce so so that's what we're going to do because because if I can make a sauce out of these And we've really hit next level hot for food here, but because this skin is not really looking too hot I am gonna peel it and then we'll have a nice white sauce instead of a green sauce But you could probably cook this with the skin on and then have a green sauce Maybe add basil and make it more of like a pesto cream But I'm going to try and keep this like white I'm just going to eat cucumbers because they really should get eaten All right, we're going to peel these the zucchinis Now this this is just where I put all my food scraps This isn't really anything exciting Peeler's kind of crappy So I guess you know I'm making a pasta because that's what we ate the zucchini cream Sauce on And while the pastas we had in italy were very good There's like 50 things I would have changed about them So that's what we can do today is this turning you on? Okay, so we're not making a raw zucchini cream sauce you have to cook the zucchini Mainly to get a lot of the moisture out of it Get your pan going Get it on a medium-high, so this is not to be perfect since we are going to blend it Just cut this relatively all the same size so that it cooks evenly now add some olive oil to your pan just a little bit and saute this — add some salt – okay, so Just going to take a bit

I'm thinking like okay Let's see what kind of pasta have cuz I don't even know I don't think it's a Soba noodle thing I Think it's more of yeah like a spaghetti Methinks we're also going to need to the nutritional yeast? Just don't know what kind of pasta This is going to be like Can't just be a cream sauce I guess we could add garlic And then we can blend that all up – we want to cook the garlic down Maybe some onion, I don't know I'm going to do a lot of garlic like Maybe three or four cloves Because it's pasta and it's Italian We're doing an Italian inspired Dish You all know this you all know how to do this Now because we are blending it anyway, you don't really need to mince this you can just chop the clove in half What the heck five cloves? Don't stir this too much you want to get some little bit of browning happening I think you don't really want them to just steam in there So one of the pastas we had in italy we had vegan Carbonara if you watch the vlog I get very excited about it but then we're kind of disappointed because it wasn't really a carbonara because they put freaking curry powder in it and As far as I know carbonara is not a curry pasta It was still good, but it was not a true carbonara a true carbonara has egg Yolk in it creamy full of Parmesan cheese and bacon So you're looking at creamy Smoky tangy cheesy? Pretty creamy no curry taste, so I would be pretty stoked to recreate that with this Sauce base because we can't add obviously an egg yolk but I think we can recreate like the texture the creaminess and the mouthfeel of an Egg-based sauce right or at least I'm praying I can do that

So let's go for that Let's go for a vegan Carbonara we're going to need some type of Bacon like Smoky things and for that, I do have a little Thing in the fridge that I got in italy we haven't used these yet But we have some sausage [said funnily] This is classical Chorizo, so it's a bit spicy This is ham like sausage So that would be like bacon and this one is Mediterranean Spicy Mediterranean either Ham or Mediterranean, not this chorizo Oh, and we also have, now I know this might be cheating cause I'm using all these products you can't find but we have some hard parm We can shave We may not need this we may just garnish with this because the sauce itself is going to be the- The like sort of cheese sauce so ham it says like ham sausage It is wheat protein and I think if we crumble it up and saute it make it like bacon bits So they packaged this thing just like a– Oh, it's not going to look nice, but just bear with me Okay, everything in this video looks sexual as it should This looks disgusting, but I bet you it's going to be good in the pasta Oh my God That's gonna be good when we brown it up

Okay, rather than crumble it Let's cut it like it is pancetta pan-cetta, Pancetta Okay, so people right now are probably gonna be like that's not vegan you're using real meat Just looks it Just looks kind of– I mean I guess it doesn't look real because it looks processed, but oh damnit what they're dealing with the hell is that in there meat within meat for this if you don't want to use a product You could use Tofu and Make our tofu bacon crumbles, okay That's a really good substitute which you've seen me make in the Recipe where I made the chicken Caesar wrap just search bacon on the blog and you will get all of the substitutions But I think because I got this product in italy on my adventures the only appropriate that it go in this recipe So how many times have I made cream sauces for you many a times? I don't know what I'm going to add, but we are going to add a little bit of nutritional yeast not going to add too much because sometimes Less is more I was just contemplating moving away from using lemon juice to use pickle brine, so I'm just just sampling to pickle brine Because it's sour and garlicky

It's not dill life or anything I feel like it could work as the acid in there Let's just start with two tablespoons We're going to add a little bit of almond milk Maybe a third of a cup We're going to add black pepper Which we'll also add a lot more when we actually toss it with the pasta So now that I have this black salt I've been using it quite a bit remember I did the breakfast lasagna? I'm going to go with half a teaspoon okay, so the pan's at a medium-high We're going to throw this So-called Vegan ham and we're going to brown it and while that's browning

We're going to blend up this sauce Okay, so this stuff is Not really browning a whole lot It' smells smoky It's gonna to give us what we want, but I'm going to add a little bit of smoked Paprika so like a quarter teaspoon even less really One thing, I don't know if we need a thickener like a tapioca Did I just nail that on the first try? I'm gonna run it a little longer cause I'm feeling the texture of the zucchini in there? Just didn't process it long enough It's great I'm going to do one more tablespoon of nutritional yeast and I think we could even like we could go a little heavy on this black salt which the black salt's salty Just don't want to go overly salty So maybe it's like — what did I already add? I did half a teaspoon I think it's like three quarters of a teaspoon I'm going to do a little bit more pickle juice It seems weird, but when you're vegan, you just got to do what you got to do This is like going to be Carbonara for two You me and you and you Oh, we're boiling over here perfect 200 grams of spaghetti, that's good for two And really Carbonara doesn't have other veggies in it So I'm not going to use the leeks or the spinach and all the stuff I had before Don't over cook the pasta just al dente So I think all we really need to do is toss the noodles in the sauce I mean, I don't even think we need to cook this sauce anymore, so let's just Let's just put that in and put this in oh snap Keep it on low heat and give it a good oh my god

Oh my God is this not carbonara people What's going on? Whoa, we got it We got it I'm just showing the Italians how it's done over here Now you got to add a lot more pepper to this that seemed to be the key seeing in all of the regular recipes on The internet pepper pepper I mean that was the perfect amount of sauce the perfect amount of pasta I'm really good at doing that

I don't know how I do that I always have the exact amount of everything I need That's a skill you just got to keep cooking and you'll figure it out Okay I think that's it I think we plate now and we eat because I am so over this kitchen Well, there's the Vegan Carbonara Pasta which I think looks ethically delicious and Exactly like the Google image search I did I'm so excited it smells amazing This is better than the carbonara I had in that restaurant in Italy tasting it at all It's really good It's so good Granted I don't think I've ever had a real carbonara, so I don't know But it's really good Everything's nice, and Subtle like it's not overwhelmingly Smoky from the from the smoked Paprika or from the pepper Take the right amount of pepper right amount of tang for like that cheesiness and sharpness Okay, well That's another successful "Recipes?" and I Think I kept track of it well enough that I've documented it and posted it to the blog so it's linked below Go get the recipe try it out Let me know any modifications you make what you use for your Pancetta substitute and how it turns out, but this is fantastic Hmm Okay Hope you learned a thing or two or learned what not to do like dump your pasta in the sink I'm here every Wednesday subscribe We do "Recipe?" from time to time and I'm on social Media at Hopper Foods at Lauren Toyota I post my own blogs and Whatnot more vegan content on my personal channel So follow along subscribe to that channel as well cuz I also post there every Wednesday and I'm going to carb-load Ciao

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