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– Hi friends, it's Sam, and today I'm gonna share with you my top 10 tips for vegan cooking for beginners Now, I know that when I went vegan, I felt like I had to relearn all of my cooking techniques and skills because I didn't really know how to cook vegan food, and fair enough, I had been cooking the same way for my entire life until that point

So I wanted to share with you my top 10 tips for new vegan cooks so that that way hopefully cooking becomes an easy, breezy, wonderful and totally scrumptious experience for you I would like to say a big huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of amazing courses I'm talking photography, illustration, graphic design, film production, culinary courses, all sorts of good stuff I have been having so much fun learning on Skillshare

Some of my favorite courses so far are the pasta making course, which there's totally a vegan option for, how to brew the best cup of coffee, wine course, cocktail course, so much good stuff A premium membership to Skillshare gives you unlimited access to high quality classes from experts and a subscription is less than $10 a month But, I have a fun thing for you There is a two month free premium membership up for grabs for the first 500 people who sign up using the link I'll pop the link down below in the description, so if you want that two month free Skillshare membership, go click that link and sign up

Now on to the rest of the video My top 10 tips for vegan cooking for beginners So tip number one starts at the grocery store Now of course, in order to cook you need some food to cook with, so keep it simple Start with things that you already know and love that are already vegan, such as vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds

Then you can start adding in the vegan versions of things you might be used to So try some non-dairy milk, a vegan butter alternative, you can even try some vegan alternative meats Check out the health food aisle, or what I like to call the hippie aisle, and see what kind of fun vegan things there are But also, there's a lot of things that are in the other aisles that are gonna be accidentally vegan too Almost all dry pasta is vegan, tomato sauces, chips, crackers, there's all sorts of good stuff, so just check the ingredients to make sure and maybe some of your favorite things are already vegan

Tip number two is cooking tools Now the good news is you don't really need anything different than you probably already have for cooking My number one favorite, most important, essential cooking tool is a good chef's knife If you are looking to invest in a good knife, do not worry about the cooking block full of a million knives You really only need like one good chef's knife and you can do almost everything with this knife

Now I know this might look intimidating, especially if you hold it like this (Sam making screeching noises) But a big knife is actually so much easier to work with The long blade means it can easily cut through things like a squash, it's got a lot of weight so it's gonna do most of the work for you and the wide blade means you can scoop things up easily, toss them in a pan And my other two favorite cooking tools are a food processor and a blender Now you don't need these to get by, but if you're looking to invest in some nice appliances or your birthday or Christmas is coming up and you wanna add it to your wishlist, I'll link all of my favorite kitchen tools down below in the description

Tip number three is don't be afraid Vegan cooking can actually be really, really easy There's many benefits, like you're not gonna poison yourself if something is undercooked, so you don't have to be scared of eating your own food, but also vegetables tend to cook quickly or you can even eat them raw, so dinner can be done in like 15 minutes if you want Keep in mind that you're already eating vegan food although you might not think of it that way Potatoes, pastas, veggies, fruits

Cook up the things you're already cooking and just make more of them and enjoy that, so easy Vegan cooking is quick and easy to prepare I even have a tab on my blog where you can click 30 minute recipes It'll pull up all my recipes that take 30 minutes or less so you can have dinner in no time Tip number four is to rethink how you treat your vegetables

Now I can't tell you how many times people have told me that vegetables or tofu is boring and bland and flavorless, and then I look at what they're preparing and they spend all this time marinating, seasoning, grilling, barbecuing, all these different treatments to the meat on their plate and then they like, boil the broccoli or steam the broccoli and toss it on the plate Obviously the broccoli isn't gonna be as exciting if you treat it that way Now if you did all of those same treatments, the seasoning, the marinading, the barbecuing, the smoking, the grilling, whatever you do to a vegetable, to broccoli, potatoes, tofu, beans, any of them, they're gonna taste a lot better It's really about how you treat it Can you imagine if you just boiled up some chicken and had no flavorings on it, served it, obviously that would be really bland and boring and disgusting, so why do you expect vegetables to do all this work on their own? Help 'em out a little

Give 'em some spice, give 'em some treat Treat them how you would cook the meat on your plate and you're gonna love them so much more Number five, veganize your favorites Stick with what you know and just make it vegan So if you have pizzas on Fridays and tacos on Tuesdays and pastas on Mondays, do all of that

Have pastas on Mondays and tacos on Tuesdays and pizzas on Fridays Just make vegan versions of them You don't have to suddenly fall in love with Buddha bowls and green smoothies and energy balls Stick with what you know, stick in your comfort zone, and just like, little, little inches out towards veganism and you're gonna enjoy it a lot more You can try veganizing them yourself

I have a video on how to swap this for that to make it vegan I'll link it down below or I have a boatload of recipes on my site and in my cookbook, where I veganize everything for you already Number six, don't be afraid to try new things Now you might come across some vegan recipes or dishes and think it's kinda weird, it's different, it's not what you're used to Try it, maybe you'll like it anyways

Some people think vegan meat alternatives are weird and gross and creepy, and here I am thinking eating dead animals is weird and gross and creepy and I would rather just eat the things that are made out of plants I find that a lot less creepier So keep an open mind, try new things, and maybe you'll like some and maybe you won't like others but then you'll learn what you like and you can find your way And give it several tries before you really give up on it I know when I first tried nutritional yeast, I didn't even like it and now it's one of my favorite things

I sprinkle it over popcorn almost every night Love, I love that stuff Nutritional yeast, and it was only because I tried it more than one time and my taste buds adapted to it Apparently it takes about 10 tastes for your taste buds to adapt to a new flavor, so give it a try, keep trying new things, and maybe you'll find your new favorite Tip number seven, spices

When people tell me that vegan food is bland, I point out to them that their entire spice cabinet is vegan Check out my spice drawer I know it's a really big huge mess, but this gives you an idea of all of the flavors I can infuse into my food There are endless possibilities of combinations and adding some spice to your beans or your tofu can take it from totally bland and boring to next level delicious If you don't have many spices now, that's something you can really start building up

Every time you try a new recipe with a new spice, pick it up, slowly build up your collection, and you'll see what you love and before you know it, you might have a terrible looking drawer like I do Tip number eight is about vegan baking So when it comes to vegan baking, it's very easy to follow your same recipes except replace the dairy with non-dairy milk, with vegan butter, vegan yogurt, any of that kind of stuff Now to replace the eggs, it can be a little bit trickier for things like muffins, cookies, and cakes You can use a store bought egg replacer

You can use chia seeds or flax seeds and water You can use banana, you can use applesauce There's lots of different options, thought all give slightly different results If you don't want to experiment when it comes to vegan baking, you don't have to I've done it and a lot of other people have already made a vegan baked version of basically about everything there exists in the world already

Whether it be muffins or cakes, cookies, pies, we've done it all We've veganized it, so just Google up a vegan recipe, search my blog, check out my cookbook, ton of good stuff for you Easy peasy, done Tip number nine is my favorite tip, and that's to eat more Yeah, love it

Other than oil, meat and cheese tend to be the most calorie dense foods, so when you take the meat or cheese out of your diet and replace it with low calorie vegetables, you are eating a lot less calories, so feel free to have bigger portions, eat more, go back for seconds, even thirds if you want If you are feeling tired or weak or hungry, it just means you're not eating enough food, so go back and eat some more And lastly, number 10, practice makes perfect If you find vegan cooking a little bit of a struggle in the beginning, don't worry It'll get easier over time

You've probably been cooking the same way your entire life, so to make a shift can be a little bit challenging in the beginning, but it's just about breaking old habits and forming new ones Once you get the hang of vegan cooking, it'll just be really easy and natural to you and you won't have to stress or think about it at all I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you do, let me know by leaving a like If there are other tips and tricks that you find helpful for your vegan cooking, let me know down in the comments I love to hear your ideas

Don't forget to subscribe for a brand new fuss-free vegan video every single Wednesday and I'll see you next week Bon appetegan! (chicken clucking) Say hi to the camera, Chickpea You're such a good girl, Chickpea The cutest dog ever, aren't you? Look at that tail go Give me a hug? Cutie

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