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Vegan challenge – Veganize an old recipe with a friend | + Making a Tofu and chocolate pudding pie



hey guys, so today I'm gonna do a vegan challenge with a friend we both gonna cook the same recipe it's an old recipe belong to his grandma but her recipe includes potatoes and meat and we're gonna twist it so I'm gonna use tofu instead of meat and he gonna use soy chips yeah and we're gonna see how it goes and if we have some time we also gonna do some pies but we'll see how we gonna manage with it anyway yeah that's the plan for today so wish us luck okay so for ingredients I have here potatoes some onions, mushroom I probably should have used more mushrooms but I forgot to buy so I took whatever left in my refrigerator and some tofu and I already take the dough so it will defrost okay so I'm gonna start by peeling the potatoes Now we gonna cut it so here I have all my onion I'm gonna let it cook meantime my sous-chef want a carrot yes sous-chef okay so 1 sec so I just had a revelation I thought instead of putting only tofu inside I'm also gonna put some hummus peas Hummus chickpeas yeah and I also found some peas and carrots that I'm also gonna add up I'm going to complete improvise with this recipe but it's fun and it's more veggies so it can't be bad and this carrot is for "Lana" here, your carrot Who's a happy dog 🙂 so now I'm gonna use my hummus peas Hummus Chickpeas okay now I'm just gonna let it cook until the Hummus peas will get softer it's the first time ever I cook hummus in a pan instead of like boiling it in a pot so it's completely improvising by me yes so we'll see how it goes I gotta say my friend there recommend me not to do it but I had to switch something with the soybeans so we'll see for seasoning I'm gonna use Ele and Bharat it's both season *spices I never tried before I bought them just for this recipe yeah I'm gonna put 1 spoon of each and we'll see how it effect the flavor this 1 kinda remind me of Cumin by the look of it and also by the smell so I have here a a big piece of seitan that I took out earlier I completely forgot I'll let it defrost and I'm gonna take a piece of it and I'm also gonna add it to the mix so it had this like "meat texture" so I'm going to grind it and add it to the hummus, onion and mushroom mix and now my friend gonna show me his cooking skills no, show me show me what you cook I should show it like this woh that huge amount oh my gosh this is my friend filling it look huge k, after I finish the enjoyably part of mashing kind of therapy I put everything in a pan "You take around half so you have a thick layer" how many layers do we need to do? 2? "bottom layer and top one, it's 2 layers" uh, so I need to have enough potatoes for top and bottom okay now that I have the mashed potatoes and the filling ready I'm gonna use this pen and I'm gonna do layers like lasagna one layer of mashed potato and then of the filling and then cover it all up with mashed potatoes again so it's like potatoes and soybeans lasagna okay and now I'm gonna add up the filling okay I forgot to add a some nuts earlier so now I'm gonna add some dry pecans I love those stuff I can just like eat the all bag so I'm just gonna add a few before I'm gonna cover it with another layer of mash potatoes ok so basically our potatoes pie is ready you can add some some sesame as decoration, it's like cake candies if you have, it's not a must just sprinkle some sesame and that's basically it now we gonna put it in the oven and we're gonna cook it for around 30 minute so now that we finished with the main dish we're gonna work on dessert it's a good time for me to also make up for last time where are my pies got all flat I hope this time they actually gonna manage to keep their shape ok so let's do the pies so I let everything cook in the oven we put three pies cuz' that's what I have enough dough to and I put a tiny bit of dough on the end of my mash potato pie just to see how it goes because it wasn't enough to fill a all pen okay so now three of my pies are ready I think I accidentally overcook those 2 too much but it's okay they're gonna be a bit more crunchy then this one now all that left is work on the filling, the pudding so for the filling I have I choose chocolate pudding because I really like chocolate I'm gonna use the almond milk and yeah that's basically it those two ingredients just mix them up and fill the pie this one actually kept its shape nooo I didn't put oil so yeah my bad so it break I have a lil biscuit ya, that's why you put some oil cuz' it stick O well I can use it as a cracker oh, this 1 turn perfect so I put it in the freezer and I'm gonna give it like one hour to get frozen so I can decorate it okay so my pies now are all frozen and now it's decoration time so I have here bananas some melon, grapes and maybe I'll make this into crumble it's the pie that broken so maybe I'll just throw pieces of it I don't know and some cake candies so let's start decoration "Voilà" here are my pies, I gotta say they turn out pretty neat I think this one look really cute and this one look fabulous fruity I can't wait to try them both for the main dish this was a potatoes pie, it was with hummus, seiten, mushroom, onion and 2 layers of potatoes I also put here some of the dough to give it come crunchiness and now all that left is to taste how it taste like okay so my competitor in this vegan dish competition is Gal everybody, he's also a full vegan he just gonna show us what he cook now this is the potato pie it's huge and what about the chocolate pies? and this are the tofu chocolate pies go back a bit okay, okay so that was his presentation he just show us his presentation and I think now it's my turn to make it a fair fight it was a sold presentation but now it's my turn so for the pie~ this is my pie I have here the potatoes and half of it is coat with the dough that I had left from the pies I know it doesn't look that good but idk

will go for the taste later and for the pies those are my pies as you can see one of them is covered with fruits and the other one with crumbles and cake candies and melon and I'm really pleased with them now what's left is for tasting so let's eat so leaving the ego aside Jk, I don't really have a big ego -] I would have give it cuz' the flavors are great and the recipe is also cool but my execution required some improvements so I would have given myself 75 I also luv the original touch, the Pecan and the peas & carrots were great they really add to the recipe so he gave himself 7, I think he's just being modest and I gave myself 7

5 and a half I think we're gonna call it a tie in this section like the main dish I think we both did a pretty good job I kinda mess it up with the hummus and he said he had to cook it for a bit more so both of us gonna get 75 and maybe we'll find somebody to check it for us and then ask them how much they would give us and it'd be like more legit, it would be completely objective if you find someone completely neutral deal? k and now it's time to try the pie *yaay desert k rdy? Itadakimasu it's a bit too frozen so it was really hard like slicing the pie so I'm just gonna eat it like this and I really like the lil crumbles of the other pies it's really good ok, for scoring because they're different I'll do it separately this one I'll give it a 6 because the dough was really thick so it was hard to bite and it have less fruits then this one this one I'm gonna give a 98 it was that good and I think I made up for the last time because I managed to keep the shape correctly and I love everything about it, I like the fruits and the pudding and how thin the dough is that you can easily bite in it in conclusion I think both pies together I'm gonna give it a solid 8 ya, I think I'm gonna give it an 8 ok, so this is my first (making) chocolate pie the dough turn out good sink a bit down while baking didn't kept its shape crispy as for the inside

chocolate with a scramble egg because of the basil tofu he use basil tofu :p oh man okay, great choice "the taste is challenging" ya, you can say the least okay basically what he did he use a basil tofu, it's a tofu that's already seasoned the same as I had, that's why I didn't use it for this challenge and what he did he use it with the chocolate so he had like a really exotic mix of basil tofu and chocolate it taste more like a scramble egg then a pie 🙂 "so I give it a 4" okay he gave himself 4 I can't really judge because I can't taste it but okay he's honest so we gonna take his word better luck next time Okay guys, so this was our lil vegan food challenge for today I think we both got even on the main dish but for the pies I got like 8 he got like 4 but only because he used basil tofu I'm pretty sure he can do better next time so *yaay* I won the pie challenge anyway I hope you enjoyed watching and bye~

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