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Vegan Crispy Fried Bean Curd Sheet with Cheese recipe.🍚😋



See below in the description area for ingredients/recipe A package of firm tofu Squeeze out excess liquid by placing weight on top reparing the filling 20g ginger, diced 50g shitake mushrooms (approx 3), diced Half a pack of hundred layer beancurd, diced New videos out on Tuesdays & Fridays Please hit subscribe, turn on the notification bell, click “Like”, and share it! Can’t open it 20g peeled chilli peppers, diced The firm tofu after sitting for an hour to squeeze out excess liquid A majority of liquid has been squeezed out Break into pieces and combine with the filling ingredients 1tbsp vegan oyster sauce a pinch of white pepper 1 tbsp sesame oil ½ tbsp sugar 1 tsp five spices powder 1 tbsp potato starch Egg replacer 1 tbsp egg replacer + 2 tbsp water = 1 vegan egg Let sit for a minute Add in with the filling ingredients and combine well 3 sheets of bean curd Spread filling onto bead curd sheet Vegan cheese Use vegan egg wash to stick pieces of bean curd together Add oil to a fry pan Pan fry on low heat Fry until both sides are golden brown Add some green decorations Ta-da!

Source: Youtube

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