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VEGAN Elyapımı Çamaşır Deterjanı – Sıvı Sabun/ Hayvan deneyleri üzerine… ~19



Hello friends! Here we are again! I'm Alper I'm Onur

We've been vegans for a long time We shoot these videos to show that being vegan is cheap, easy and sustainable Everyone deserves to hear that they can be vegan But why, Onur? Because Alper, We all think that it is wrong to torment animals for no reason Actually all the things that we use the animals for such as clothing food and cosmetics

for all of these we keep exploiting animals but we may not realize it Yeah So if we do not want to put animals through pain and suffering best way is to go vegan What are we doing today Onur? What's all these? Did these give you a hint? Are you showing our laundry to 80 million people!? They look super clean, don't they!? Friends, today, we're going to talk about cleaning products Why we'll talk about this? Because

animal exploitation is also done during production of cosmetics and cleaning products How is it done? How? There can be animal-sourced substances inside the productor the products are tested on animals -They do experiments on animals! -Wow! Really!? Yeah, yeah Alper Within a year

More than 100 million animals are used for these experiments All around the world and in Turkey

Do they experiment on the same animal over and over again? Nope When the experiment is over since the animal cannot be used for another experiment -it is killed -culled yeah, if they haven't already died during the experiment, they are killed afterwards That's the case Alper I see I know this subject is very hard

I couldn't watch There are a lot of documentaries about this Documentaries about animal testing We watched one this morning – Yeah, we tried to, but we couldn't – We tried to, but we couldn't

It is not possible to watch all of it -What's that over there? Most importantly we exploit animals unnecessarily Actually there are a lot of cruelty free products that we can purchase and also there are other methods You can explore them if you are a scientist Or if you are regular people like us -looking for easy and -What are you gonna do? -sustainable ways simple and even weird 🙂 You can find alternatives everywhere now from soap to detergent How will we know these detergents? You can buy the ones with the Vegan label! So how can we find out the information I mean, whether a product is vegan or not, is there something that can help us? Yes, yes there is There are 3 websites and facebook groups -You can ask your questions to them -They do answer, don't they? Yes, they do Also, there is a very comprehensive list and it is updated constantly

We'll put the link down below -You can check the list out by clicking on the link -Or, -Or, what? -DIY! -Or? -Or you can make stuff yourself! -That's one of our topics for today We washed these clothes, using the detergent we made at home -Yeah! How did we do this Onur? You'll see soon! Coming up next!!! -Look here are the washed ones

Yeah, you'll see the unwashed state of these soon We'll put links down below fortwo documentaries about animal testing about what is done and in fact there are modern methods for cruelty free experiments You can watch those

Let's begin Ta da! Here we are again, with another novel recipe So friends, Now, we are going to prepare a simple, vegan and ecological laundry detergent -And -And liquid soap! -Liquid soap Only thing you need is a vegan soap a bar of soap and washing soda That's it! Ok, here I go! -Let's start! -We grate the soap It is so much fun to do Grated soap is ready As you can see

-What's next Onur? -Let's show which soap we used Dalan's antique olive oil and laurel soap "Antik Kuntik" stuff (*Turkish pun) Suits us well 🙂 This soap is vegan guys, and we love it for hand and body washing It's perfect

-Do we put this inside that? -Is that 1/2 cup Alper? Let's measure -Yes -Now? -1/2 cup -We put the grated soap in the jar Achooooo! Bless you! We add the water Now, we mix -As you can see

-It is boiling water, right Alper? -Yes, hot water It smells great Onur! I almost want to eat it All you think about is eating As you can see Since we used1/2 cup of grated soap we add 1/2 cup ofwashing soda Protect your eyes

Aaaand our mixture isready! Now, what are we going to do with this Onur? Can we mix it up a little bit more with a wooden spoon? I think this is done Ooooh, Onur it is like soft soap As you can see "Antin kuntin!" Washing soda is sodium carbonateand it is vegan By the way, this is the first time we are trying this! We have no idea how it will turn out! So, now what are you going to do Alper? Here? Into the main wash compartment? Just pour a cup So, 1 cup So we added 1 cup of the mix we made (we ended up adding all of it!) Dear friends, I'd like to show youone of the dirty clothes look the collar is dirty also just like in commercials, very dirty oven mitts And of course

as laundry softener and sterilizer for the machine we use our very effective apple cider vinegar and we start the mashine! (The cost of the detergent for a full load is) (2 Turkish Liras) And now we move on to something that we really like and always use the liquid soap! What are you doing now Alper? I'm grating a soap bar -What will you do with that? -I'm going to make liquid soap! (Ingredients for liquid soap: 1/2 cup grated soap bar and 1 cup hot water) Guys, Alper came up with this Actually, I don't know whether anybody else does this too Well, it is easier to use liquid soap He likes using liquid soap

It's done already Ooooow! And 1/2 cup grated soap And 1 cup of water -Boiling water -Boiling water, hot water

Why Alper? So that it would melt As you can see, now we have liquid soap! Don't be surprised if it looks too liquidy [cost 60 kuruş (Turkish cent) ] it will find its consistence Interesting! So guys, we are often asked which cosmetics and cleaning products we use We wanted to show you what we use This is the soap we just used Our favorite

and Our toothpaste This can easily be found in well-known supermarkets

We like Eyup Sabri Tuncer's Eugenia caryophyllus flavored one very much Our shampoo is from Himalaya Dishwasher tablet is from Green Clean Vegan and ecological Laundry detergent is Bingo

Instead of bleach, we use Bingo Oxygen Soft soap for cleaning Vinegar and HighGenic Sirkelim (Cleaning product with vinegar) As this gets less we add vinegar to it Our homemade apple cider vinegar

Sanitary pads from Sleepy, vegan Molped is also vegan Soft soap for kitchen cleaning I rarely use moisturizer, almost never There is only oil at home

Not for facial use but for legs maybe There is coconut oil and St John's Wort oil here -Did you make the St John's Wort oil yourself as well? Yeah, Alper did

The one over there What else I can say Of course there are plenty other vegan products I'll put the links down below

Easily, you can reach all the lists from there, so please check it out You can find all the lists there Alright? Stay well! Stay vegan!

Source: Youtube

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