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Vegan curry chickpeas Recipe | Jamaican Style Comfort Food



hey lovelies welcome back to love Jhanelle today's video I'm going to be shaking things up a bit I'm coming to you with my vegan chickpea recipe A lot of the time people ask me how I make it they want step so I thought I just put in a video so you can see so if you're interested in seeing how to make this keep on watching! keep on watching so the ingredients you're going to need the star of the show of course your chickpeas you can use two cups of the dried one pre-soaked or you can use the can one like I did two medium chopped potatoes half a medium diced onion or you can use a small onion garlic, scallion half a scotch bonnet pepper some thyme and optional the carrots and okra the curry powder of your choice I was out so I use this one instead you're going to need your seasonings and your salt and pepper now in a medium saucepan you're gonna want to line the bottom of the tray with some oils I'm choosing olive oil today but sometimes I do this recipe with coconut oil it's your choice but get the oil going because we're gonna use this to burn or roast or what do they call it?

toast in the curry you're gonna want to do this on a low heat I'm using two heaping spoonfuls here so you'll ever see when you do the one and then I did another half but then later on I added another one so in total you just need two heaping spoons of the curry or however much you want you're gonna toast the curry to release all of the flavors and you want to kind of cook it out before adding your chickpeas to it curry has a tendency to run your belly if it's not cooked properly so this is an important step in doing this meal you're gonna want to do this until it gets this kind of golden brown or a darker brown color if it gets any darker than this it usually means you burn it and you're gonna have a nasty taste I mean your chickpeas so you might want to throw it out and start again so see what I said I added more of the curry because I kind of I don't have measurements I kind of eyeball these things I will try to give as many measurements as I can but you're gonna need to use your discretion so after you get that desired brown color you're gonna want to dump your onions the diced onions into the pan and saute them a little inside that curry the toasted curry mix around this time I add some of the other freshest spices which would be the garlic the scotch bonnet pepper the scallions and the thyme now if you go to the store looking for scallion and don't see all scellion scallion they may be named green onions for most of these items in this recipe you can find it in your local supermarket you may need to go to a specialty store for the scotch bonnet pepper depending on where you live the contents of my pan will get a little too dry so I added a bit more oil and continue to saute at this point you add a little bit of water not a lot just about I would say that's about five to six tablespoons me and measurements anyway, so you just added a little bit of water just enough to kind of get a tiny bit of gravy going

if that makes sense continuing to cook down that curry you're going to do a lot of stirring in this dish it's very quick and very easy to do you're just doing a lot of story making sure the contents don't stick to the bottom of the pan now after stiring that for awhile you're gonna start to add the other ingredients if you do like okra, you're to the dish like I said it's optional I like okra and I like the texture it gives and it gives me that added protein and the nutrients I need from it so that's why I add okra you can add carrots, I like colors too so add anything you want everything you just experiment because originally when I did start making this it was just the potatoes and the chickpeas and over time I just use whatever I had if you have some mixed vegetables you add them and you just do whatever so you add salt and pepper to taste and then you're gonna add all of your seasonings I didn't specify the seasonings because you're gonna use whatever you have now I'm not saying add everything in it but anything that will complement that texture the taste of the curry so I add a lot of dry seasonings I don't really use too many powders aside from the garlic powder that I just use everything else is just dry herbs I usually eyeball and sprinkle what I feel I need you can always go in and add more so don't worry if you don't season it enough in the beginning add more at this point you add water again with the measurements about maybe 2 cups for this size pan just enough to cover most of your food then I just mix everything in I incorporate incorporate incorporate this is a lot of mixing at this point just to make sure everything is kind of in the pan in the water and it can all get even distribution of those seasonings I cover the pan and then I leave it for a few minutes I leave this going on a medium heat making sure I stir everything each time I open the pan to check how far along it's gone you're gonna want to do this a few times just to make sure it's being cooked properly evenly and not getting stuck to the bottom of the pan that's the last thing you want to happen is to like have little burnt sections in your food stirring is a very important step because the largest thing in the pot is that potatoes is usually the thing that takes a longest to cook you just want to make sure that is done before you take the heat off of the stove so I checked the potatoes are pretty much done I just put it back in there for a little bit longer and I turn the heat all the way down for it to simmer after about 3 to 5 minutes you are now done! you are ready to serve your food you can put this alongside some rice if you'd like or any kind of side you want I chose to put it with some quinoa and some broccoli and it was yummy no but for real though they taste really really good so my lovelies if you liked this video let me know by giving it a thumbs up if you want to see more recipes tell me in the comment sections which one you like let me know if you're gonna try this or you can try something like this in the past subscribe to my channel if you haven't done that already share this video with anyone you think might find it useful if you know anyone trying to take meat out of their diet this is a really good transitioning meal and until next time

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