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VEGAN Cottage Cheese Recipe



– Hi friends, it's Sam And today I'm gonna show you how to make my quick and easy vegan cottage cheese

If you have a craving for cottage cheese whether you're vegan, dairy-free, or you just want a healthier alternative this is a really quick and easy recipe to make and it's strangely a lot like the real deal This tastes like cottage cheese, it looks like cottage cheese, and it's super easy to make Just the way we like it here in fuss-free vegan world Boom Now my recipe for vegan cottage cheese is super duper easy to make

Only six ingredients And it takes about like 10 minutes Store in an airtight container in the fridge and you can have it for breakfast, for lunch, however you want to enjoy cottage cheese So let's get to makin' vegan cottage cheese Now there are two parts to making vegan cottage cheese

There is the liquidy liquid part And then there is the crumbly part So first we're gonna make the liquidy liquid part These are technical terms, by the way This is what they call it in the cottage cheese making world

No they don't To make the liquid part, the base will be made from a soft or silken tofu And I'm just gonna pop the whole thing straight into my blender So on it's own, soft tofu really doesn't have that much flavor, so to give it that kind of cottage cheese flavor, I'm going to add one tablespoon of nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and lastly, salt Now this is a little cheesy kinda trick I discovered along the way of my vegan baking journey

I find that the combination of both apple cider vinegar and lemon juice together really creates this odd like tangy, cheesy kind of taste I actually use this combination in my cream cheese frosting recipe Putting vinegars in your frosting sounds weird, I know But it's so good I've fooled people into thinking that my cream cheese frosting wasn't even vegan Yeah, I know

So now I just wanna blend it up til it's nice and smooth and creamy and liquidy liquid Gonna stop to scrape the sides just once Just making sure that I get it 100% smooth Beautiful Perfect

So this is the liquid part and you can see it's nice and smooth and creamy Scrape all of this into a bowl Not leaving any behind We want all this goodness And now to finish off the recipe, I have about half a block of firm, or medium firm tofu here

And I just start crumbling it in And this is what's gonna provide those crumbly little bits of texture into my cottage cheese It's really such an easy recipe And it tastes surprisingly a lot like cottage cheese Then just stir in your tofu crumbles and that's it

We just made ourselves some vegan cottage cheese There might be some air bubbles in there from the blender incorporating all that air, but those will die down I haven't even had breakfast yet so I'm going to cut up some fruit and serve this along with some fruit and give it a try Breakfast time! Yeah, I haven't had this in a while I'm kind of excited

So I have my cottage cheese here Look at that texture Is that not cottage cheese, or what? Serve myself some vegan cottage cheese I have some cantaloupe, sliced strawberries, and blueberries And yeah, look how pretty that is

I love a good fruit bowl, so delicious Smells like cottage cheese You could also add granola You could serve it in a cantaloupe However you like to enjoy your cottage cheese is the way you should do it

Let's give this a try I'm just gonna have straight up cottage cheese to start with Look at that Mmmmmm It's creamy, it's got that texture There's that cheesy tang there

Kinda salty Really tastes like cottage cheese How cool is that? Now I'm gonna have a spoonful with fruit as well This is a nice breakfast Mmmmm I love the creamy, salty, tangy taste of the cottage cheese paired with the sweet, rich fruit

It's a good Yeah Vegan cottage cheese I'm telling you, anything can be made vegan Challenge me

I dare you I like it Bring on the challenges Woo! I hope you enjoyed this video And if you do, let me know by leaving a like

If there's another kind of weird recipe you want me to veganize, let me know in the comments down below I love your suggestions Don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell for another fuss-free vegan recipe every single Wednesday I'll see you next week Bon appetegan! (soul music) That's a good

I think I want a little granola in there too Yeah A little crispy, crunchy That's crunchy alright

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