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VEGAN CHEESE BALL → Vegan Cranberry & Thyme cheese ball!



– Hi, friends, it's Sam, and today, I'm gonna show you how to make my Vegan Cranberry & Thyme Cheese Ball Now, this cheese ball is one of my most favorite vegan cheeses ever

I mean, like store bought, homemade, whatever, it's one of my most favorites I make it all the time, it's gorgeous to look at with the cranberries on the outside and the thyme on the inside Very pretty, but (sighs) it it just so tasty I brought this to so many parties and potlucks, and it always gets devoured immediately And a lot of people think it's like a cow milk cheese, and I'm like, "No, man, it's vegan! "Vegan food is the best food!" (Sam laughs) Now, don't be intimidated by the idea of making your own homemade vegan cheese

This recipe is really easy to make You'll see in a minute, only nine ingredients I'm excited, let's get started I wanna start eating vegan cheese (fingers snap) The first thing we're gonna need is raw cashews

I wanna make sure these cashews are nice and soft so they can blend into creamy, dreamy deliciousness To soften cashews, you can soak them for like a long time, several hours in cold water My hack, put 'em in a pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, boil for about 10 minutes until the cashews are nice and tender, good to go So one cup of cashews boiled for 10 minutes I'm gonna put them on the stove

While my cashews are boiling, I'm gonna get all the other ingredients ready So grab yourself a food processor, and to that, we're gonna add some lemon juice (funky, upbeat music) Two tablespoons of lemon juice Two tablespoons of nutritional yeast Two tablespoons of coconut oil

Now, coconut oil is key for this recipe because coconut oil has the unique quality of being solid at room temperature, and so, that's what's gonna help the cheese firm up and become solid but also stay creamy and melty and delicious Two teaspoons of white miso paste I love using miso paste in this cheese recipe because not only does it add a like salty, umami, amazing depth of flavor, it also has kind of an aged taste to it so it's gonna help the cheese taste a little bit more aged like cheese is, you know One clove of garlic, and a quarter teaspoon of salt Now, this doesn't go in the food processor just yet, but I'm also gonna need about a tablespoon of thyme leaves

I'm just gonna remove them from the stems, a little (whistles) will do it, and then give it a little chop up as well If you're new to working with fresh thyme, it's really easy To remove the leaves from the stem, all you have to do is grab the stem at the top, and then run your fingers down, and the leaves come pop right off And then, I just pull the little top leaves off Super, duper easy (mimics ripping)

Love it, so we need a tablespoon of thyme That looks about right to me so I'm just gonna run my knife through it just a couple times to make sure it's all nicely chopped up and in little, little pieces (funky, upbeat music) Perfect So my cashews have been boiled, and then, I just drained and rinsed them So now, I'm gonna add them to the food processor with everything else that I already put in there like so

(funky, upbeat music) Now, I'm gonna pop this on here, turn it on And now, we just wanna blend this up until it's a hundred percent smooth, creamy, dreamy, amazing That's what we wanna do Okay, go (food processor buzzes) You're gonna wanna stop and scrape the sides several times to make sure that everything is mixed in, and we really wanna make sure it's as smooth and creamy, dreamy as possible

(funky, upbeat music) (food processor buzzes) Hm, it smells so good already So cheesy, so right now, it is blended, but it's still got some gritty texture to it You wanna keep pushin' past that point, make sure you get it all the way to creamy, smoothie, deliciousness (food processor buzzes) (Sam laughs) And people say I'm an over actor, psh (laughs) So I have let this blend

I just kinda let it sit here and blend for about five minutes, just letting it do its thing So it's nice and smooth and creamy now, and I know I've reached the right texture 'cause it kinda gets almost like this sticky, like look how it's on there It's this like sticky texture almost So now, just to add that thyme, I'm just gonna add that one tablespoon of fresh thyme Pop this back in, and just pulse it just a few times to incorporate

(food processor pulses) Beautiful (funky, upbeat music) Alrighty Set you aside To make this into a cheese ball, just grab yourself a little bowl and a square of plastic wrap Whoop, did a really bad job of that

Just kinda shove it into your bowl like so And scoop your cheese mixture into the bowl Leave none of this goodness behind, trust me Delish, just like that Now, just gather up the corners of the plastic wrap

(funky, upbeat music) Give it a twist, and then, just kinda like pat it into a ball shape And that's it, so just pop it in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours until it's nice and solid You can leave it overnight You can do it a couple days of ahead, whatever you like And then, all left to do is decorate it with cranberries

Okay, let's check it out Alright, my cheese ball is now nice and firm You can just unwrap it If there's any kind of weird, lumpy bumpies, you can just kinda like use your hands to shape it a little bit more, and I'm just gonna pop it on a plate (funky, upbeat music) There we go, a vegan cheese ball

Doesn't it look kinda crazy cool with those little specks in there It kinda makes it look like blue cheese So grab about half a cup of cranberries, and to decorate it, just push them into the surface of the cheese Now, this step isn't necessary if you don't wanna decorate it If you're just making it to snack on, you definitely don't have to do this

I like to do this when I serve it at a party 'cause it's just so dang cute and pretty And the cranberries compliment the cheese beautifully But if you're not feeling up to it, you definitely don't have to It's your cheese, you're gonna do what you want with it ♪ Beautiful cheese balls, so delicious ♪ So if you are not gonna eat this right away, store it in the fridge until you're ready

It'll get softer the longer it sits out, so you wanna keep it nice and firm until you're ready to serve it I'm ready to serve it 'cause I'm gonna serve myself some and give it a try, so let me grab some crackers, and I just put some crackers around it Oh my god, just so precious There we go, crackers and all, isn't it adorable? Okay, so I'm gonna try some, I love this cheese I'm excited, I haven't made it in awhile

(funky, upbeat music) Nice and firm It's spreadable Look at that, yes! (funky, upbeat music) (crackers crunching) Mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm Yes, delicious, Chickpea, high five (funky, upbeat music) (laughs) Come here, high five

Yeah, good girl, okay, you can have a cracker It is so creamy, dreamy delicious It's got that kinda tang of a cheesiness from the miso and the lemon juice, the thyme adds a little burst of freshness throughout there Cranberries, a bit of sweetness, ah, just love it I know I say that all the time, but man, I love good vegan food

(laughs) I'm so excited about it! Now, as always, I'll post a link to the full recipe down below in the description so you can check that out if you wanna make this recipe I hope you like this video, and if you did, let me know by leaving a like! Don't forget to subscribe for a brand, shiny, new, fuss-free vegan video every single Wednesday And I'll see you next week, bon appetegan! (chicken clucks) (funky, upbeat music) High five, come on! (laughs) You're very far away, come here, high five! You just like hit my hands, over here, high five! Come on, yes, Chickpea, good girl!

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