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Vegan Gotcha Burger



Hello and welcome to: Living Better Cafe, I'm your blogger Katrina Smith And today I'm coming to you in the living Better Cafe kitchen What am I gonna be doing? today I'm going to be making Gotcha burgers if you want to and follow along with me you can find the Recipe down in the description But let me tell you this Gotcha Burgers is vegan vegetarian burger and It is made with quinoa well here is what I have here quinoa already cooked and what I do is I Make the quinoa I'll let it cook according to how you read (excuse me) you on the back of the package and With that I'm just telling you get the package and, will go on from there Alright the package that I'll be using it is Canadian quinoa from NorQuin Canadian grown quinoa and So I'll allowed that to cook and I'll tell you your instructions on the back of the package and so What I did is I allowed it to cook, according to the package and then I took And I refrigerate it until it got cold and as you can see There's spinach inside and what you're gonna want to do is Um You want to put it sticky the very first time I tried it I didn't put anything on my hand So every ingredient that was in in my quinoa Stuck to my hand

It's just like marshmallows you guys that's how sticky it was and I've already greased my pan Here and make sure that please otherwise your quinoa going to stick And whatever Grease you do have in your pan you can pick and put your hand in it, which I have already did and you're going to rub it together like you're Lotioning hands down I Don't want to get the back because you're not gonna be used in the back to form your quinoa So, I already have my quinoa and I'm going to form it as you can see I'm forming it and it's not sticking Well, you see the spinach on my hand but the quinoa it self not going to stick to your hands Because Your hand is prepared with grease Now what's the best grease to use The healthiest for you is Olive oil or coconut, but do Let you know that some of those oils are high High in heat so you want to be careful with those now I'm going to Put my quinoa as you can see, it is formed into a burger form and Now I'm going to put it on pan here So I have two quinoa Gotcha burgers on the Pan and I'm go over here before I touch the knobs on the oven I'm going to wash my hands So, I'm over here washing my hands you guys And when I put the gotcha Burgers in, I got a tip to share with you guys And I'm going to tell you some more about: The gotcha Burgers

Is that going to be wonderful? Alright so now I turned the water off over there I'm going to prep my oven Now you can put it on four hundred And let it do its thing Or if you want to get it over with quickly You can put it on boil You got your setting, your hi and your low What will I be the putting it on? We're gonna go low here All right the beeping sounds beat means: my oven is getting Its temperature and I'm going you guys In the oven put my dishes in the sink What videos done and Get That ready? So now what I'm going to be sharing with you guys is a tip now What is the tip? Exactly on quinoa or a tip or anything in general? On Okay, well you guys heard of me or seeing me Tell you guys got saving little Containers now I'm not gonna save every little container Not tell you guys But you do know that little containers like this come in handy especially like if you're going to a restaurant and say You like if you season not according to how they season it what I mean that sees it at all but do you know you like that little um In your food pack your Spices in a little container and Tote it around with you when the next time you go out for an outing Alright, that's your tip Now Let's move on to the benefit of Quinoa

All right Did you know quinoa is versatile? Yes, you can have it hot and you can have it cold now isn't that great do that for breakfast you can have for lunch and you can even have it for dinner and Did you know the benefits of? quinoa Yes, there are Multiple benefits, I'm just gonna share with you eight benefits One it is high in iron Two high in fiber Three Um It's high in antioxidants four Magnesium maganese 5 has b2 in it and six lysine and Seven are you mentioned? magnesium and eight It's complete protein Now, isn't that great so you get all your benefits? Of what your body needs inside of this one Inside this one food here and Get this this product right here Is from NorQuin um Canadian grown quinoa and it's been out since 1992 so it is 20 if I get this right 24 Years out and as I always like to cheer with you guys We got to nutritional facts And you got ingredients and where it's been distributed now All right Now, let's go check in on the quinoa Alright I got my mittens my mittens my mittens it is so You don't want to burn your hands in here don't want to see that happening Alright so going down checking on It still needs to do its thing here might have to Put it back up

so there once it comes out It will look like a burger, alright so now I'm going to put the Package up So what more can we do from here So, I like to hear from you guys What are some healthy Foods that you have tried so far from Living Better Cafe? Put it down in the comments down below Um Have you shared any recipes, tips Or whatever From living better cafe down Put it in the description down below Cuz guess what I love hearing your comments and Not only do I love hearing your comments don't forget to click that button Subscribe and Don't forget to share my videos tell people where you find me because You want them to Live Better? Of course you do So we're going in for another check and they should be done by now alright And then we shall wrap up how you like that

I Love it, so It sounds like it's done You're going in And Spatula you guys Spatula cuz you don't want to burn your hands touchin it Alright and that's sounds like it's doing it thing out Now Flipping these babies over Then once again, you will see the finished product And The recipe So until then I want to wish you nothing, but the best Happy Journeys To Living Better 🍵

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