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VEGAN DOUBLE DOWN | RECIPE?! EP #14 (hot for food)



[lauren] what do you want?! [lauren] he's fluffy [lauren] hey everyone! it's lauren toyota from hot for food, of course

[lauren] and guess what we're doing today! [lauren] another RECIPE?! [lauren] so this is of course where i start with nothing [lauren] i don't have an idea, i don't really know what's in my fridge and my pantry [lauren] and we are going to rummage around, come up with an inspiration and try to make a recipe [lauren] from scratch this is how you develop recipes as a food blogger or a food-tuber [lauren] so you're seeing the process from start to finish and lately we've been on a real roll

[lauren] we did a coffee cake last time, [lauren] which is tasty what else did we do? [lauren] ooh, chicken caesar wraps, those were good [lauren] so let's make something awesome today [lauren] right away, my eyes were drawn to this i have a little bit of chips left in this bag

[lauren] barbeque chips, um and i was like [lauren] we should use these for something, like a batter [lauren] and this is like the perfect inspiration, it's like [lauren] well, and you can just eat these but it's like what do you do with all these bags of chips lying around? [lauren] with like little crumbs in them [lauren] no waste [lauren] see this is like everyone's cupboards, it's like "oh look at these chips and these pretzels and all this stuff" [lauren] it's like you can just use them for something [lauren] uhh, i don't have much in here

[lauren] well yes i do everyone thinks our fridge is always full of stuff [lauren] we got some wine, [lauren] we got some leftover veggie dip if you watch our snapchat, i made these on snapchat a while back

[lauren] you know, i got a resource of vegetables here, we're fine i got some limes, kale, the usual [lauren] so if we need to do anything with vegetables, we're good [lauren] aha! [lauren] i have some extra firm tofu [lauren] chip-crusted tofu! like a battered type of crispy tofu

[lauren] i mean we've made breadcrumb crusted crispy coconut tofu tacos, you've seen those [lauren] so this could be a variation for that, but maybe there's something more gourmet we could pull out [lauren] okay i just thought of something [lauren] if i- luckily these pieces of tofu were kind of interesting sized [lauren] they're rectangle

so if we cut these like thin little steaks, [lauren] crust them with the barbeque chips, [lauren]and then imagine those on the outside like a double down so it's like [lauren] double down is like crispy, KFC chicken [lauren] on the outside [lauren] with like bacon and cheese in the middle but we could make like, [lauren] a "healthy" double down so i think it would look cool because these are orange, so it'll look like [lauren] chicken, like crusted chicken [lauren] and then on the inside, we could do like a white bean mash, [lauren] and like use some of this ranch dip stuff [lauren] and i have kale, we can put kale

[lauren] it's like a weird hippie double down [lauren] okay, so i don't have any like almond milk, or soy milk in the fridge [lauren] so i have a can of coconut milk, we'll have to use that kind of as our wet dredge [lauren] so as you can see, this tofu is very [lauren] porous and soft even though it's called extra firm [lauren] so it just depends what kind of tofu you get [lauren] we bought ones that are more firm [lauren] and less sponge like so we're just gonna be very careful with this

[lauren] i've tried to squeeze as much water as i can out with a paper towel [lauren] if you have a tofu press, go ahead and do that but i don't [lauren] so we're just gonna be very careful, we're gonna slice this thinly [lauren] so we're gonna get the tofu marinating and i thinned out some coconut milk [lauren] i'm gonna add apple cider vinegar, [lauren] and i'm gonna add hot sauce, [lauren] and i'm gonna add sea salt and onion powder

[lauren] now we'll just whisk it together [lauren] while we prepare the other batter, i'm gonna let this tofu sit in here [lauren] so just try to get them coated [lauren] alright, so we've got our chips we've got you know, like a quarter of a bag full

[lauren] they're whole [lauren] they're barbecue [lauren] now i would run them through the food processor because i have one [lauren] but i know not everybody out there does so i think what we can do [lauren] is just rage out a little on the chips [lauren] or you know, take a utencil [lauren] just give them a good smash there

[lauren] you can probably even use your hands [lauren] just, if you're vegan, make sure you're checking the ingredients [lauren] not all barbecue chips are vegan but these ones are [lauren] i wish we had all chips but i don't think that's enough [lauren] so i will supplement this with the multigrain breadcrumbs that i have here

[lauren] and we'll add more seasonings to make sure it's real tasty [lauren] i think you need about a good two to three cups total of everything to coat these six tofu steaks [lauren] we're just gonna add more salt [lauren] we're gonna add more onion powder, [lauren] i'm gonna add a little bit more of a smoky flavour with smoked paprika [lauren] gonna add chili powder, [lauren] and just a little bit of old bay, our favourite seasoning

[lauren] if you can't find it, just leave it out [lauren] just mix that up [lauren] i think it's going to be pretty tasty! [lauren] alright, we're gonna do a shallow fry for these so you want a heavy bottomed pan like a cast iron [lauren] you're gonna put about an inch of oil on the bottom [lauren] and we're gonna heat this up to about 375F [lauren] and then we're just gonna make a flour dredge for the tofu as well

[lauren] i'm just gonna add a little bit of cornstarch to this flour [lauren] i don't really know why, i just felt like i needed it [lauren] so we're going from the marinated tofu, you want all the liquid on it you wanna go into the flour, [lauren] then coat that [lauren] then you wanna go back to the liquid, except i'm working with very little room here [lauren] then you want to go to the breadcrumbs

[lauren] you wanna delicately coat it very well [lauren] oh yeaaaa [lauren] alright, these little tofu double down things turned out awesome! [lauren] i can't taste them because we have exactly three sandwiches to make here [lauren] i know they're gonna taste good though [lauren] so we're at our crossroads we're, you know, [lauren] i was hemming and hawing about what goes in the middle

[lauren] i'm lauren toyota and i kinda go that extra mile and i wanna make it fancy as f*ck [lauren] so using our leftovers, i told you i have this leftover vegetable dip [lauren] now what's in this dressing that i made recently is [lauren] cilantro, basil, vegan cream cheese, vegan mayonnaise, a bit of cashews, water, vinegar [lauren] i'm pretty confident that i can transform this into what looks like our cheese sauce

[lauren] so i have some leftover baby carrots that are pretty much about to die in front of me [lauren] i'm gonna boil them, gonna blend it with this [lauren] we're gonna add some jalapeños to make it spicy [lauren] then i had these navy beans and i thought we could make like a white bean mash [lauren] now i know that's kind of weird, but we don't have any like [lauren] bacon to go in here and i kind of want to make this like an elevated version of a double down

[lauren] sort of a healthy-ish-err version [lauren] so we're gonna do garlic white bean mash, [lauren] nacho cheese sauce, a little bit of sautéed kale [lauren] and there we go! [lauren] putting our white beans in a pan, make sure there's a bit of oil in there [lauren] you're gonna add salt and pepper, [lauren] now we're gonna add some savoury spices like nutmeg and sage, [lauren] kay we're gonna add crushed garlic [lauren] a lot of it , like three cloves

[lauren] alright, we're gonna put the beans into a food processor, [lauren] and keep your pan hot to quickly sauté some kale [lauren] so i'm gonna tear the kale into the pan there's a lot of seasonings still left in the pan, which is good [lauren] and we're just gonna add a little bit of salt, [lauren] just a little bit of oil [lauren] and just a little bit of white wine vinegar [lauren] okay kale doesn't take very long so to get it off the heat just put it on a plate [lauren] it might still start cooking

hopefully it doesn't go too brown on us [lauren] and we're just gonna process the beans until they're a mash [lauren] because we're making this now, a bit of a luscious, southern dish, we're gonna add some vegan butter [lauren] just to smooth it out [lauren] you of course could just do this by hand just like a mash potato too

[lauren] so for this makeshift cheese sauce, we're gonna use just a few of these carrots, you don't need a lot [lauren] that gives us some colour, thickness and starchiness [lauren] i'm gonna use half of what i have left of this dressing here [lauren] you don't need a lot, plus i wanna reserve some in case this doesn't work [lauren] now these greens, i'm not sure what colour we're gonna get here

[lauren] we like adding pickled jalapeños to our nacho cheese because it adds some spice and some kick [lauren] so we're gonna add that [lauren] plus the brine [lauren] as liquid [lauren] let's blend it and see what we get

we might need to add some things [lauren] alright, that's what we got [lauren] it's pretty- nacho cheese colour [lauren] it's obviously not- cheese [lauren] but it's pretty close to our nacho cheese and of course, i'm just using what i have [lauren] so i'm just gonna add a few more carrots [lauren] gonna add a little bit of this leftover pizza sauce

[lauren] for colour and taste [lauren] you know, sweeten this, whatever, [lauren] just a little bit, [lauren] and let's blend it again! [lauren] so i think we're good we're just gonna heat this up over the stove [lauren] you just wanna get it warm so it's warm on the double down [lauren] alright, let's assemble! [lauren] okay, everyone

look at these [lauren] our fancy as f*ck vegan double down [lauren] what the?! [lauren] i can't believe we made this today! [lauren] i haven't tasted it, i mean i tasted the beans, i tasted the cheese, [lauren] but how does it all really come together? that's the question [lauren] so vegan double down, here we go double down, bottoms up! [lauren] holy crap

whoaa man! [lauren] now the show's really over [lauren] there's nothing left to do [lauren] mmmmm! [lauren] everything is perfect! [lauren] i can't stop [lauren] it's far less greasy than a real double down, [lauren] we used tofu, instead of processed vegan chicken [lauren] we made that cheese sauce from like, [lauren] i don't even know what the heck's in it [lauren] the kale's amazing, it adds like a fancy element to it

[lauren] the beans it looks like meat, which is kind of weird [lauren] the taste is so good on it [lauren] it does add a nice meatiness to everything [lauren] oh yea, and i forgot

we breaded the tofu in barbecue chips! [lauren] what?! [lauren] come at me, bro [lauren] this is so good i have to go now [lauren] i gotta do my spiel though [lauren] alright, so all you hot for foodies out there have already started making the connections [lauren] first of all, you probably just wanna make our regular nacho cheese

[lauren] the breading, use chips or not, you could also do our crispy coconut tofu as a steak like this [lauren] um, there's many ways to do this [lauren] you could even do the cauliflower breading, panko, whatever [lauren] you know how to bread stuff by now so there's many ways to improvise this and try it yourself

[lauren] you could make different variations with different you know, [lauren] stuffings in between the double down but this is a totally legit vegan double down [lauren] that's like elevated, and you know more unique [lauren] than just the usual fast food replica [lauren] so i'm pretty proud of ourselves here [lauren] i hope you guys try this out and make it, i wanna see pictures you need to tell me what you think

[lauren] make it, review it, leave your comments below [lauren] and uh always tag us on social media with your stuff @hotforfood #hotforfood or #hotforfoodies [lauren] cos that's what you are! you are supporting us, you are making this happen, this is so much fun [lauren] i really like doing RECIPE?! i feel like, i don't know [lauren] that's just where the inspiration starts like, really bubbling and i really have a lot of fun doing this

[lauren] so keep watching we're here every wednesday with brand new videos on hot for food [lauren] subscribe! share! thumbs up! [lauren] whatevs you know what to do i'll see you guys later


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