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Vegan Crème Brûlée I The Buddhist Chef



– Hey guys, The Buddhist Chef here Today we're gonna make an amazing dessert, Crème Brûlée

What is a Crème Brûlée? It's a French dessert It's a pudding with caramelized sugar on top That's the trick And we're gonna learn how to make it today Alright, let's start

First we're gonna need a saucepan, a big one To the saucepan we're going to add three quarter of a cup cane sugar A quarter of a cup cornstarch A pinch of salt A pinch of turmeric for the color

Now let's stir it Now let's add coconut milk, two cans of 400 milliliters each Full fat, very important Let's open it first There you go

Also gonna add some vanilla, vanilla extract One, two, three, four teaspoons And some lemon juice Okay, now it's time to turn on the heat Let's switch to this guy

Fouet as they say in France Now we're gonna bring it to a boil slowly We're gonna let it boil for one minute just enough for it to thicken a bit It's very important that you stir all the time If you go answer the door turn off the heat

Wow I'm not going to the gym today Wow, look at this Okay, now if you're on a diet, you're not gonna like the next part of the recipe We're gonna add a spoonful of vegan butter

I mean it's a dessert You're not gonna eat it for breakfast Butter What does it bring to the recipe? You can skip it if you like but it gives it this silky finish which is very French by the way But we're using vegan butter which is even better

That's a post-training meal When you train as hard as I do, you can indulge in a Crème Brûlée once every day Maybe not every day, every other day Oh boy, I feel so rich when I eat Crème Brûlée You're going to serve it to people, they're gonna be like, "Are you kidding me? "Did you make it yourself?" Yes

I'm French now Crème Brûlée Bonjour I love you, je t'aime There's a fly

Une mouche How much is a Crème Brûlée in a restaurant? Like 20$ ? It's a rip off You can make it at home, vegan for a fraction of the price

Wow Now let's pour it in a ramequin What is a ramequin? It's a little bowl Wow, look at this Then you store it in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve it In the fridge

Now let's wait Now, it's been a couple of hours already Let's see how it turned out Oh boy How beautiful! Magnifique! Incroyable! Okay, now the final step

We're gonna caramelize the sugar on top of the Crème Brûlée with this torch If you don't wanna use a torch put it under the grill Two minutes, boom But watch it

Okay Cane sugar Slowly Thank you Beautiful, look at this

Let's add some fresh fruit Blueberries Raspberries It's amazing Now let's test it

by the sound Can you hear it? That's the test It's amazing Oh, so good Mmm! Thank you so much, guys

I'm The Buddhist Chef Follow me at TheBuddhistChefcom or on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, EtcEtc Bon appetit! (barking) Wilson, what's goin' on?

Source: Youtube

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