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Vegan Cookies – fast and easy recipe



music Welcome to a new baking session Cookies are not only great at christmas but on every single day of the year That´s why I´m baking vegan homemade cookies today filled with some apricot jam Let´s start out with a large bowl

First of all I´ll add 300g all purpose flower 200g coconut sugar but you can use any kind of sugar 120g ground almonds 80 vegan margarine 1 tablespoon cinnamon The peel of one lemon And 100ml water Now I´m going to knead all ingredients into a dough shape the dough into a loose ball which we are going to pop into the fridge for 30min After that scrape the risen dough onto a well floured work surface Roll it out and cut out your buscuits To personalize my creation I marked every cookie with a stamp time for the oven bake your cookies no longer than 13min at 180°C while the cookies are in the oven We are going to heat up some apricot jam with vanilla sugar 13min have passed, I´ll get the cookies from the oven Top it with the hot jam using a small spoon And stick two cookies together music And that´s it people, now it´s your turn Enjoy your desert and see you next time when we will prepare a vegan sweet potato salad with lime music

Source: Youtube

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